Keep an Eye on the 2017 Subaru Impreza Lineup

The new model year Scoobie promises fun and practicality for not much money.

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Keep an Eye on the 2017 Subaru Impreza Lineup © Keep an Eye on the 2017 Subaru Impreza Lineup

For 2017, Subaru is putting in the effort to keep up its affordable, gung-ho attitude with the well estabished Impreza family. It nods its head to both the everyday consumer and the enthusiast with its manual transmission, which comes as standard in both the hatchback and sedan variants. Available cold-weather features like heated seats and windshield wiper de-icers team up with the symmetrical all wheel drive to provide the adventuremobile that we've come to expect from the brand -- all while keeping the price comfortably around $20,000. As this is the Impreza's 24th year in production, expect to see much of the same qualities that have made it such a successful hitter for the company in years past.

Through each trim level, the Impreza looks to push all of your hot buttons with tech and affordability. It now comes standard with a 6.5 inch touch screen that is both Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatible, punching above its weight class in pricing. The base Impreza sedan will set you back $19,215, which is just $500 below the starting price of the spacious hatchback. Also, you can wave "goodbye" to manual locks and windows as you won't be seeing them anywhere in the range. Bump up to the Sport trim if you want an 8.0 inch multimedia system and push button start to accompany the leather steering wheel and shift handle when equipped with the $1,000 CVT auto. Lastly, the Impreza Limited sits atop the ladder with six-way power adjustable leather seating and automatic climate control. The wagon makes its way into the lineup in this trim as well. Add a sunroof for just $1,000 and opt for the Harmon Kardon sound system to make for an even more enjoyable trip to work -- or the woods, whichever you prefer. 

2017 Subaru Impreza Limited Interior, Subaru

The power train options for 2017 are similar to years past. The ever-ready 2.0L Boxer is up 4 HP from last year, making a modest 152 HP. This sounds a bit drab, but it's more than enough to provide some pep around town. That figure is complimented by 38 MPG on the highway and 28 MPG in the city, a respectable feat for a naturally aspirated heart in a turbocharged culture. The previously mentioned CVT transmission is a low cost addition that gives a bit of extra convenience for your dollar. Through and through, the Impreza aims and hits a broad target market with its affordability, practicality, and efficiency. 

Subaru has kept the  mantra simple with price and convenience. From its well equipped tech to the trusty Boxer four, the Impreza gives you the utility you want at the price you need. Expect to see 2017's popping up in showrooms early next year, along with the next round of Outbacks and Crosstreks. The Impreza is surely a contender in its class, so keep your eyes open for comparisons right here at Sheet/Metal!

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