This Ferrari Enzo V12 Crate Engine For Sale Is Ready for the Ultimate Engine Swap

You can’t just buy Ferrari engines off the shelf, so this auction offering is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

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This Ferrari Enzo V12 Crate Engine For Sale Is Ready for the Ultimate Engine Swap © This Ferrari Enzo V12 Crate Engine For Sale Is Ready for the Ultimate Engine Swap

RM Sotheby's is selling an untouched 6.0-liter Tipo F140B V12 out of a Ferrari Enzo in a literal crate, ready for whatever crazy engine swap you can dream of. As per the listing, the engine goes on sale December 10 at the auction house's Miami event.

The Tipo F140B was the first of the F140 series engines, debuting in the Ferrari Enzo in 2002. The naturally-aspirated V12 delivered 651 horsepower, making it the most powerful naturally-aspirated production car engine in the world at the time. F140 engines later went on to star in everything from the Maserati MC12 to the 599 GTB. Later, it reached its peak output of 819 hp in the 812 Competizione, though in the LaFerrari, it boasted 950 hp with the aid of a hybrid system.

It's all there, ready to go. RM Sotheby's

While Ford or General Motors will happily sell you all kinds of V8s on a pallet, Ferrari engines are a little harder to get. In this case, the shipping documentation on the crate for engine #102042 indicates it was shipped from Ferrari directly to the Formula Automobile Copenhagen dealership. This suggests the engine may have been intended to replace a blown or damaged motor in an existing Enzo. One can only speculate as to why the engine never left its crate to howl in the back of an Italian thoroughbred.

The engine comes complete with its inlets and airbox, along with the engine loom and ancillaries. The loom in particular should help with any swap effort. Of course, finding a transmission to match the Ferrari bolt pattern may be harder than catching a recalcitrant chicken in an open field. The four-valve-per-cylinder V12 is certainly not the most compact engine, either. We've seen successful Ferrari swaps before, though—you'll just want to make sure you've got enough space in the bay.

Alternatively, RM Sotheby's suggests it could be mounted for display. A rare Enzo engine would certainly make a great showpiece, though it would be a shame to see it denied the chance to run.

The engine is listed without reserve, at a suggested price of $200,000 to $300,000 USD. That's a high price for 651 horsepower. Really, though, you're paying for the pedigree, and the sound of twelve Italian tenors singing their lungs out at 8,200 rpm. An engine like this doesn't come along every day, so if you're keen, get ready to bid on December 10.

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