Firestone Industrial Rebrands as Firestone Airide At CES

A simple change to increase a sense of unity across segments.

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Firestone Industrial Rebrands as Firestone Airide At CES © Firestone Industrial Rebrands as Firestone Airide At CES

Bridgestone has quite a bit going on at CES this year. It debuted its Smart Corner, showcasing some crazy new EV tire technology paired with Firestone's new smart-sensing springs. The combination works together to create the ultimate ride for EVs and is the kind of thing any car tech lover can get excited about. But that's not the only thing Firestone's done to catch people's attention. Among the futuristic innovations, Firestone Industrial's officially rebranded itself as Firestone Airide. 

While Firestone didn't save the world from unstable vehicles in 1938 when it introduced Airide, the first air springs to hit the market. Since then, the brand has grown to provide stable, safe, and comfortable rides to industrial and passenger vehicles, both on and off the road. Naturally, as the world searches for more sustainable vehicles with the rise of EVs, Firestone is looking to follow the trend, while also directly calling back to its roots and enhancing the sense of unity across it services. According to the brand, the name was also selected as it calls out to the function and feel of air spring technology, something folks across all segments can relate to in one way or another. 

The company will still offer products to keep your truck, SUV, motorhome, or industrial truck moving steady down the road, such as its Ride-Rite line of products, as well as all the kit to go with it. But the name-change marks a transition moving toward more sustainable practices, though didn't provide specifics on when those will emerge or what they'll entail.

This change also comes at a time when industry giants like Bridgestone put an emphasis on sustainability to secure a cleaner future, and other automakers have similarly rebranded to mark this new era of automotive technology. Firestone also makes it clear that it is doing more than just changing a few letters on a logo to contribute to these efforts. It aligns itself with the efforts of its partners, and the Smart Sense air spring tech debuted at CES is just one way it's doing so. 

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