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AA batteries are one of the most common types of household batteries. They power everything from remote controls to small…

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The Best AA Battery Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best AA Battery Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Charger Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Charger
Best Value Rayovac AA & AAA Rechargeable Batteries with Battery Charger Rayovac AA & AAA Rechargeable Batteries with Battery Charger
Premium Pick Tenergy 16 Bay AA Battery Charger Tenergy 16 Bay AA Battery Charger

AA batteries are one of the most common types of household batteries. They power everything from remote controls to small electronics to toys. But AA batteries run out of power, and you can wind up spending a lot of money continually replacing them with new ones. Rechargeable AA batteries are a great cost-effective option—but you also need a quality AA battery charger. 

An AA battery charger can save you time and money by allowing you to reuse the same batteries over and over again, giving you a longer battery lifespan. By opting for something designed to last, you can ensure that your devices never run out of power. Instead of dealing with constantly disposing of batteries (a habit harmful to the environment), these chargers can up your tech game significantly.

The Best AA Battery Chargers

The Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Charger is an excellent AA battery charger because it’s versatile, easy to use, and perfectly safe for all AA batteries. Even though Energizer makes it, you can use it for any brand of battery. The charger will fit two AA batteries on each side, allowing you to simultaneously charge up to four batteries. It measures 4.33 x 2.68 x 9.65 inches in size, and comes with four AA batteries to get you started. You can plug this AA battery charger into any electrical outlet to deliver a full charge in just four hours thanks to its rapid charging Recharge Pro power. A state-of-the-art charge status indicator shows you what level the batteries are at as they charge.

While this charger works well, it can only handle four batteries at a time and can take longer to recharge everything.

Key Features
  • Holds up to four AA batteries
  • Status indicator to track charging
  • Connects to AC wall outlet
  • Works on all rechargeable batteries
  • Brand Energizer
  • Model CHRPROWB4
  • Weight 10.24 ounces

Strong and durable design

Efficient charging abilities

Can charge AAA and NiMH batteries


Capacity limited to four batteries

Overcharge protection may kick in early

Only works with wall outlets

The Rayovac AA & AAA Rechargeable Batteries with Battery Charger offers everything you need to start reusing batteries in one affordably priced set. You’ll get both a AA battery charger and batteries that you can use with the charger, making it an excellent starter set and a great value. You’ll get two Rayovac AA batteries, two AAA batteries, and one battery charger. The charger can fit up to four batteries, allowing you to charge multiple AA batteries in one go. It can recharge Rayovac-branded batteries up to 1,500 times, and it offers overcharge protection for your batteries. It’ll deliver a full recharge for AA batteries in eight hours. It’s a great compact charger that you can use for any of your AA battery needs.

Though this charger works many times, the overcharge safeguard can lead to refill issues. To circumvent this, opting for high-quality rechargeable batteries is a wise choice.

Key Features
  • Supports up to four batteries
  • Plugs directly into wall
  • Works on AA and AAA batteries
  • Provides up to 1,500 recharges
  • Brand Rayovac
  • Model PS135-4B GEN
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

Includes rechargeable batteries

Compact and lightweight design

Charges slowly and steadily


Takes eight hours to recharge

Over time, batteries don’t recharge as well

Exterior breaks easily

The Tenergy 16 Bay AA Battery Charger may be a bit more expensive than other chargers, but this is one premium product that offers great perks for its price. This charger has an impressive amount of room to charge a lot of batteries simultaneously — it can fit 16 batteries into its charging slots. This AA battery charger is also smart, allowing you to charge multiple AA and AAA batteries together. It includes a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that shows you the charging status of every individual battery, and it protects against issues like overcharging, overheating, short-circuiting, and even reverse polarity. This charger includes a 100 to 240 volt AC adapter and a car charger to make recharging your AA batteries even easier.

Even though this setup works on two kinds of batteries, the piece’s circuitry is the same for both. To increase efficiency and prevent amperage control issues, use only one type of battery at a time.

Key Features
  • Holds up to 16 batteries 
  • Has a display to track charging status
  • Charges AA and AAA batteries
  • Works at home and in vehicles
  • Brand Tenergy
  • Model TN438
  • Weight 1.55 pounds

Various power source options

Can support multiple batteries

Safeguards against overcharging


Charging different types of batteries can slow function

Open face vulnerable to debris

LCD screen draws a lot of power

The EBL 8-Bay Battery Charger is a highly versatile and practical AA battery charger. This product can charge anywhere from two to eight AA batteries simultaneously, giving you the flexibility to quickly charge many batteries. It works for all AA battery types except alkaline or lithium, and you can use this charger with any brand of batteries. The AA battery charger will recharge your batteries in as little as 1.5 hours to six hours. It includes protection for your AA batteries, automatically stopping the charging process if it detects an improper input voltage, a defective or short circuit, or if batteries aren’t rechargeable. Four LED lights show your batteries’ charging status, and you can even use this charger for other sizes of batteries. 

Despite working in as little as six hours, this charger can be inconsistent in its charge level (to a small degree). To be sure of success, keep the batteries in the ports for an extra few minutes.

Key Features
  • Can charge up to eight batteries
  • Includes LED status indicator
  • Works in a matter of hours
  • Automatically stops charging once complete
  • Brand EBL
  • Model EBL-808
  • Weight 8.6 ounces

Charges as quickly as 1.5 hours

Plugs directly into the wall

Simple and straightforward design


Doesn’t recharge to full capacity

Lights not always correct indicators

May take more than six hours to charge

The POWEROWL 8 Bay AA Battery Charger is a great choice if you’re hoping to get a long life out of your rechargeable AA batteries. This charger is a smart charger, which means it includes functionality that can help your AA batteries perform better for longer. It can charge up to eight AA batteries at once and delivers a full charge in a short period. The setup works for as many as 1200 times, thanks to its quality amperage control. It relies on trickle charging to extend each battery’s life and deliver a charge of up to 99 percent. This gives you a reliable and consistent battery life every time. 

While this setup is efficient, it is also open, with the ports lined horizontally, which can lead to the pieces popping out of place, so it’s best to keep it away from contact during the charging period.

Key Features
  • Trickle charge method 
  • Supports eight batteries 
  • Improves battery performance 
  • Accommodates AA and AAA batteries
  • Brand Powerbowl
  • Model ZN825E+AA2800
  • Weight 0.97 ounces

Recharges up to 99 percent

Works over 1000 times

Controls amperage flow for safety


Design leaves batteries prone to falling

Vulnerable to dust, debris, and moisture

Outer plastic cracks easily

When you are on the hunt for a charger you can rely on, the ENERGIZER NiMH Charger and Batteries system is a solid option. It works as quickly as five hours and takes no longer than 11 hours, which means you can be back up and running overnight. By incorporating a LED light to keep you apprised of the progress, you can remove the batteries as soon as the work is done. This also helps both the environment and your power bill by limiting the amount of time they spend pulling electricity. Since you can use this charger on both AA and AAA batteries, it’s useful for most items around the house. The structure itself is durable and easy to maintain, giving it an extra level of value.

Keep in mind that while the fault battery alert feature can help, it may prevent the charging of older battery types. If you stick to newer (or included) options, you can avoid this pitfall.

Key Features
  • Charges four batteries simultaneously
  • Works on all rechargeable batteries
  • Durable structure with effective electrodes
  • Efficient and safe battery charging
  • Brand Energizer
  • Model ENRCHV4
  • Weight 8 ounces

Works as quickly as five hours

Designed to prevent overheating and overcharging

Comes with rechargeable batteries


Can take up to 11 hours to charge

Better suited to new rechargeable battery models

Only holds four batteries

Featuring a USB attachment and multiple battery ports, the BONAI AA Charger and Batteries setup is a quality option. It comes with a set of batteries, letting you make the most of the specific charger designed. That said, it also works with other rechargeable batteries. By conducting roughly 2800 mAh, you can efficiently bring the power sources back to life. Since it fits eight batteries simultaneously, you don’t have to be too picky about what and when you charge. The USB power source lets you take it anywhere, running it off a laptop or an AC adapter with equal ease. 

However, while the USB feature is handy, it does require a wall adapter to get into a socket. Provided you have one on hand (like for a cell phone), this isn’t an issue.

Key Features
  • Powered by a USB cord connection
  • Holds up to eight batteries
  • Overheating protections included
  • Lightweight, user-friendly design
  • Brand Bonai
  • Model BNBC170602-8AA
  • Weight 14.5 ounces

Works on AA and AAA batteries

Indicators to track charging process

Relies on high yet steady amperage


Only works via USB cord

Attachment port can get damaged

Limited charging efficiency

If your goal is to ensure safe charging of your AAs, the PANASONIC Advanced Battery Charger is worth investigating. It’s lightweight yet highly durable, using well-structured wiring to prevent premature wear and tear. Not prone to overheating nor easy to damage, this device stays working for long periods. It can handle four batteries at a time. Helpful to the environment, it incorporates an indicator signal to let you know when charging is complete. It stands out against the white design, allowing you to stop charging right away. It works fast, bringing your battery power up to within the range of 80 percent. You can achieve these results in less than two hours, meaning it takes less time than most to get you back to power. 

Bear in mind that, while this system works quickly, it leaves about 20 percent charge behind. To prevent any issues, plan ahead, and charge the batteries as needed.

Key Features
  • Supports four rechargeable AA batteries
  • Charges to 80 percent capacity
  • Includes indicator lights to track charge
  • Safeguards to protect circuitry
  • Brand Eneloop
  • Model BQ-CC55SBA
  • Weight 0.26 ounces

Built to last for a long time

Charges in under two hours

Handy AC wall connection


Leaves behind 20 percent charge

Exterior can crack or break

Only works on wall outlets

Whether you’re dealing with multiple car accessories or kids’ toys, the BONAI 16-Battery Charging Station can help with bulk recharging. The ability to hold up to 16 batteries at a time (without slowing down the charge rate) sets this option apart. Plus, it’s versatile enough to use on everything from AAA batteries to nine-volt options like those in smoke alarms. When dealing with AA batteries, it works quickly (less than three hours) and gets your batteries back to a charge. Each port shows the battery’s status, letting you place AAAs of different charges simultaneously, which cuts back on the time you spend in guesswork. Coupled with the overcharge protection and overheating safeguards, this is a high-quality selection.

It helps to note that, while the tech on this charger is impressive, it does require more power to run. However, this amount is nominal and redeems itself through the fast charging rate.

Key Features
  • Works on versatile rechargeable batteries
  • Includes 16 independent charging stations
  • LCD display to track charge status
  • Protections against overheating
  • Brand Bonai
  • Model TAA0241200200HU
  • Weight 1.4 pounds

Useful on AA, AAA, and nine-volt batteries

Large capacity for batteries

Can work in under three hours


Screen draws a lot of power

Charging more batteries can slow progress

Open design subject to electrode damage

Especially when you need to charge things in different spaces, the POWEROWL Independent Charger is a favorable option. It touts a chip control, letting you know once the charge is complete. The battery charger can hold up to eight different batteries, both AA and AAA. Since it slowly drives the electricity, you don’t have to worry about issues with overheating. The USB cord lets you power it off a laptop or feed it into the included AC adapter for wall sockets. For travel requirements, it comes with a 12-volt adapter for your vehicle. Pairing this with the crisp display that highlights the charge status, you can achieve efficient charging. 

Of course, while it has diverse power sources, this charger is vulnerable to moisture with the digital screen and open face. Keep it away from damp or humid areas, and everything should work out well.

Key Features
  • Includes 12-volt car adapter
  • USB and wall outlet charging options
  • Supports eight batteries simultaneously
  • Incorporates safeguards against overheating and overcharging
  • Brand Powerbowl
  • Model ZN826E
  • Weight 4.5 ounces

Powered by versatile sources

Large charging capacity

Smart chip for improved performance


Vulnerable to damage from elements

Electrodes can lose connectivity over time

Requires a dry environment

Best AA Battery Chargers Buying Guide & FAQ

When you need to choose a recharging station for your batteries, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. The first consideration is why you want a recharger. Is it to cut costs on batteries? Perhaps it is for environmental reasons. Maybe it is a matter of convenience. Assess your priorities beforehand, so you have a good idea of what to look for in the charger. From there, it helps to identify a reputable brand and merchant. 

The next things to think about are time and quantity. Your requirements will be different if you only use AAs for your remotes than if all your kid’s toys run on them. Figure out (loosely) how many batteries you’ll need to charge at any given time. Think about how long you are willing to wait and how this relates to battery fullness once the charge is complete. Lastly, think about where you will be using it to ensure that the option you buy has a suitable power source. So long as you get a picture of what advantages you’re seeking, you can make an informed choice. 

Benefits of AA Battery Chargers

There are some major benefits to having a rechargeable battery setup. For one, a lot of different systems come equipped with batteries designed to be recharged. This means you don’t have to worry about equipment. From there, you can simplify your life and cut down on unnecessary trips to the hardware store. AA batteries power tons of household supplies—everything from garage door remotes to gaming systems run on these parts. Instead of darting out of the house whenever you run low, a recharger lets you skip that step. 

Additionally, instead of creating a lot of harmful waste through batteries’ corrosive materials, you don’t end up throwing these out. The chargers don’t take up much space and usually let you run power from an easily accessible source. Generally, the impact on a power bill is nominal. An added benefit of quality chargers is an indicator to denote when the charge is full. The key benefit of chargers is a balance of social consciousness and convenience. 

  • Healthy and safe for the environment due to reduced battery waste. 
  • Lets you save money by requiring fewer purchases of replaceable batteries.
  • Keeps your devices fully charged in a convenient manner. 

Popular Types of AA Battery Chargers

As with any popular technological accessory, there are different types of AA battery chargers. The best kind depends largely on how often you use the charger. It’s also a matter of where you need to charge the batteries. So long as you focus on energy efficiency, durability, and convenience value, all the types have their own merit. By understanding more about the nuances that set each type apart, you can pick the ideal selection for your household.


Perhaps the most prevalent on the market, digital AA battery chargers incorporate a lot of features. Usually, this type of charger has a minimum capacity of four batteries and a maximum of 16. The part that sets digital chargers apart from other models is the LCD. Instead of using a simple light, this component features a bar image above each battery outlet. This keeps you apprised of the charging status. 

Often, digital chargers factor in a chip system. This component is there to prevent overcharging (and thus the waste of power). It can also reduce the likelihood of overheating and resulting damage. Since these setups incorporate more precision technology, digital-type chargers tend to work more efficiently and charge higher. Overall, however, they require more electricity to operate.


Similar to digital models, analog-type chargers incorporate loosely the same technology. Generally, this type of charger is more energy efficient to run, provided you can set a timer for the charge. These chargers often feature an indicator, though it is usually a light instead of a digital screen. There are also simpler options that don’t include an indicator and keep a running current. 

Analog-type chargers tend to be sturdier than their digital counterparts. This is because there is no screen component. It avoids the risk of breakage to this part and reduces the strain on the internal circuitry. That said, this type of charger is less precise than others. If left unattended, though the batteries will be full, there are reduced environmental benefits. It can also lead to premature breakage from overheating. 


A popular type of charger is the AC-powered option, plugging directly into the wall. Ideal for home use, this type of charger comes in two forms, corded or direct. Either it has a cord running straight from the charger, letting you jack the USB into a (usually) included adapter, or you plug the entire unit into a wall outlet. The frequent placement of wall outlets throughout homes and offices makes these particularly useful. However, unless the AC component is run through a surge protector, your machine is vulnerable to damage from excess power (like from lightning). Nonetheless, the efficiency and voltage access of AC-powered chargers make them a desirable option.

Adapter Needed

The final common type is those which require a 12-volt adapter. This kind of charger uses the power of your vehicle to recharge the batteries. Because of this, you will usually find these recharging stations with fewer ports. However, the access to charging abilities during road trips adds a lot of value (and popularity) to this type. 

While very useful when on the go, it’s important to remember to unplug the adapter once the vehicle is off. Unlike USB and AC selections, these can siphon from car batteries. Due to this, most options that run on a 12-volt connection feature overcharging protection. It automatically shuts off the system, halting the current as soon as the batteries are at full charge.

What to Look for When Buying AA Battery Chargers

With anything electronic, the first thing to consider is the quality of the circuitry. Analyzing the amperage and resistance features in each charger can highlight how well it will function. Ultimately, the key is getting your batteries as charged as possible. Identifying the charging threshold (80 percent or 90 percent, etc.) is essential to gaining a full picture of the charger’s quality.

The time it takes to achieve a full charge is also important. When you’re camping and need to refuel your flashlight, there’s little time to waste. Figuring out which options work fastest is an important consideration—identify the chargers that work in most places and with the most logical power sources. Lastly, take a look at how many batteries can be charged at any given time and weigh this against power and efficiency. 

The Most Important Features of AA Battery Chargers

To make the most out of your AA battery charger, several key features are essential to success. Identifying these and prioritizing their importance to you will become much easier to pick the best option. Some features are standard across all AA battery chargers, while others are supplemental and designed to add value through convenience. 

Efficient Charging 

Just like when you’re assessing a solar charger for your car, the key feature is the efficient conversion and transfer of one power source to another. This amenity refers to two different things: the first is how quickly it can get the power to the batteries. There is a big difference between two hours and 10, so finding something that works quickly without foregoing quality matters. 

The other side of this feature is the efficiency relative to the full battery charge. Some chargers bring you up to 80 percent the maximum threshold. Others get your battery fuller, though it may take longer. While each charger has this feature to a certain degree, balancing the importance of total end-charge with speed remains a key consideration. 

Large Capacity

Even if you don’t need to charge a ton of batteries at a time, having the ability never hurts. Few things are more inconvenient than needing to run a six-battery device and only having four parts. By enabling you to charge multiple batteries at a time, you can get back to your technology sooner. Plus, you don’t have to use each of the connections to control the circuit, so there is no functional reason to avoid more ports. 

Additionally, it helps if the charger can work with other types of batteries. So long as it works efficiently with a AA setup, a charger that features AAA and nine-volt compatibility has nothing but upsides. When chargers feature both the ability to include multiple batteries and different types, it becomes far more user-friendly. 

Versatile Sources

This feature refers to the charger’s ability to draw power from multiple sources. Chances are, if you need to run a flashlight, you are probably closer to a 12-volt adapter than a wall socket. However, you might want to use this same charger to re-up your gaming console’s power source — where you’re likely closer to a wall outlet. 

By incorporating diverse options, you can get more function out of the charger itself. Ranging from 12-volt adapters to AC wiring to USB connections, there are a lot of ways to push a chargeback into your batteries. So long as each of the connection methods functions properly, the best way to maximize utility is opting for something which features versatility. 

Durable Structure

Everything breaks, but it doesn’t have to break quickly. This is why an important feature for AA battery chargers is a strong exterior. The material and design play equal parts in this regard. A heavier-duty polymer won’t easily overheat, nor is it easily broken if dropped. When the internal wiring is better insulated, you can worry less about electrical wear and tear. 

In terms of design, opt for something that has the structural integrity to prevent breakage. If it falls, you want something that won’t lose its hold on the batteries or break outright. Curved edges and tight seams protect it from dust, debris, and the potential of impact damage. Since this plays into how long you can use the charger, it is definitely an essential feature.

Care and Maintenance for AA Battery Chargers

To make the most out of your AA battery charger, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Though these devices require a relatively limited amount of attention, there are steps you can take to extend the lifespan. Consider the main components of the device. Each of these parts has a different requirement for upkeep to perform optimally. Simple steps you can take include: 

  • Keeping the charger in a cool, dry environment prevents moisture from getting into the system to ensure no rust or corrosion. 
  • Check the electrodes before you place the batteries. Since even a small amount of dust or debris can impact charge efficiency, it is important to keep the site free of particulate. 
  • Place the batteries gently yet firmly. Remove them carefully. The electrodes are essential to charging, and this prevents the connection from getting loose. 
  • Avoid impact damage to the exterior. Dropping the charger can lead to the internal wiring losing its hold. Prevent this by keeping it in a secure location. 
  • Wipe it down carefully while avoiding the electrical parts. To keep the screen crisp and the charger itself in good condition, you can wipe it with a damp towel and dry it off. This will keep it working and retain its appearance.

Best AA Battery Charger FAQ:

When it comes to electronics, having some questions is normal. There is just as much going on inside the device as there is on the exterior. So, to help you find the information you need, we’ve answered some of the most common questions out there. With data on your side, you can easily spot the perfect charger for you. 

Q: Who makes the best AA battery charger?

A respectable company that’s been around for a long time, Energizer is a leading provider of AA chargers. These devices are very reliable and focus on quality and efficiency. 

Q: Which AA battery charger is the best?

The best AA battery charger around is the Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Charger. This device is built to last over the long term and offers quick charging and sturdy design.

Q: How does an AA battery charger work?

The charger pulls electricity from its source (wall outlet, car battery, laptop, etc.) and, using calculated resistance, connects the circuit through the battery, recharging the chemical interior.

Our Top Pick

After careful analysis of the competition, we’ve settled on the Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Charger as our top pick. It is powerful yet not prone to overheating, works with any standard rechargeable AA battery, and gets the job done quickly. With four ports and a sleek design, it is efficient and effective.

Final Thoughts

Having learned about AA battery chargers, you can now find your ideal match. Maybe it’s the Energizer Rechargeable AA Battery Charger, a solid choice overall. Perhaps you want to cut costs with the Rayovac AA & AAA Rechargeable Batteries with Battery Charger or pick one of the other options. All the power to you!

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