BMW M3 Touring Wagon Still Listed for $80K Even After Being Wrecked

The carnage may look gruesome up front, but the rest of this high-po wagon with just 1,429 miles is in great shape.

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BMW M3 Touring Wagon Still Listed for $80K Even After Being Wrecked © BMW M3 Touring Wagon Still Listed for $80K Even After Being Wrecked

The 2023 BMW M3 Touring may only exist in Europe, but it's still the first wagon ever to be graced with a full-fledged M badge. For that reason alone it's just awesome. But awesome enough to justify an $80,000 price tag even after being wrecked, however? One Swiss owner certainly thinks so, even after having smashed the wagon's front end to smitherines.

The M3 Competition Touring is listed for sale online for 72,999 Swiss Francs, or $79,210 as of writing. It has clearly been involved in a serious front-end collision, which is definitely going to require a ton of work to repair. Its engine apparently still runs, but it won't for long without a new radiator and other accessories. Several interior airbags have also deployed.

Outside of that damage, though, it's actually pretty intact. The exterior body panel damage seems entirely limited to the front fascia, fenders, and hood. The windshield isn't even cracked. This car needs a lot of work to get back on the road, but all of the wagon-specific stuff seems to be fine.

$80,000 is still steep for a wrecked car, though. Even if it has a 502-horsepower straight-six engine, all-wheel-drive, and just 1,429 miles on the clock. The repair bills are gonna be huge, and given how finicky these cars are, it just may never drive the same after being repaired. More importantly, a new model can set you back around $100,000, so that may be a better route.

For somebody who can afford an $80,000 car, is another $20k worth not having the headache of putting a wrecked car like this back together? I would personally say yes.

If you're interested in buying (and not being able to import) this thing anyway, the listing is here.

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