China Lists Vehicles Headed to Roads Soon. Here Are Some of the Best Ones

From the God Fox Flammable Liquid Tanker to the Chevrolet Monza, here’s what I found and my best guess for what they should be used for.

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China Lists Vehicles Headed to Roads Soon. Here Are Some of the Best Ones © China Lists Vehicles Headed to Roads Soon. Here Are Some of the Best Ones

As near as we can tell, China has a far better process for introducing new vehicles into the country than we do in the U.S.

Instead of secret patent filings, smokescreens, and silks getting pulled off cars, sometimes China’s government releases a bunch of images and asks people what they think about the cars. Maybe. To be clear: Our Chinese isn’t all that great, and Google Translate has very specific limitations, but combing through the public documents is good fun heading into a holiday weekend.

So here, we present to you, our picks for some of the best new vehicles that may (or may not) be heading to a road in China near you. 

Chevy Monza

Clearly, a China-market Cruze, the Chevrolet Monza is a great name applied to a questionable vehicle. Reportedly powered by a turbo-3 in China, the filing lists the top speed of this Monza at 110 mph, which is highly ambitious. But it’s a big country, so maybe with enough run-up, anything is possible. 

Shandong Shuangli Trike Tank

Probably a rural fuel or airport support vehicle, we preferred to imagine this very portable, very useful tanker to be the most adorable milk truck in the world. Especially when paired with the following…

Shandong Shuangli Trike Dumper

… which is clearly the best receptacle for cereal. Don’t forget the spoon. 

SAIC MAXUS Chase Campervan

Sure, we didn’t particularly do well with small vans in the States, but perhaps it’s because we didn’t brand them correctly. After all, if you don’t slap giant “VAN LIFE” stickers on the side, how will anyone know what kind of life you’re living?

God Fox Flammable Liquid Tanker

An otherwise ordinary hazmat tanker levels up when it’s called God Fox. Enough said. 

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Hubei Huawei Pure Electric Special Dust Suppression Vehicle

Easily the longest name on our list, this dust suppression truck does effectively what water sprayers do for us in the States: tamp dust on work sites with a little water. Although the top-mounted canon on this model appears to be a little more targeted to those hard-to-reach dusty areas—or firehosing down hard-to-reach political dissidents. Good for either one. 

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