2018 Ford Fiesta to Include More Safety, Cylinder Deactivation

Keeping up with the value of a dollar, the next compact Ford will capitalize on its current strengths — and then some.

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2018 Ford Fiesta to Include More Safety, Cylinder Deactivation © 2018 Ford Fiesta to Include More Safety, Cylinder Deactivation

The Ford Fiesta just keeps getting better. With more upgrades to comfort and functionality, the perky compact becomes more well-rounded than ever before.

A cleverly redesigned interior includes all of the tech bits that Ford has become so keen with, adding a moderately lavish touch to the affordable Fiesta. The SYNC 3 infotainment system finds itself at home in the stylish center stack on a pronounced "hovering" screen. Tunes will be pumped through the available B&O PLAY Sound System, giving a crisp and clear entertainment feel throughout. Driver assists like Blindspot Information and Collision Prevention is present again with this model, increasing overall safety and ensuring the best possible rating for the small go-getter. The radar-controlled Collision Prevention system can now detect objects at a distance up to 130 meters, a susbtantial 20 times larger scope than in the current Fiesta. You'll find a few more amenities in each trim level as Ford has put more focus into making the Fiesta a truly pleasant place to be.

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As we stated before, more emphasis will be placed on the brilliant 1.0L Ecoboost engine. It is set to be produced in more Fiesta models than before, along with available five and six-speed transmissions. New to the 2018 model year is the option of cylinder deactivation, a first for the three cylinder motor. This will provide an intuitive touch to the already intelligent powertrain option, allowing individual cylinders to be activated and deactivated in less than 14 milliseconds. This will be used in tandem with the Auto Start Stop technology that the Ecoboost powerplant currently uses. 

A new Vignale trim level will be available for the European market, slotting above the current Titanium in the Fiesta lineup. This will assuredly include the most luxurious interior and elegant styling details, with powertrain options remaining the same. The ST will be revisited for this generation, which is certainly something to be ecSTatic over (sorry). Lastly, our European friends will gain a crossover-type variant dubbed "Fiesta Active". Whether or not we will see this new additions transferred over to the states is still yet to be revealed.

Some details are still to come, but the new generation Fiesta seems to be moving in the right direction along with the rest of Ford's products. A positive and eager vibe is present throughout each model, promising more innate cars and trucks than before.

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