2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse’s Blue Ember Paint Gives Strong Mystichrome Vibes

If the Mustang’s most powerful 5.0-liter V8 wasn’t enough to make you consider the Dark Horse, maybe this will do it.

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2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse’s Blue Ember Paint Gives Strong Mystichrome Vibes © 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse’s Blue Ember Paint Gives Strong Mystichrome Vibes

There are lots of reasons to like the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse, including its 500-horsepower Coyote V8 and six-speed Tremec manual transmission. Another is its sweet Blue Ember paint, which changes from blue to purple depending on the light it's in. It's reminiscent of Ford's specially mixed Mystichrome, an SVT Cobra scheme that was super rare and even kind of a secret.

While Ford has been notoriously careful about sharing Mystichrome's mixing directions, it disclosed a few details about Blue Ember on Wednesday. The automaker says it uses complementary colors that oppose each other on the color wheel, which gives it that interesting hue. More special effect pigments are thrown in for good measure so it shimmies and shines in the sun.

“If color is a reflection of a vehicle’s personality, Blue Ember transforms the Mustang Dark Horse and highlights a natural saddle-color horse hidden inside the strong chiseled fastback’s exterior form,” said Carrie Kennerly, Ford senior color and materials designer. “Multiple elements are combined to give Blue Ember its intriguing and stealthy appearance that really drives home how unique Mustang Dark Horse is.”

I've never seen a real horse that looks like this but maybe I need to get out of my home state.

Ford used other interesting colors and materials throughout the Mustang Dark Horse's interior as well. You get unique black-and-blue Recaro seats with suede when you spring for the special appearance package, which also spruces up the seatbelts with Deep Indigo Blue dye. If you opt for the six-speed Tremec manual, which you should, you then get a funky blue titanium shift knob. It looks like the bowling ball that someone in a league would own—y'know, like the $300 Pin Destroyer rather than the eight-pounder that's stained yellow from cigarette smoke.

You could pick another color if all you care about is the Mustang Dark Horse's powertrain, available carbon fiber wheels, and MagneRide suspension, but I hope you'll choose Blue Ember. If there are any left to buy, that is.

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