Ford Wants Us To Believe That the Edge ST Is Worthy Of the ST Badge

Ford’s sportier Edge gets more power, more aggressive tuning, and an available performance brake package.

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Ford Wants Us To Believe That the Edge ST Is Worthy Of the ST Badge © Ford Wants Us To Believe That the Edge ST Is Worthy Of the ST Badge

Enthusiasts are lamenting the loss of the Ford Fiesta ST in the U.S., despite the addition of the Edge ST and Explorer ST to the lineup. There's no way a sporty SUV can replace one of the most fun-to-drive hot hatches on the market today, right? Well, Ford is trying to convince us that the Edge ST will have some serious performance cred to back up its ST badge.

Although the Edge ST will use the same 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine as the current Edge Sport, it will be boosted to from 315 to 335 horsepower and from 350 to 380 pound-feet of torque. The "M" button on the rotary shifter gets replaced with an "S" button to engage Sport mode, which is what really brings the Edge ST to life.

According to Motor1, Sport mode changes the digital instrument cluster from its standard blue display to a red tachometer and a gear indicator. More artificial engine noise is piped into the cabin through the speakers. This may seem a little cheesy, but if it's done well, like in the VW Golf R, it can add a sporty touch to the driving experience without waking up the neighbors with a loud exhaust.

Sport mode improves more than the driving experience, too. Throttle response is improved and more direct. The transmission changes to a more aggressive shifting pattern that holds gears longer before upshifting. Those upshifts are quicker, and downshifts are automatically rev-matched. Finally, the paddle shifters on the steering column are fully engaged, putting that gear indicator on the dashboard to good use.

If that's not enough performance for you, there will be an additional Performance Pack available. This includes red brake calipers, higher-performance front rotors, and performance brake pads all around. While the Performance Pack includes no power or handling upgrades, enthusiasts know that better brakes do help you go faster around the track.

Not that we expect anyone to be taking their Ford Edge to the track. Personally, I'm hoping that once Ford finishes creating ST versions of all of their "E" models it will build me a Flex ST.

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