2021 Ford F-150 Will Have an Onboard Generator for Off-the-Grid Power: Report

Whether you’re working remotely or overlanding in the backwoods, this’ll come in handy.

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2021 Ford F-150 Will Have an Onboard Generator for Off-the-Grid Power: Report © 2021 Ford F-150 Will Have an Onboard Generator for Off-the-Grid Power: Report

The 2021 Ford F-150 will have loads of tech that's far from common for the average workhorse. Big screens? Yup. Hybrid power? Looks like it. But according to a recent report from Muscle Cars and Trucks, it'll have at least one piece of equipment that's decisively utilitarian: an onboard generator meant for use at the job- or camp-site.

Update 5/26/2020 at 3:30 p.m.: Ford declined to comment on this speculation, but a company spokesperson did make mention of a previous press release regarding the F-150 hybrid. Way back in 2018, the Blue Oval announced plans of generator compatibility, adding some credibility to these claims.

With a power inverter generator system, the list of possible use cases is near-endless. Essentially, it provides a rolling power grid for users to plug into when working or camping remotely. If you need to use an electric skill saw or simply blow up a $50 air mattress, this is the tool you want.

Said power would likely be accessible from the truck's bed, though there won't be a clunky unit taking up space in the box. Instead, think of AC and USB outlets that are flush-mounted and virtually invisible when not in use. Not only will it offer a heap of utility, but it'll also save you space while maximizing efficiency.

Ford has actually commissioned several SEMA builds in the past that boasted generator setups of their own, so it's possible the Blue Oval has been prototyping the equipment for quite some time.

MC&T reports that this feature will be available on both gas-only and hybrid 2021 F-150s, though no mention of the Powerstroke diesel variant has been made.

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If Ford does indeed offer a power inverter generator on the next-gen F-150, it'll nicely complement the truck's anticipated work and play features. As we touched on earlier, the pickup's cab is expected to be packed with larger screens than before, supposedly with more accessible toggles via Ford's upcoming SYNC4 infotainment system. Likewise, spy photos show a unique stowable shifter that's mounted in between the front seats, which will be useful for...something. Oh, and there's also the plethora of drive modes that'll help the truck traverse different terrains with ease.

We know that manufacturing plant shutdowns have delayed the 2021 F-150's release by at least two months, but it's still predicted to start production in the second half of 2020. As for its public debut, expect some sort of virtual showing as Ford isn't about to gather hundreds of people in a tiny room or convention hall. Order books are currently slated to open June 15, which is only three weeks away.

The Drive reached out to Ford for comment on the generator news, though a spokesperson declined to engage in speculation.

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