This Tesla-Powered Exocet May Be The Track Car of The Future

Under 2,000 pounds and a sub-3 second 0-60 MPH time—sounds good to us.

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This Tesla-Powered Exocet May Be The Track Car of The Future © This Tesla-Powered Exocet May Be The Track Car of The Future

While some are busy putting Hellcat engines into everything, others are investing their time in swapping over Tesla electric motors to make cars more efficient, futuristic, and most importantly, quicker. Such is the case with this Exomotive track machine developed by Eddy Motorworks for SEMA 2017. But instead of just sitting at a show booth, this is a weapon that actually performs, weighing under 2,000 pounds and boasting a sub-three second 0-60 time and an all-electric range of over 250 miles.

Exomotive is popular for their Miata-derived Exocet, a lightweight plug-and-play sports car that allows you to customize nearly everything to make it your personal track-day world beater. Eddy Motorworks took this platform and combined it with Tesla Model S motors to make the Electrocet—a turn-key toy that brings the feel of motorsport's next generation to your fingertips. It's one of fifteen semifinal projects in this year's SEMA LaunchPad competition, where innovators and entrepreneurs vie for your vote to help win over industry pros. 

Eight of the Tesla battery backs are packed underneath the floor structure to provide heaping spoonfuls of power with a low center of gravity. Four additional modules are placed behind the front axle where the engine and transmission typically sits, sending power to the rear wheels and providing the driving-feel of a classic RWD sports car—with gobs of torque to boot. 52 kWh worth of battery power is used to propel the Electrocet to its top speed of 130 MPH.

Eddy Motorworks sees this as a way to "show people that electric motors can be used in more than the luxury sedans or commuter vehicles currently on the market." Additionally, the team looks to display everything that electric track cars have to offer to even the most enthusiastic gearheads. "The raw power and instant torque make them perfect for the track, and when combined with a proven chassis, you get a driving experience unlike any other. To the Eddy Motorworks team, the Electrocet is about creating a track car of the future with technology that exists today."

Below is a sampling of the Electrocet's build process:

Exomotive Founder and President Kevin Patrick told The Drive that "Exomotive is extremely excited to expand the Exocet component vehicle platform and include the high performance Tesla Model S driveline option." He continued on about the build, explaining "Instant torque and brutal acceleration with long range is finally available in an electric-powered, open air driving experience."

The project is not only packed with technology, but it also has the kind of performance figures to beat other similarly priced cars at $60K out the door. 

If you're looking for a scratch-built example of a Formula E-style machine that can be customized to your liking, then the Electrocet is for you. It's also for you if you like embarrassing traditionalists at your local circuit, something that it will do particularly well.

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