Mini to Finally Give Americans What They Want: A Bigger Crossover

This anything-but-miniature Mini will be one of possibly four electrified models coming by 2024.

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Mini to Finally Give Americans What They Want: A Bigger Crossover © Mini to Finally Give Americans What They Want: A Bigger Crossover

When Mini made its comeback under the ownership of BMW in 2000, it did so with a bigger take on its classic hatchback. Over time, its offerings have only grown bigger, and in the future, Minis will become more swollen still as the brand's head has confirmed plans for Mini's largest model yet, a crossover around the size of the BMW X3.

Mini brand head Bernd Körber confirmed this X3-ish crossover to Autocar, stating the model will come in above its existing CUV option, the Countryman, with regards to size and price. When this model makes its splash, allegedly in 2024, it will reportedly do so powered by a combustion engine and potentially under the Traveller nameplate.

2020 Mini Cooper S E, James Gilboy

Mini itself announced Tuesday plans for a significant EV expansion that encompasses two new electric crossovers, but it also signaled the most massive Mini yet will pick up some form of electrification. The marque expressed plans for a "completely electrified model family," implying this larger crossover will also be offered with either some form of hybrid drivetrain or a fully electric one.

Set to stay electrified is the next-gen Countryman, though Mini didn't disclose if its "electrified" catch-all means hybridization or a battery-only model. The former seems more likely given Mini's confirmation of a fully electric companion car to the Countryman, one that Mini USA's head of corporate communications implies could utilize a BMW-based platform.

"The compact Mini vehicles benefit from architectures used in BMW Group products," Mini's Andrew Cutler told The Drive. "The architecture of the small electrified Mini vehicles will be the product of a joint venture with Great Wall in China."

Said vehicle is described as "a new crossover model in the small-car segment," one speculated to be of roughly BMW i3 size. Based on what Cutler tells us, it and the other three electrified Minis discussed above seem primed to drop throughout 2023 and 2024.

"We have confirmed the concepts of the new Mini vehicles and development is well underway," concluded Cutler. "2023 and 2024 will be full of news for Mini."

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