2018 Lexus RX350L and RX450hL Now Has Room for Seven

The longer, three-row 2018 Lexus RX350L and RX450hL will be revealed at the L.A. Auto Show next week.

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2018 Lexus RX350L and RX450hL Now Has Room for Seven © 2018 Lexus RX350L and RX450hL Now Has Room for Seven

How could Lexus top the success of its widely popular RX crossover? Apparently, the answer was the introduction of a longer SUV with third-row seating. The all-new 2018 Lexus RX350L and RX450hL are scheduled to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show happening Dec. 1-10. Equipped with seating for up to seven passengers, the RX L model brags an additional 4.3 inches of length compared with its two-row counterparts. The wheelbase, however, remains unchanged from the regular RX model. The longer RX version is a strong competitor against other three-row crossovers like the Infiniti QX60 and the Acura MDX. 

The longer RX features a redesigned backend with a more upright rear window to provide reasonable headroom for the additional passengers. The two-passenger, 50/50 split power-folding third-row bench has integrated cup holders and separate climate controls for added comfort. Leather upholstery comes standard, but the third row uses vinyl instead. The standard 40/20/40 split second-row seat has room for three passengers. The option to buy bucket seats, however, drops the maximum capacity for this vehicle back to six. 

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When keeping all three rows of seating up, there are just seven cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row. If you were to fold down the third row, that space increases to 23 cubic feet, which is better than the standard-length model by five cubic feet. With all the seats folded in the RX-L, you will have 58 cubic feet of luggage space versus 56 in the regular RX350.

Like the standard RX, the longer version is available with a 3.5-liter V6 engine in the RX350L. You can also opt for the RX450hL which utilizes a pair of electric motors to supplement the V6. The RX350L delivers 290 horsepower to its front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission; the all-wheel-drive options are available for an additional $1,400.

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The base price of the Lexus RX350L is $48,665, which is more expensive than both the Infiniti QX60 ($44,295) and the Acura MDX ($45,175). Though, Lexus' SUV includes commodities like adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and a proximity key with a push-to-start button. Pricing for the hybrid counterpart has not yet been released, but both models should reach showrooms starting this December. 

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