Am I the Jackass?

I like to block a lane on my commute because it makes traffic go faster. Is that ok?

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Driving on public roads requires a delicate balance of courtesy and cold, hard pragmatism. But in the heat of a long commute, it's easy to lose sight of right and wrong. So we're asking you, the internet, to weigh in on the road encounters that often end in tears.

Driver: Joanna, 26, food blogger, New York City.

"I drive the same route to work every morning: starting in Manhattan, into Brooklyn, and then Queens. When I get to the Kosciuszko Bridge, two lanes merge, and it’s always a disaster. I happen to know that merging early helps the process along for everyone. So about 100 yards before the merge, I have an opportunity to take up both lanes with my Toyota Tacoma, thereby forcing the rest of the traffic to merge early. It makes my commute just a little faster. It also helps everyone else. Win-win, right?

This morning, there was a piece of shit graffiti-tagged box truck behind me in the far right lane who tried to scumbag the line of merging car. He doesn’t appreciate my blocking his lane and speeds up to ride my bumper, honking his shitty horn and nailing me with his high-beams. I hold my ground—for the greater good.

The merge finally happens (smoothly, thank you very much) but the box-truck guy isn’t done. He swings hard into the left lane to get around me, pulls back into my lane ahead of me and brake checks me. Whatever."

Is Joanna the jackass here? Or is grumpy box-truck guy? Or both? Let us know. And if you have any situations that are causing you to question your own judgement, send them to [email protected].

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