Anybody Else Love Mesh Headlight Covers? | Autance

And an ancient Porsche is always fun to look at anyway.

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Anybody Else Love Mesh Headlight Covers? | Autance © Anybody Else Love Mesh Headlight Covers? | Autance

There’s something about the way metal mesh headlight covers like this, on classic sports cars especially, add a layer of adventurousness that I really dig.

  • Car(s): Porsche 356
  • Location: Culver City, CA
  • Photog: Andrew P. Collins
  • Camera: Pentax K50

I took this picture at the 2016 Culver City Car Show, the year the event was held downtown instead of at Veteran’s Park up the road. I’m not sure why the show took over a busy thoroughfare that time but I am sure that the traffic disruptions it must have caused brought enough ire to make it was a one-time deal. The show normally takes place on a big expanse of grass and out of most people’s way, in case you were wondering.

It was pretty fun to see the town totally jammed up with an eclectic collection of old cars, though. And there was a lot of automotive diversity represented. Remind me to share the pictures I got of the PT Cruiser club that rolled up. Just kidding, you won’t have to remind me, I will for sure share them in an upcoming feature photo post.

Anyway, as for the mesh lights, I really do like those. Classic sports cars like this 356 had such a practical look to them… in some senses. Like, they had ground clearance and luggage racks and little grilles to protect their headlines from stones. I guess a modern Porsche would actually be more practical in pretty much every way, but it just wouldn’t have as much charm.

Think these light grilles would look good on a current-gen 911? Ha, yeah, me neither. Then again, if you’ve got the means to test it out, please let us know what your result looks like!

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