A Mint 1993 Mazda Miata With Just 9,489 Miles Is Listed on eBay for $17,900

There probably isn’t a fresher Miata in the world, save for a handful in Mazda’s private collection.

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A Mint 1993 Mazda Miata With Just 9,489 Miles Is Listed on eBay for $17,900 © A Mint 1993 Mazda Miata With Just 9,489 Miles Is Listed on eBay for $17,900

One of the world's best-maintained first-generation Miatas we've ever laid eyes on has come up for sale on eBay, and for a bit of a bargain, we must admit: a 1993 Mazda Miata with just 9,489 miles on the odometer.

Several years ago, when people began to miss the 1990s (and pop-up headlights), most of the good NA Miatas were snapped up, leaving mostly high-mileage or poorly-maintained examples on the market. That's why this particular Miata, which is listed for sale on eBay right now, is very special.

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It's an ultra-low mileage vehicle with just 9,489 on the odometer, but it isn't a car that had to be dug from underneath a collapsed barn and cleaned of decades' worth of rodent droppings. The interior is showroom-pristine complete with cheesy embroidered floor mats, while the engine looks like it hasn't even been cranked yet. Even better, it's a rare sub-model, the Limited Edition, which was a 1993-only package limited to 1,500 cars globally, and is the reason for the blinding red leather interior.

At $17,900 (or best offer) for a 27-year-old car, it may seem like a bad deal, but consider what a new Miata actually cost back in the day. A 1990 model started at $13,800, which is the better part of $26,700 today, and the Limited Edition would've been a bit more on top of that. Considering that you'd get a like-new vehicle for barely two thirds its inflation-adjusted original price—one that's liable to appreciate with those charming flip-up headlights that no longer exist—this Miata could be the classic car bargain of the year. Move fast if you want it to be yours.

showdownmotorsinc on ebay
showdownmotorsinc on ebay

Introduced in 1989, the first-gen ("NA") Mazda Miata (or MX-5 in the rest of the world) became the overnight heartthrob of the public and motoring journalists alike. It boasted all the joys of a classic British roadster—two seats, rear-wheel-drive, and a folding roof—but none of the downsides, such as questionable build quality or Lucas Industries electrical systems. The NA Miata spawned a 30-year sports car dynasty that continues to its day, surviving economic ups and downs and changing consumer preferences by sticking to its guns: simplicity and minimal weight.

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