Rivian Building a New $5B EV Factory in Georgia, Promising 7,500+ Jobs

Should everything go according to Rivian’s plans, construction will reportedly start in 2022 with EVs rolling off the line by 2024.

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Rivian Building a New $5B EV Factory in Georgia, Promising 7,500+ Jobs © Rivian Building a New $5B EV Factory in Georgia, Promising 7,500+ Jobs

Rivian and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp confirmed plans to build a brand-new assembly facility that'll cost approximately $5 billion. The announcement was made Thursday afternoon during a press conference held at the Georgia State Capitol. The new factory is expected to build electric R1T pickups and R1S SUVs, as well as delivery vans for Rivian's biggest backer: Amazon.

Rivian executives and government officials said the new factory could initially employ up to 7,500 workers. What's more, the automaker explained that number could eventually balloon to 10,000, though it didn't offer a specific timeframe. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the construction of the new Rivian complex could represent one of the largest job deals in the state's history.

This is an undeniably important move for the young automaker and the state alike, considering other companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Kia, and Honda's Power Equipment division have either moved their headquarters or established manufacturing facilities in Georgia in recent years. According to the Journal, Georgia beats Texas when it comes to vehicle factories, even as Tesla recently moved its headquarters from California to the Lone Star State. Bloomberg previously reported that Rivian was also in talks with government officials from Fort Worth, Texas before announcing this deal.

The deal has reportedly been under consideration for months, with Rivian focusing on a site located east of Atlanta near I-20, between the communities of Rutledge and Social Circle. The size of the lot where Rivian will develop its facility is not yet known, but it's safe to say that those two small communities will suddenly become an epicenter of the American EV revolution should things go according to the automaker's plans.

What kind of tax and other financial incentives Rivian received from the state of Georgia was not immediately divulged, but these factors always play a crucial role in persuading large companies to set up shop in a particular place. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, in 2009 Kia received more than $450 million in incentives to bring a 4,500-employee manufacturing facility to the state.

Rivian will reportedly begin construction on the property in the summer of 2022. After that, it expects vehicles to start rolling off the assembly line sometime in 2024.

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