Lamborghini Teases the Huracan Performante’s Aero System

Dubbed “Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva,” Lambo’s active aero helps it “dominate” the Green Hell.

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Lamborghini Teases the Huracan Performante’s Aero System © Lamborghini Teases the Huracan Performante’s Aero System

Riling up enthusiasts and likely potential buyers all over the planet, Lamborghini still hasn't announced how fast the upcoming Huracan Performante will go around the Nürburging, but the Italian supercar-maker doesn't seem to care as it continues to release one teaser after another of the track-ready supercar. 

The newest teaser, which, of course, takes place on the Nürburgring, reveals the Performante's new aerodynamic system that Lambo has dubbed aerodinamica Lamborghini attiva. An active aerodynamic system, ALA controls a series of flaps in the front and rear spoilers to be opened or closed depending on whether more downforce or less drag is needed. Though Lamborghini has spiced up the powertrain and suspension, ALA likely dramatically aids in shaving off the Performante's lap times, especially at the Nüburgring—a 13-mile course with both long straights and short, technical corners.

Though other automakers have been employing active aero for several years, this will be the first time Lamborghini introduces the technology on a production car. Check out the video below to see how it works.

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