Suzuki Jimny Pickup Truck and Overland Concepts Headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Besides the two kei utes, a Swift Sports Yellow Rev concept will also be on display at the Suzuki booth.

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Suzuki Jimny Pickup Truck and Overland Concepts Headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon © Suzuki Jimny Pickup Truck and Overland Concepts Headed to 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki will display two Jimny concepts, the Sierra Pickup truck and Survive SUV, at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon next month along with a Swift Sports Yellow Rev concept hot hatch. As it's to be expected, everyone, including ourselves, is losing their minds about the adorable little truck.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra pickup concept, Suzuki

The Jimny Sierra pickup concept with its faux wood side panels is designed to showcase how the tiny off-roader will look like with a bed out back. The Jimny pickup replaces the usual five-slot grille with an open design and an old-school logo with a retro grille with "Suzuki" spelled out. To highlight its off-roading ability, Suzuki has fitted the Jimny truck with wider fender flares, off-road tires, and has raised the ride height. For improved visibility at night, the Jimny Sierra also features a quartet of LED spotlights on a bar over the bed to illuminate the road ahead.

Suzuki Jimny Survive SUV concept, Suzuki

The Jimny Survive concept, on the other hand, is based on the standard Jimny SUV, but with its raised ride height and knobby tires, the Survive is designed for hardcore off-roading enthusiasts. Up front, the SUV features a steel bumper with an integrated winch and tow hooks. The headlights are protected from mother nature with guards, and the front and rear fenders are fitted with diamond plate steel for additional protection and visual appeal. The roof rack on the Jimny Survive also acts as an exterior roll cage with bars that are fixed at the base of the A, B, and C-pillars. In case the Jimny Survive gets stuck, Suzuki has equipped the concept SUV with recovery boards on its roof. 

Suzuki Swift Sports Yellow Rev concept, Suzuki

However, if you are not interested in the two Jimny concepts, Suzuki will also have a Swift Sports Yellow Rev concept hot hatch on display at its booth. The hatchback features a special High Chroma Yellow Pearl exterior paint with a gray and white stripe that rises from the front fender to the driver door window. Additional exterior enhancements on the Swift Sports consist of a matte black front splitter and side sills at the base of the vehicle. 

It's a shame that none of these three vehicles will make their way to the United States in the near future, especially the Jimny Sierra, but at least we can expect to legally import them here after 25 years or so go by.

Let the countdown begin. 

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