Show Us the Coolest Crashed Cars for Sale on Copart

Go ahead, do it.

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Show Us the Coolest Crashed Cars for Sale on Copart © Show Us the Coolest Crashed Cars for Sale on Copart

With a massive crop of the population (hopefully) resigned to their homes, we've had a lot more opportunity to indulge in one of our favorite automotive pastimes: window-shopping for cars on Copart. In the quest for the next car we definitely won't buy, we found this 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider that sold presumably at a steep, steep discount. 

Brought to us by the salvage car auction house, this black 458 has been the victim of a fairly serious front-end collision. This being a mid-engined Ferrari, however, all of its most important elements appear to be intact, potentially making this quite the solid buy for any engine-swap wizards looking for a 4.5-liter Maranello-built V8 to shove under the hood of a clapped-out Honda Civic. More creatively, its power hardtop might even be converted into a nifty, retractable coffee table or modern art piece while its seats would look mighty cool behind your new work-from-home battle station

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That got us thinking: Why don't you show us the coolest crashed car for sale on Copart? Maybe fix up this lightly smashed-up Porsche Cayenne for amateur rally duty? Restore this Aston Martin Rapide and swap the V12 out for an all-electric powertrain for a makeshift Rapide E? Snag two partially-destroyed Supras so you can take the parts and build one complete Supra on the "cheap?"

Go forth and do some virtual tire-kicking. It's not like you had anything else to do today anyway.

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