This Six-Wheeled Porsche 944 Pickup Took 26 Years To Build. Now It’s for Sale

It has a bigger four-banger than the Chevy Silverado, and the approval of Germany’s ultra-strict TÜV. In other words, it’s the perfect truck.

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This Six-Wheeled Porsche 944 Pickup Took 26 Years To Build. Now It’s for Sale © This Six-Wheeled Porsche 944 Pickup Took 26 Years To Build. Now It’s for Sale

Most ute (or pickup) conversions are less work vehicles than they are novelties. There are exceptions though, like this Porsche 944 pickup, which took decades to build and is street-legal even in notoriously strict Germany. Best of all, it's for sale right now.

This 944 S (year unknown) appears to be the custom shop truck of German Porsche specialist, 914-Boxergarage. Like a Singer, it was built from the best-of bin of Porsche parts, though with an emphasis on utility over performance. By the sounds of things, it might be reasonably capable too.

Tandem-axle Porsche 944 S pickup truck.

Its oak-floored bed measures 81 inches long, making it longer than all but the biggest bed on the 2023 Ford F-150. It has a tailgate, backup camera, and tow hitch, though the owner doesn't say anything about its tow capacity. The seller says both rear axles are powered though, and that it uses a rear-mounted transaxle from an Audi 200 Turbo. All three axles have brakes, so it can safely stop even while carrying a load like the scooter shown in photos.

For power, this Porsche pickup uses the 3.0-liter four-cylinder from a 968. It doesn't say if it's turbo or naturally aspirated, though you'd probably want the turbo if you're using it like a truck. It's hidden behind a front end from a 944 S2 with 924 Carrera GT headlights, and borrows its wheels from a 993 Turbo. The paint is throwback Continental Orange, which Rennbow says is a highly coveted shade on '70s 911s. Its cab features a custom targa roof and leather seats, with orange stitching, and heating on the driver's side.

Tandem-axle Porsche 944 S pickup truck.

914-Boxergarage says the whole shebang took 26 years to build, with around 2,500 hours of labor invested. The Porsche has been approved for road use by the notorious German TÜV, which means you can be sure the work is high-quality. It's priced accordingly too, with the seller asking the equivalent of $189,500.

Yes, that's nearly double the price of a 2023 Ram TRX, but it's actually a steal as weirdo six-wheeled trucks go. A Hennessey Velociraptor for example, runs $400,000, more than twice as much, and isn't nearly as cool (at all, actually). It's one of the only vehicles out there that'd be royalty at both Porsche and truck meets, up there with the Cayenne Transsyberia and... maybe the Elefant. So, if it's time for your coronation, hit up the seller through their website, and get ready to pull your sword from its stone.

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