This Tuned Mercedes G-Wagen Looks Like a Rolling ‘60s Bathroom

The entirety of this AMG G63, outside and inside, is covered in a mint green color scheme that would look at home in your grandmother’s bathroom.

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This Tuned Mercedes G-Wagen Looks Like a Rolling ‘60s Bathroom © This Tuned Mercedes G-Wagen Looks Like a Rolling ‘60s Bathroom

What are you supposed to do if you live in Beverly Hills, Monaco, or London, roll up to clubs in a bone-stock G-Wagen? You'd get laughed out of every VIP lounge in the city. No, no, you need something more special than that, something more ostentatious. And if you're in a G-Wagen, then Polish tuning company Carlex Design has just the thing for you. That is, if you want to look like you're rolling around in a 1960s bathroom.

Anyone who's been to a grandparent's house with original décor from the '60s, knows the sorts of color scheme I'm talking about. Soft pinks, baby blues, and minty greens were everywhere in the '60s but in this case we're talking about the latter. Carlex completely custom-designed the cabin of this Mercedes-AMG G63 and gave it an almost entirely mint-green color scheme that looks as if it was upholstered using only the bathrooms of various Man Men characters. Unsurprisingly, it's called the Mint&Gold Edition.

There's very little inside this G-Wagen that isn't mint green, with only contrasting black and carbon fiber accents throughout. The seats are green, as is the Alcantara headliner, dashboard, and steering wheel. It's a minty assault on the eyes and I can't imagine being able to drive around in such a car for more than a few minutes without getting a migraine.

Carlex did more than just reupholster everything, though. It also gave the G-Wagon new seats, which are more extravagant and aggressive looking than the G63's stock pair. They're also common on Carlex G-wagens. But stock G-Wagen seats are lovely, so Carlex better make sure these sportier seats feel better.

The exterior is painted in the same shade of minty green, too. However, at least there's some sort of visual break in the green outside the car, as its wheels have a light gold finish. Carlex also threw out the Mercedes badge in favor of its own.

A Mercedes G-Wagen doesn't need help attracting attention, especially an AMG G63, with its more aggressive bodywork, bigger wheels, and V8 rumble. However, when this mint-green G-Wagen hits the road, there won't be a single available eyeball not fixed on its

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