What Are THOSE?

Ever wondered what those bright orange boards attached to all the Overlanding vehicles do?

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A major part of the off-road experience is recovery. If you tackle enough terrain, you’re bound to get stuck at some point and the proper recovery gear is essential to getting your rig out of a jam. Winches, snatch straps and shackles are all necessary items to get you unstuck. However, probably the most helpful recovery tool created has been the MAXTRAX recovery boards. If you have MAXTRAX, the need for most of the other recovery items just isn’t there.

MAXTRAX was created by Australian author, Brad McCarthy, after nearly losing his rig to an incoming tide on an Australian beach. Brad understood the demand firsthand for a product that makes vehicle recovery safer, simpler and able to be carried out by one person. 

Nothing against winches as they’re certainly necessary, but eliminating the need for them is definitely a plus and could save you money and hassle in the long run. Also, not having to travel with another vehicle as backup is also a plus.

MAXTRAX are not made of flimsy plastic. These traction boards are made from injection-molded engineering-grade reinforced polymer Nylon. There are videos of 5000-lb vehicles using these tracks as bridges so they’re robust enough for any situation. 

For further explanation and to see these bad boys in action, check the videos below:

The MAXTRAX boards retail for $299.00 for a pair. Not bad compared to getting stuck!

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