This Powered Utility Cart Will Slay the Junkyard

Save your back.

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This Powered Utility Cart Will Slay the Junkyard © This Powered Utility Cart Will Slay the Junkyard

Picture this scene. You're at the junkyard. You've found the car you were looking for and it has EVERYTHING you need. Seats, body panels, accessories, and even that new motor you've been waiting for. But your friends all have work. You're by yourself. And the forklift driver is out to lunch. What are you going to do? Well, if you had this awesome Landworks powered utility cart, you'd be on your way to the counter already!

What this is exactly is a battery-powered utility cart, or essentially a powered wheelbarrow. It has a 500-pound payload capacity, along with a 1,000-pound towing capacity, meaning you could load it up to the gills with all the parts you need and get moving quickly without any real strenuous effort on your part. And best of all, it's currently $220 off its regularly listed price! That's a screaming deal.

But if you need more capacity, this SuperHandy Utility Cart has a 660-pound payload, with a 1,000-pound towing capacity and it's currently $300 off with a coupon.

With either of these, you'll never strain your back trying to carry a K20 engine out to your truck again!

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