Ford Announces Co-Pilot360 Safety Tech Suite

It will eventually be standard on all Ford passenger cars and SUVs.

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Ford Announces Co-Pilot360 Safety Tech Suite © Ford Announces Co-Pilot360 Safety Tech Suite

More and more manufacturers are coming out with branded safety tech suites that are becoming more widely available in various models at every price point. There are systems like Subaru EyeSight, Nissan ProPilot, Honda Sensing, and Toyota Safety Sense. The newest conveniently packaged safety tech suite is Ford Co-Pilot360 and it will begin availability this Fall with the new Edge and Edge ST.

So, what is it? “In North America, Ford Co-Pilot360 is the most advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies among full-line brands,” said a Ford representative in an email to The Drive. “[Co-Pilot360] includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot information system, lane keeping system, rear backup camera and auto high beam lighting.”

Many of those features are already available on Ford vehicles as options, but having them packaged together is a good way to get all of the safety tech you need that can actually save your life. The best part is, all of this safety tech won’t cost you a bunch of extra money. “This package will be standard on all passenger cars, SUVs and include F-150,” said Ford.

That means you’ll be able to go to a Ford dealer, buy the cheapest new car on the lot, and get advanced safety tech like automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assist without costing an extra dime. Ford is joining a growing number of automakers putting a big priority on safety and using technology to make our roads safer not just for Ford drivers, but for everybody.

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