Please Let This Suspiciously High Porsche 911 Prototype Be the Factory Safari Build of Our Dreams

Safari 911s have been the darling of the custom Porsche scene for a while now, so it’s about time for Porsche to cash in on the trend.

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Please Let This Suspiciously High Porsche 911 Prototype Be the Factory Safari Build of Our Dreams © Please Let This Suspiciously High Porsche 911 Prototype Be the Factory Safari Build of Our Dreams

Of all the Porsche race cars out there, some of the most beloved are Porsche's rally cars, bred for such grueling events as the East African Safari Rally and the Paris-Dakar Rally. Whether your favorite is the Cayenne Transsyberia or the Porsche 911 SC/RS, few things are as amusing as a dirty Porsche. 

Enter the Safari 911: A roadgoing Porsche build that isn't afraid to get filthy as hell and launch off sweet jumps. While they've become a bit of an Instagram cliché nowadays, these builds are meant for fun. That's why we're excited about this unusual 911 spotted testing around the Nürburgring. 

[The mildly lifted mystery 911 appears at around 2:52 and 4:53 in the video above.]

While Porsche has disguised top-secret models as other, existing cars before and this ride height could work for a crossover, the fact that they've fitted a 992-generation 911 with wacky wheel arches makes us think that this could be a factory Safari build instead of a wacky drivetrain tester for a mini-Macan. 

According to statesidesupercars, who posted footage of the mystery 911 to YouTube, the car was based on a 992-generation 911 Turbo. It was out during an Industry Pool session open to whichever manufacturer wants to test, so there are some other delights in the video, including the new 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (complete with its crazy goose-neck wing) as well as a Volkswagen van that's absolutely haulin' it.

This prototype 911 even made an appearance in Misha Charoudin's video proclaiming the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series as the probable new production car record holder around the Nürburgring. 

[The mystery Porsche appearance is at about 4:40 in the video above.]

An Apex Nürburg employee even asked, "Are those wooden wheel arches?" in the video, although it looks sort of like the wood composite used in F1 cars' legality panels to me. Meanwhile, on-site photographers who spoke with Carscoops said it appeared to be styrofoam. [Please get in touch if you have touched the wheel arches or if you have more information on the car in general: [email protected]]

We're also intrigued by the smaller-width license plate on the back—one usually seen on USDM cars in Europe. First of all, send it—on principle, because it's a Porsche. Secondly, please send a wacky rally-inspired lifted Porsche to the United States. We want it. 

Carscoops has a full gallery of spy shots of this intriguing 911 here and Evo has one here, in case you'd like to get an even better look at what could be the most interesting version of the 992 yet. 

  • YouTube | statesidesupercars
  • YouTube | statesidesupercars

Update: Friday, October 23, 2020, 11:28 p.m. ET: Porsche hasn't ruled the idea of a safari 911 out, either. At this year’s Amelia Island’s Concours d’Elegance, The Drive’s Executive Editor Jonathon Klein was strolling through the Werks Reunion with Porsche Cars North America CEO, Klaus Zellmer. Klein remembers walking up to one of Kelly Moss Road and Race’s Safari 911s and remarking to Zellmer, “Any plans on bringing out a new Safari? I bet they’d go like hot cakes.” Klein says Zellmer coyly smiled and said something to the effect of “it could be.” That’s not a “no.”

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