Count How Many Things Went Wrong With This Guy’s Audi Delivery

In what should have been a routine delivery, several mistakes were made that led to disaster. All as the alleged customer watched from their window.

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Count How Many Things Went Wrong With This Guy’s Audi Delivery © Count How Many Things Went Wrong With This Guy’s Audi Delivery

The following video shows why you never, ever sign for a vehicle until the keys are in your hand and you've thoroughly inspected every inch of it. According to a video making the rounds in social media, a customer in The Netherlands was reportedly taking delivery of a new Audi A3, but as the delivery driver unloaded it off the truck and attempted to pull into the driveway, disaster struck.

At first, the delivery was going along smoothly, with the truck driver backing the A3 off of the flatbed. There's a loud bang as the car rolls off the ramps giving the impression that the front end scraped, but it's unclear if it actually did or it was just the ramps banging the road. However, as the driver goes to pull into the driveway, a moped comes speeding down the sidewalk and crashes directly into the A3. You can actually see the moped rider's head bounce off the trunk and his helmet fly off their head.

Thankfully, the rider was able to get up and didn't show any obvious injuries, and even still had the strength to pick the moped back up. Hilariously (sorta), all of this happened as the alleged Audi's owner watched from their window.

This incident was like a mistake onion—full of layers. First, the rider was traveling on the sidewalk, which makes the crash mostly his fault. Even if you make the argument that the delivery driver should have checked to see if anyone was coming from the right, it's hard to anticipate a moped flying down the sidewalk. You could also argue that the delivery truck was blocking the bike lane, which it was, and that's what forced the rider onto the sidewalk. But there's really nowhere else for the truck to go and, in that situation, the moped rider would've been better off using the street instead, not the sidewalk.

The final layer is the helmet. It didn't even seem to be strapped onto his head, as it easily flew off during the crash. Now, I'm no safety engineer, but I'm pretty sure helmets must stay on your head to be effective. Tighten that strap, friends.

It's a good thing no one seemed to be seriously hurt and the alleged Audi customer, who was just a bystander in this entire debacle, will likely have the dealership handle the issue. Since the customer probably never officially signed for the car and it was hit before it was even fully in the driveway, the dealership will likely have to rectify the issue. Still, it's remarkable how many things went wrong during this bizarre car delivery.

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