This Bugatti Chiron’s Hill Climb is Pure Turbo Spool

Listen to this Chiron make tons of turbo noises while attacking a hill climb race.

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This Bugatti Chiron’s Hill Climb is Pure Turbo Spool © This Bugatti Chiron’s Hill Climb is Pure Turbo Spool

What do you imagine something with sixteen cylinders would sound like ripping around a track? Probably fantastic. But now, take that same sound and add not two but four turbochargers to the mix. I bet it's beginning to sound a lot like music to your ears.

After Bugatti dethroned the Veyron as the king of its luxury offerings, it birthed the Chiron. Offering 300 extra ponies over the Veyron while still retaining a similar powerplant configuration, the huge 16-cylinder engine makes a whopping 1500 horsepower and 1180 lb-ft of torque. No surprise of those numbers, considering Bugatti's history of pumping out high-output production cars.

The turbos on the Chiron are very, very loud. Coupled with the roar that only the 8-liters of displacement can create and the exhaust note of Volkswagen's beloved "W" configuration, this Bugatti is a car lover's dream. One of the most interesting feats that Bugatti managed to accomplish with the Chiron is the nearly lag-less turbocharging system. This was achieved by implementing a dual-stage forced induction platform where two pairs of turbochargers are used. Only two turbos are used before 3,800 RPM. Once the Chiron's motor spins above that number, a valve opens in the exhaust manifold and allows exhaust gasses to spin the two remaining snails. The result is a flat torque curve between 2,000 and its redline of 6,800 RPM. Make no mistake, this car is properly quick.

But enough talk - let's listen. Watch the video below to see the Chiron attack a hill and make all sorts of loud, crazy noises.

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