Angeles Crest Highway Closed Due to Sinkhole

The historic California 2 Highway will be closed for a month, so Matt Farah may have to find somewhere else to do his One Takes.

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Angeles Crest Highway Closed Due to Sinkhole © Angeles Crest Highway Closed Due to Sinkhole

Angeles Crest Highway is a must-drive for any enthusiast visiting the west coast. Also known as State Route 2, the road snakes across 66 miles of the Angeles Nation Forest and dumps you in the desert, near Willow Springs Raceway. If you don't want to take a day and drive the whole thing, take the twisties to Newcomb's Ranch and enjoy a nice breakfast while you watch all of the crazy performance cars and bikes fly by. Unfortunately, the highway is the latest road to fall victim to a car-killing sinkhole.

Sinkholes have been the bane of drivers since tarmac was first invented, and Angeles Crest is the latest road to suffer from these potholes on steroids. This isn't the first road in Los Angeles afflicted with the disease; forever busy Laurel Canyon was closed for sinkhole repairs in February. 

The 10-foot deep hole opened on June 9th and caused officials to close 14 miles of the highway. It opened near Wrightwood and shut down the route all the way from Blue Ridge Road to Islip Saddle. Thankfully, this is far out of the way of the Crest's prettiest views, so motorists entering from La Cañada Flintridge can enjoy the mountain roads and carve Big Tujunga like Matt Farah without any problems.

Caltrans estimates that repairs will take a month, so you'll just have to wait until July to scream at Sunday drivers. 

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