Modern Technology Meets Retro Style in KC HiLite’s Gravity LED Pro6

Take the iconic off-road style from the 90s, add modern technology, and hit the dirt.

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Modern Technology Meets Retro Style in KC HiLite’s Gravity LED Pro6 © Modern Technology Meets Retro Style in KC HiLite’s Gravity LED Pro6

As some off-road light manufacturers try to outdo each other in a never-ending arms race to create the most modern-looking light bars, one company has gone the other way. KC HiLites is a brand synonymous with off-road racing and has been in the off-road light industry since 1970. Now, the company has launched the Gravity LED Pro6, which is the first modular light bar. Instead of following the trend of linear LED light bars, the latest addition to the lineup brings back the iconic housing that was popular until LED bars took over.

This light bar might look like a retro throwback, but the technology is far from old school. Instead of using the dual-row outward-facing LED bars, which have dominated the industry since around 2010, the Gravity LED Pro6 uses a combination of KC’s G6 optical insert and a 6-inch reflector. Each LED is strategically positioned inside the reflector, and KC says this maximizes the emitted output from each LED and allows for more precise light distribution.

KC HiLites

When you pair these lights with KC’s Gravity Infinity system, you can adjust the width, beam shape, and radius. So the Gravity LED Pro6 should be particularly useful for off-roaders who need a wider spread of light. But the customization isn’t limited to how wide you make the bar or how you curve it. There are quick swap lenses, bezels, covers, and shields, meaning you can change the light temperature or beam pattern. The customizability is great for tackling different environments and means the light bar can contribute more to your vehicle’s aesthetic. 

If you like the style of the Gravity LED Pro6, but don’t need a high-power light bar, check out the HiLiTES 653 Gravity G6 20W LED Daylighter. Likewise, if the Pro6 is out of your budget, pick up the HiLites 335 C-Series C20 to light the way on your next adventure.

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