A Lamborghini 4-Seat GT Could Be Coming After The Urus

After the Urus crossover is released, a 4-seater GT could be Lambo’s next new frontier.

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A Lamborghini 4-Seat GT Could Be Coming After The Urus © A Lamborghini 4-Seat GT Could Be Coming After The Urus

We've already heard rumblings of a fourth Lamborghini model coming our way after the Urus crossover drops. Now, the Italian supercar maker's CEO is dropping hints as to what exactly that may look like.

Talking to Australia's CarAdvice about Lamborghini's sales goals for the next few years, Lambo CEO Stefano Domenicali says he wants to see the brand move 10,000 units annually. For reference, a total of 3,457 bull-branded supercars—consisting exclusively of Huracans and Aventadors—were sold in 2016. That figure is expected to double once the relatively mass-market Urus is released. In order to break five digit units, Domenicali says a fourth model will be considered once the three-car business model, something he refers to as the "first wave", becomes stable. 

"When this first wave that concludes around 2022-2023, more or less, we will be stable, then it’s our vision that we are already thinking of what will be the next step for the world of Lamborghini – so what will be the right way, if we are stable enough, to get to 10,000 cars?"

Pontificating on what specific class of vehicle a fourth member of the Lamborghini family may be, Domenicali ensured to assert that anything is possible, but did add that a four-seater grand tourer would be a nice nod to the brand's heritage. "GT cars, four seaters, heritage gives us some ideas, but it’s up to us to think and move in some direction. Today we are not ready, but we are already thinking to see what will be the technical needs. Will, in 2025, a super SUV cannibalise a 2+2 or GT? We don’t know yet. We need to prepare for different scenarios."

Domenicali also mentioned that moving downmarket and introducing an even entrier-level model beneath the Huracan is indeed something they are studying. "I think some competitors are thinking of moving down and occupying that field and of course it’s something that we are looking at, if there is space for us to go, but we need to make sure we don’t dilute the value of our brand."

With the advent of the Urus, some purists have cried foul at the mere idea of a Lamborghini SUV. They should keep in mind, however, that it's stuff like this that pays for stuff like this.

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