GM Knocking $8,000 Off Some New Chevy Corvettes

It looks like now is the time to get your new ‘Vette.

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GM Knocking $8,000 Off Some New Chevy Corvettes © GM Knocking $8,000 Off Some New Chevy Corvettes

Chevy is offering cost-slashing and package incentives to try and move more new Corvettes off dealership lots, according to CarsDirect.

The auto deal experts at CarsDirect found that Chevy is marking up to $8,000 off some Corvette Z06s and Grand Sports when optioned with the optional carbon-ceramic brakes. The figure is comprised of three separate parts: a $5,000 rebate off any 'Vette fitted with the high-performance brake setup, $1,000 off in "Bonus Tag" savings, and a $2,000 loyalty rebate for folks who already have a Corvette in their garage. 

That means you could basically get the $8,000 Z07 package for free. To refresh your memory, that means in addition to carbon-ceramic Brembos, you get a retuned suspension,, ultra-aggressive Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 summer tires, a clear spoiler bridge, and an even more serious front splitter. Getting all of that for basically nothing is one hell of a deal.

According to CarsDirect, this offer is expected to expire on May 1, so probably best go track down your new 'Vette soon.

The Drive has reached out to Chevrolet for more information about this deal; we'll update this post if we learn more about this Corvette deal.

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