Tesla Removes Ludicrous Mode Restrictions After Owner Complaints

Tesla previously tried to limit Ludicrous Mode use to prevent wear and tear. Now it’s gone.

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Tesla Removes Ludicrous Mode Restrictions After Owner Complaints © Tesla Removes Ludicrous Mode Restrictions After Owner Complaints

Tesla's ability to alter so many aspects of its cars with software is great for quick fixes and upgrades, but it can also make things a bit confusing.

Earlier this year, Tesla owners discovered that the automaker was limiting power output in certain models equipped with its "Ludicrous" performance mode. The limits were tied to frequent use of "Launch Mode," essentially Tesla's version of launch control. If a driver used it too much, Tesla restricted power output to prevent excessive wear and tear on components. Customers complained, and Tesla removed the limiter. Or so it seemed.

It turns out that the software update Tesla sent out in response to customer complaints only unlocks full power when the car is in Launch Mode, according to Electrek. That means full power isn't really available all of the time, even with "Ludicrous Mode" engaged. Launch Mode is only used for getting a car off the line quickly from a standstill.

Last week, Tesla removed that restriction as well.

"We've listened and are happy to tell you that for those that wish to do so, you can again enable maximum battery performance independently from Launch Mode, ensuring that you have maximum flexibility in how you use your car," Jon McNeill, Tesla president of sales and services, said. The fix was part of the 2017.32 software update launched last week.

Tesla previously justified performance restrictions as a way to prevent excessive wear on components. It added a warning when drivers engaged Ludicrous Mode specifically mentioning "accelerated wear of the motor, gearbox, and battery."

But it's not unreasonable for Tesla owners to want all of the power, all of the time. Performance is a big selling point for cars like the Model S P100D, which is just about the fastest-accelerating production car available right now. People buying those cars based on the performance figures probably don't want to be kept on a leash.

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