More Retro and Off-Road Porsche 911s Could Be Coming Soon, CEO Says

Porsche is getting serious about off-roading, and it might do so in vintage style. More 911s? More Cayennes?

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More Retro and Off-Road Porsche 911s Could Be Coming Soon, CEO Says © More Retro and Off-Road Porsche 911s Could Be Coming Soon, CEO Says

The 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar will only be produced in small numbers, but that doesn't mean you won't have another chance for a factory-ruggedized 911. Porsche may have more cars made for the rough stuff on the way, with CEO Oliver Blume confirming Porsche is looking at expanding its off-road offerings.

Blume confirmed Porsche's interest in an interview with Car Magazine, revealing Porsche got the idea from the sportswear industry. The way Blume tells it, Porsche saw retro shoes selling well, and decided it should test the waters of nostalgia for itself. Clearly, the classic inspiration worked, because Blume confirmed a trio of special-edition throwback models are coming this year.

"We saw the sports shoes from the 1970s and 80s and thought that could work for Porsche too, so we brought the 50th [anniversary] edition and the 60th [anniversary] edition with the Sport Classic," Blume said. "We are considering bringing 1970s and 80s-inspired models too."

2023 Porsche 911 Dakar. Porsche

There's more, too, because Porsche considers off-road models an area for expansion. Porsche may not be closely associated with off-roaders, but it has heritage to lean on in that space with wins at the Dakar and the Transsyberia Rallies. Using these successes, Porsche could ply both motorsport and history to sell whatever it makes, carving out a new niche that Blume imagines could be as important as Porsche's GT division.

"Very few global brands are able to bring these successful items from the past and connect them with modern technology," Blume said. "But Porsche can. Then we thought, 'why not a third pillar, besides sporty GT and heritage models? Why not off-road too?' Now we will see how the market success of the Dakar pans out. And then maybe there will be more to come. The door is now open."

Porsche Cayenne Transsyberias competing in 2007. Porsche

It's not yet clear which vehicles Porsche will adapt into off-roaders, or if it'll add new variants of models that already have off-road options. (We're mainly talking about the 911 Dakar and Taycan Cross Turismo here.) Blume confirmed, though, that Porsche plans at least three special models this year to honor important milestones. 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the 911, the 75th for Porsche as an automaker, and the 80th birthday of Wolfgang Porsche, the son of Ferdinand.

While not acknowledged by Blume, Porsche is also approaching the 40th anniversary of its first Dakar win in 1984. Given Porsche's new interest in commemorative and off-road editions, it sounds like there may be more in the chamber for next year too.

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