In Gymkhana Eight, Ken Block Hoons Through Dubai

The continuous escalation of automotive awesomeness…continues.

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In <em>Gymkhana Eight</em>, Ken Block Hoons Through Dubai © In Gymkhana Eight, Ken Block Hoons Through Dubai

Over the last decade, Ken Block's Gymkhana YouTube series has evolved from its humble roots (a former shoemaker tossing his rally-prepped Subaru around an obstacle course) into the grandest stunt-driving extravaganza ever captured on camera. Famous European racetracksUniversal Studios (not the theme park, the actual studio)the entire city of San Francisco—Block has blasted, drifted, skidded, and shredded tires through all of 'em. How do you top those Internet-breaking efforts? One word: Dubai.

Yes, for the eighth Gymkhana installment, Block is in the United Arab Emirates' capital of opulence, performing acts of automotive absurdity all through the city. His "Hoonicorn"—the beefed-up, stripped-down, all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang from Gymkhana Seven—has been bumped from the starring role in favor of Block's 650-horsepower Ford Fiesta RX43 rally car, wrapped up in eye-catching livery. In the supporting parts: A Ford Raptor pickup driving on two wheels, a 747 airplane, and the Dubai Police force's fleet of exotic cop cars.

Oh, and a cheetah. Because Ricky Bobby references never, ever get old.

It's nine minutes of all-out, balls-to-the-wall stunt action, the kind of spectacle that'll reaffirm your faith in tomfoolery and precision driving. It's a celebration of cinema and skill, desert landscapes and smooth, empty urban streets and the power of hundreds of millions of YouTube views.

Seriously, why are you still reading this? Click on the damn video and watch it already.

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