Ultra-Rare Mercedes R63 AMG Minivan Surfaces for Sale

It’s a 6.2-liter, 507 horsepower sleeper that seats six. Oh yes.

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Ultra-Rare Mercedes R63 AMG Minivan Surfaces for Sale © Ultra-Rare Mercedes R63 AMG Minivan Surfaces for Sale

There was a time when Mercedes-Benz was willing to drop its 6.2-liter M156 V8 into anything and everything, the R-class minivan included. It was from this unholy matrimony that the R63 AMG, a 507-horsepower, all-wheel-drive minivan that did zero-to-60 in 4.7 seconds—as fast as a 2018 Kia Stinger GT—was born.

Because it combined a motorsport-vicious drivetrain with a minivan in the early stages of the crossover body style's takeover, the R63 wasn't just unsuccessful with buyers, it was a sales disaster. Numbers are fuzzy and unofficial, but some allege that fewer than 200 were sold worldwide, and that as few as 30 left American dealerships. We're waiting on official production numbers from Mercedes, but it's clear the R63 was far from successful in any market, and it came as a surprise when one of the rare vans surfaced Tuesday on car auction site Bring A Trailer.

Bring A Trailer

This 38,000-mile example is of the 2007 model year, and has lived most of its life in Wisconsin, where it was used to make the occasional trek to Illinois. Both batteries were replaced, and the transmission flushed earlier this year, though  the paint is chipped in places, and the tires are... period correct, let's say. The monster minivan's title is clean, and maintenance records were well-kept.

Bring A Trailer

History of R63 hammer prices on Bring A Trailer suggest that this R63 will easily reach $30,000-plus, as the lowest sale price for a sub-100,000 mile R63 was a 67,000 mile vehicle, which went for $36,999 in April. This R63's mileage is lower than any previously listed for sale on the site, including the thronesitting $51,000, 78,000 mile car that sold in 2016. It stands a good chance of breaking the $40,000 mark, and just maybe, the aforementioned 51 grand record.

If you're sitting on 40 grand, want a unique sleeper, and don't mind remanufacturing your own engine to save $57,515, then by all means, drop in some bids. You have until next Tuesday afternoon to secure the fish-faced sleeper of your dreams.

Bring A Trailer
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