Alfa Romeo Boss Promises One Last Old-School Supercar Before Going Electric

Stellantis hasn’t even given Alfa the green light to build it yet and it’s already almost sold out of deposits.

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Alfa Romeo Boss Promises One Last Old-School Supercar Before Going Electric © Alfa Romeo Boss Promises One Last Old-School Supercar Before Going Electric

Bosses over at Alfa Romeo have already said the brand is going all-electric before the end of the decade but judging by the response to a potential supercar, they may want to wait just a little longer. The brand's CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato told Autocar that Alfa Romeo is planning on a supercar and, despite it not being greenlit by the brass at Stellantis just yet, it's already almost sold out.

“It will be sold out before I unveil the car,” Imparato told Autocar. And yet, there isn't even a finalized design. All that Imparato would say about the potentially upcoming supercar is that it could be called the 6C, that it will have an internal combustion engine of some sort, it will contribute to Alfa Romeo's brand DNA, and it will be able to hang with the gorgeous 8C at the Alfa Romeo historical museum.

He also said that it won't be just a track car. It will likely be something that's comfortable enough to daily drive and use on normal roads. So as exclusive as it may be, it should be pretty usable.

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Imparato also recognizes that a gas-powered supercar in today's increasingly electrified automotive climate isn't the most popular of ideas. Especially considering the fact that it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stellantis will make its decision on the Alfa Romeo supercar in April, according to the report, so people with deposits are still at least a month away from finding out if they're getting one. If it's given the green light, Alfa Romeo should announce the supercar this summer. An actual release date is obviously up in the air but, if it's ever made, the supercar will be part of Alfa's current generation of cars, so it would be released before 2027.

Whatever the potential Alfa Romeo supercar might be, it should be quite the looker. Alfa's lineup of cars is small but there isn't a bad-looking car in the bunch and the Giulia might be the prettiest sedan in the world. According to Imparato, the supercar "could be iconic, super-sexy and recognizable as an Alfa Romeo at first sight." OK, I get it now, I'd leave a deposit, too.

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