This Dealer Is Charging Over $63,000 for a Honda Civic Type R

Who would buy one of these for more than $20,000 over MSRP?

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This Dealer Is Charging Over $63,000 for a Honda Civic Type R © This Dealer Is Charging Over $63,000 for a Honda Civic Type R

Dealer markup is enough to get any enthusiast agitated. When they try to jack up the price of limited run cars to insurmountable costs, it makes it nearly impossible for the average buyer to compete, therefore putting them out of range even though the MSRP may be within budget. We've seen it time and time again, and some manufacturers are even working to put a stop to the scam. But this one comes out of a Honda dealer from Canada, and they're selling a Civic Type R as "used" with only 8 kilometers, inflating the price up to more than $63,000 in US dollars.

Keep in mind that fresh-off-the-boat Type Rs usually MSRP for around $40,000, give or take, with a few options. 

The dealer in question is using a tactic to avoid laws put in place that keep them from selling "new" cars at drastic upticks in price. Though this technically gets around the problem, there's no doubt that it's still super shady.

The only way that we could see them getting away with this was if it had legally been sold to a customer, showing a previous owner in the car's history. Neither the listing nor the Reddit post discussing the event give a detailed CarFax, but we doubt that they went through all that trouble with chances of getting shot down in the end.

Regardless of how they did it, there's no doubt that a dealer who would raise the price of a car by more than $20,000 is crap. For that price, you could have a much quicker BMW M2 with money to spare, making this even more of no-brainer -- at least we'd like to think. Hopefully nobody rich enough, or naive enough, decides this a good deal so the dealership learns its lesson.

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