Alleged Ford ‘Baby Bronco’ Grille Leaked Photo Looks Like the Real Deal

The compact off-roader appears to take on a noticeably different design than its full-size Bronco counterpart.

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Alleged Ford ‘Baby Bronco’ Grille Leaked Photo Looks Like the Real Deal © Alleged Ford ‘Baby Bronco’ Grille Leaked Photo Looks Like the Real Deal

Less than 24 hours ago, the world set eyes on what is claimed to be the headlight assembly for the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco. Now, another part has been leaked online courtesy of the same Bronco6G forums, this time claiming to be the grille of the future "Baby Bronco" crossover.

The Baby Bronco's leaked grille design., via Bronco6G

Looking at the headlight assembly shown on Monday, one can immediately differentiate between the circular pattern of the original leaked part and this new grille which features a more oval design. However, look towards the center of the part and see that the Bronco branding is displayed across the midline.

Last year, the world got a glimpse of what is believed to be the Baby Bronco through a set of leaked images from Ford's annual dealer meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the headlight design looked similar to yesterday's leak, there are some important distinctions that can be made.

via Ford|AutoGuide, Bronco6G

Most notable is the profile of the headlight notch in the grille. This exact profile can be seen on the leaked images from the dealer meeting when taking running lights into consideration. It seems that Ford has updated the grille design and changed out the badging to reflect the Bronco nameplate.

Ford has been tight-lipped on the details of its compact off-road truck thus far, meaning that aside from its existence, we don't know much about the vehicle in its current state. Likely, the truck will compete with other vehicles in the small adventurer segment, such as the Jeep Compass and rugged Toyota Rav4. Perhaps Ford will look towards its well-established Escape platform for inspiration, as it already has a trifecta of tried-and-trusted power plants to choose from, including a hybrid option.

We expect more to come as the Bronco makes its debut in the spring of 2020. In the meantime, The Drive has reached out to Ford for comment on this alleged leak and will update this article with the company's response.

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