The Diesel Brothers’ 6×6 Expedition Camper

When a 4Runner with a roof top tent simply won’t do.

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The Diesel Brothers’ 6×6 Expedition Camper © The Diesel Brothers’ 6×6 Expedition Camper

It's no secret we appreciate massive expedition vehicles around here. We've covered the Earthroamer extensively and even showed a little love to a nifty Nissan, too. The marriage between off-road capability and off-the-grid sustainability is rare and should be celebrated!

On the fifth episode of the second season of Discovery channel's Diesel Brothers, the DieselSellerz / Sparks Motors crew wrapped up another colossal creation. The build came about after rummaging through the considerable number of unfinished projects on their property. Ultimately, the team decided to combine a six-door Ford F650 with a modest camping trailer. The result was everything you'd ever expect from these guys.

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Putting on our critic's hats, there are a couple unanswered questions looming about the project. First and foremost, as rugged as the vehicle appears with its military axles and upgraded drivetrain, there aren't exactly a lot of trails big enough to fit this enormous rig. Unless there's an extensive amount of cleared land where this thing is headed, it's not going to be practical for much of anything. We also never got a good look at the inside of the cab or the camper which leads us to believe there wasn't much done to either. Keep in mind, they apparently sold this for $150,000. That's roughly FOUR Earthroamers. 

This radical rig certainly serves its purpose for its new owners, Huntin' Fool. They're actually giving it away, so if you'd like a chance to own this monstrosity, go for it!

Want to check out the full episode of Diesel Brothers featuring this expedition camper? Head over to Discovery Go!

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