Porsche Taycan Sales Almost Matched the 911 in Q1

Macan and Cayenne models are top sellers for the brand, but the Taycan is moving steadily up the charts.

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Porsche Taycan Sales Almost Matched the 911 in Q1 © Porsche Taycan Sales Almost Matched the 911 in Q1

The Porsche Taycan was tuned on the Nurburgring and rockets from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds. That’s quicker than the 911 S, which is no surprise if you’ve been following the evolution of electric cars, and especially one made in Zuffenhausen. 

With Porsche heritage and widespread acclaim, it is no wonder that sales of the Taycan were within a whisper–only a one percent difference separates the two–of the automaker’s longstanding 911 in Q1 of this year.


As my colleague Jonathon discovered on a road trip from Atlanta to the Amelia Island Concours last year, the Porsche Taycan is something to talk about. It has more-than-ample acceleration with 750 horsepower and 774 pound-feet of torque, and it has a remarkably low center of gravity. 

Journalists are gushing about the brand’s first all-electric sports car with superlatives like “amazing,” “innovative,” and “exhilarating," and so far no one has backed down from that stance. For even more flash, add to that notoriety its 26.2-mile world record for the longest, single continuous drift done by an electric car. It’s no wonder it’s flying out of showrooms as fast as the torque itself.

Porsche 911

It’s no small feat to overtake the 911, which was revealed in Frankfurt in 1963 as the 901 prototype, then launched with its current nomenclature in 1964. Since then, the 911 has been the poster star on the walls of many young enthusiasts and appeared in movies like Gone in 60 Seconds and Office Space. Petrol fans won't give up their grasp of the 911 any time soon, so I can see them going head to head for a while. 

Porsche’s Macan is far and away the top seller for the brand, selling almost 23,000 units between January and March. Right behind it is the Cayenne at 19,500; the 911 and Taycan are each right around 9,000 units sold in Q1. Bringing up the rear with fewer than 6,200 vehicles each are the 718 Boxter, 718, and Panamera sedan. Incredibly, despite the challenges of 2020 Porsche hit record sales, logging its second-best year ever. If the Taycan continues to impress, 2021 could be even better for them. 

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