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No matter what time of year it is, an ATV is a lot of fun and practical to use. Whether…

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The Best ATV Bags (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best ATV Bags (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Black Widow ATV-CB-8015 Locking ATV Bag Black Widow ATV-CB-8015 Locking ATV Bag
Premium Pick Black Widow ATV Rear Lounger Storage Box Black Widow ATV Rear Lounger Storage Box
Best Value Raider ATV Rear Deluxe Rack Storage Gear Bag Raider ATV Rear Deluxe Rack Storage Gear Bag

No matter what time of year it is, an ATV is a lot of fun and practical to use. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, it’s best to be prepared when you hit the trail. ATV bags have gotten bigger and better in the last few years – and with the top models having the ability to turn into extra seats for passengers, we can’t wait to see how these nifty storage compartments develop next.

Are you intimidated by the prospect of choosing an ATV bag deemed to be the ‘perfect fit’ for your ATV? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled together a list of the top ATV Bags available, so you’ll have no problem selecting the right storage for your quad.

The Best ATV Bag

Black Widow’s Locking ATV Cargo Box is equipped to provide riders with sturdy and stress-free journies. You can basically ride your ATV without the fear of any luggage being stolen or ruined thanks to the simplistic locking latch system. And this box won’t fly off of your ATV either: the four included U-shaped bolts will see to that. Even if it does fall off – which would be against all the odds – Black Widow’s guaranteed one-year warranty has you covered.

This sought-after ATV bag with its over 9,800 cubic inches of storage space is designed out of high-density polyethylene to protect your equipment when riding on tough terrain. You’ll no longer need a comfy seat after a tough session in the saddle as Black Widow’s box creates one for you with the added built-in cushion backrest, which ensures that the rider is comfortable at all times.

Key Features
  •  Able to withstand harsh weather conditions thanks to durable tongue and groove seal
  • Built in cushioned backrest provides added substantial comfort
  • Set up made simple thanks to included four U-bolts ideal for easy mounting
  • Constructed from durable high-density polyethylene
  • Improved night-time vision due to quality rear reflectors
  • Brand Black Widow
  • Model ATV-CB-8015
  • Weight 22 pounds

Tired of constantly attempting to squeeze all your stuff into what seems to be the world’s tiniest storage space? Kolpin’s spacious ATV Rear Helmet Box can help alleviate this common problem altogether. With enough space inside – approximately 3.5 cubic feet – to harbor two motorcycle helmets, you can also count on this heavy-duty ATV bag to keep your electronics sheltered from adverse weather when riding a wet trail.

Buyers state that the box is worth its weight in gold. A large portion of its success is due to the comfy padding that a rider can lean against when riding. If you can’t stand the thought of a difficult ATV Box set up, this model easily attaches to tubular and composite racks due to the four U-bolts and sealing washers.

Key Features
  • Optimal storage space large enough to contain up to two helmets or other sizable items
  • Practically indestructible linear low-density polyethylene construction manufactured in the USA
  • Compatible with the majority of tubular ATV racks as well as easy to mount with four U-bolts
  • ATV Bag is weather resistant
  • Simple black design allows ATV Bag to successfully blend with your vehicle
  • Brand Kolpin
  • Model 4438
  • Weight 19.2 pounds

Kwik Tek’s Deluxe ATV Pack is ideal for the average desert rider who wants to enjoy a few cool beers when he or she stops for the night. The ice-cold cooler feature is a fantastic way to keep hydrated when on the road. Those among us who have longed for some ice-cold water after a desert ride know why! What’s more, if you’re camping out for the night  the three spacious compartments are capable of holding both your camping kit and your food for the trip in separate sections.

This ATV bag is manufactured from reliable polyester pack material and is covered by numerous storm flaps to keep unwanted moisture from creeping inside. You’ll never have to listen to zipper pulls clanging against your pack again as Kwik Tek has made sure to include deluxe quiet-riding zips into its design. Likewise, the mossy oak design is truly irresistible for most riders. There’s no doubt about it – Kwik Tek’s model simply makes hitting the trail a lot easier.

Key Features
  • Ice box feature perfect for keeping resources cool on desert rides
  • Two out of the three roomy compartments additionally operate as coolers
  • Bag is water-resistant and manufactured from durable polyester pack material
  • Storm flaps prevent moisture formation
  • Two included straps sturdily attach the bag to your ATV
  • Brand ATVLogic
  • Model ATVDB-MO
  • Weight 4.4 pounds

Kwik Tek’s ATV Deluxe Padded Seat Rack Bag is designed to bring comfort into your passenger’s life and happiness into yours. If we had to choose one word to describe this product it would have to be adaptable. It easily attaches to your rear rack and can be used as a portable seat. Regarding the latter, backseat riders have raved about the additional comfort and security the padded seat has given them while on the road. What’s more, the peace of mind you receive knowing that your loved one is safe will be sure to make your own ride a lot more enjoyable.

As well as giving you and your family the extra protection you need, the extra storage space available is another plus. The three spacious compartments are able to accommodate substantial amounts of gear and, thanks to the adaptability of the soft fabric, squeezing in small, awkward items won’t be a problem. Plus, no moisture will get in thanks to the storm flaps and deluxe zipper pulls. What’s not to love?

Key Features
  • Durable construction from 600-denier polyester pack material with waterproof coating
  • Added security thanks to storm flaps and deluxe zipper pulls
  • Three separate and roomy compartments hold plenty of gear
  • Able to be utilized as an extra portable chair  
  • Brand Kwik Tek
  • Model ATVPB-MO
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Want both an extra seat and storage to keep your luggage? Coleman  satisfies both these desires with its ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag. With its three padded storage compartments, two water bottle holders, and the possibility of an extra seat, it’s impossible not to love this versatile product.

This model both looks great and works great. The RealTree Camo Pattern design is classy and certainly won’t be spoiled by a bit of rough weather. This logic also prevails when Coleman’s product encounters some dirt and dust – you could drive on the dustiest trails and still not find a smidge of dirt inside your pack. Check out Coleman’s model and see for yourself.

Key Features
  • Holders for two water bottles
  • Attractive RealTree camo pattern
  • No chance of zippers falling off thanks to vel-cro fasteners covering the zippers
  • Creates a secure and comfortable extra seat for your ATV
  • Three zippered compartments aligned with padded inside walls
  • Brand Coleman
  • Model 2000012641
  • Weight 4.8 pounds

If you can’t be bothered with the endless hunt for what seems to be the perfect ATV bag, you’ll find everything you desire in Kolpins’s product. If you’re going on a three-day ride or just a family trip down to the lake, the 2.02 cubic feet of storage space will do the trick. And you can guarantee that whatever storage you bring along will be protected along the way thanks to the integrated padding inside.

If you often have a passenger then be warned, he or she won’t want to get off your ATV if you purchase this Matrix Seat Bag. The attachment system is more than secure. It’s firmly attached by plenty of Velcro, so your passenger won’t slide off when on the trail. And at such an affordable price, we just can’t get enough of Kolpin’s innovative design.

Key Features
  • Extra level of comfort provided by padded back rest
  • ATV bag fitted securely thanks to external shock cords
  • Gear bags are detachable for easy on/off
  • Patented water bottle holder included within design
  • Exterior shock-cord grants even extra space
  • Brand Kolpin
  • Model 91150
  • Weight 5 pounds

You know when you discover such a high-quality product that it makes you question how you ever survived without it? One could argue Raider’s ATV Rear Rack Storage Bag fits that bill. Well, at least we can. With a four-compartment storage system, two mesh beverage holders, and two square pockets to spare, you may even end up with too much storage space!

Made from incredibly durable polyester and designed to withstand adverse weather, this ATV bag is ideal for hunting trips in both summer and winter. It will secure nicely to your ATV by using a front, side, and rear strap system. Likewise, it’s equally easy to take it off. However, our favorite feature has to be the integrated topside bungee tie-down system, allowing for extra gear to be attached to the top of your bag.

Key Features
  • ATV bag will stay on due to heavy-duty straps
  • Zipper and Velcro secured covers keep your gear secure
  • Manufactured from 600-Denier polyester equipped with weather-protection backing
  • Reinforced corners provide extra strength to the overall design
  • Padded base feature on all three compartments as well as the main storage centre
  • Brand Raider
  • Model ATV-17
  • Weight 8.85 pounds

Fed up with the average ATV bag that is simply too secure? Let us explain. It takes far too long to peel off every strap while on the trail when all you want is a quick drink of water. Ogio’s Burro ATV Front Rack Bag is designed to alleviate this problem. Due to the conveniently placed quick-access buckles, you can easily open this bag when sitting on your ATV. Likewise, a zipperless main compartment has been incorporated into the design to provide further access.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because there aren’t any buckles the overall design will be ineffective. Thanks to the ‘Dusk Gasket’ seal, your precious electronics will be protected inside this ATV bag from any adverse weather. Plus, it will blend in to your ATV wonderfully thanks to its mossy oak camo design.

Key Features
  • Shape is maintained when empty due to rigid aero construction
  • All rain, dirt, and grime are kept away thanks to 'dusk gasket' seal
  • ATV bag opening facing the rider provides easy access when on the trail
  • Fits the average rack perfectly without partially blocking headlights
  • Appealing Mossy Oak color
  • Brand OGIO
  • Model 119002.427
  • Weight 6.65 pounds

Although prospective customers may take one quick glance at the price of Black Widow’s ATV Rear Lounger Storage Box and run for the hills, we ask you to think again. For this price, you’ll buy into a luxurious ATV life that you probably never knew existed. Your stuff will be safe and secure in the three storage compartments due to the lockable lid. And, if you and your partner both use your ATV, the storage box comes with two keys.

If you’re a rider who wants the storage box to be safe on the back of your ATV at all times, then the four U-bolts will securely attach your new product on to your ATV with ease. Don’t worry, this entire process only takes about five minutes before you’re ready to go. Plus, the cushioned seat is fantastic for accommodating an extra passenger. All in all, it’s a great product.

Key Features
  • Designed from high-density polyethylene
  • High comfort levels ensured thanks to backrest and cushioned seat
  • Optimal nighttime visibility due to rear reflectors
  • Secure lockable lid with two keys
  • Numerous storage compartments hold large amounts of items
  • Brand Black Widow
  • Model ATV-CB-L7500
  • Weight 31.5 pounds

Last but certainly not least, the American Trails ATV Fender Bag is truly the ultimate design for the modern rider. Ever fancy a snack while on the go but can’t for the life of you access your stuff due to the annoying zips? With this pack’s zipperless design you’ll be able to munch away to your heart’s content. Plus, if you’re feeling a little dehydrated, there’s a detachable water bottle holder. And if you feel like this added extra takes up too much additional space, it’s also detachable.

Available in black and a mossy oak design, your items have guaranteed protection when on a bumpy trail as there is a generous half an inch of insular foam padding. A common problem for all ATVers is misplacing cargo when on the go. Thankfully, with American Trail’s numerous elasticated hold-down slots, arranging your stuff is easy.

Key Features
  • Optimal insulation and item protection provided by half inch of foam padding
  • Zipperless design provides easy access
  • Roll top closures are waterproof to ensure item safety
  • Detachable water bottle holder included for easy riding access
  • Hold down straps are fantastic when often using tools and flashlights on the go
  • Brand American Trails
  • Model FENBLK
  • Weight 2.25 pounds

Best ATV Bags Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an ATV Bag

With the array of options out there, it’s no surprise that riders find choosing an ATV rear seat bag just as difficult as choosing what trail to ride on a sunny day. Thankfully, we’ve outlined the top three questions to ask yourself so you’ll choose a bag that will see you through all your riding days.

  • Can you lock it?

On public trails, leaving your ATV unattended with your belongings is a legitimate concern. Likewise, who can be bothered dragging your helmet and other impractical accessories with you to lunch? They’ll be more than useless and only get in the way. Kitting out your bag with a padlock will keep your stuff safe when you’re out for a bite to eat.

  • Is it durable?

Don’t let yourself be tricked into purchasing a trendy ATV bag to only having to buy another a couple of months later. The strongest of ATV bags will be made from high-density polyester to handle the heaviest of valuables and the harshest of conditions.

  • Can it accommodate another passenger?

When concerning the more expensive ATV bags out there, one feature which we absolutely love is their ability to create another seat on your ATV as well as holding lots of luggage. Now, your loved one will feel safe and sound on the bag of the ATV. We’ve even heard reports of many dogs enjoying the perks of these extra seats!

Benefits of ATV Bags

  • Room to Hold and Organize Your Stuff

There’s no greater upgrade than going from a lousy backpack which only holds a few essentials to kitting your ATV out with enough gear to last potentially weeks on the road. Plus, any high-quality ATV will have multiple storage compartments to organize different items accordingly.

  • Coolers for Cold Items

If you often crave an ice-cold drink after a long ride, one of the many benefits of high-quality ATV bags is their cooler compartments. When purchasing your new ATV bag, you’ll be able to freeze food for the trail!

Hard vs. Soft ATV Rack Bags

Hard ATV Rack Bags

  • Pro – Secure Luggage Protection

Are you a lover of the bumpier trails? If confronted with any impact, your luggage will be protected when investing in a tougher design.

  • Con – Space for your gear to be flung around

Yet with the advantages of the sturdier design comes its disadvantages. Unlike softer cases that tend to shield your gear by minimising the available space, hard ATV bags allow for your possessions to be flung about when you’re on the road.

Soft ATV Rack Bags

  • Pro – Optimal Storage

Are you someone who believes that preparation is crucial before setting out on the road? Soft ATV Rack Bags arguably allow for more space if you’re eager to compress all your resources for the road.

  • Con – Prepare to get wet

If you deem yourself to be tougher than the weather, it’s best to note that your Soft ATV Bag may not be. Although these bags are manufactured to withstand extreme terrains and conditions, very few of them are actually waterproof. We recommend investing in a rain cover, so your precious electronics won’t be wiped out by the weather.

Best ATV Bags FAQ:

Q: How do I choose the right ATV rear seat bag size?

One common error among ATVers is choosing a bad which looks great but doesn’t fit on their quad. Next thing you know, their new product is causing more harm than good by partially blocking their headlights. This obstruction could be fatal when driving on dark nights! Most reliable ATV rear seat bags will have the measurements for the bag’s overall dimensions online prior to purchase. We recommend measuring the back of your ATV – and the prospective length, width, and height of your soon-to-be bag – to ensure that you’ll know your desired product will be able to fit easily on the back.

Q: How do I clean my ATV bags?

Most riders love cleaning their ATV. Riding about in a sparkling quad is one of lives great luxuries. Yet we tend to forget about the gear which must be cleaned alongside it. Before you start, it’s important to read the label for any specific instructions, remove any add-ons before washing, and check all the pockets for any spare riding gear you may have forgotten about. Next, let your ATV bag (assuming that its soft) soak in water for half an hour so you can remove the dirt easier. It’s best to wash by hand so not to damage any protective molecules and fibers in the material. When hand washing, only use lukewarm water and never scrub too forcefully so not to damage the fiber. When you’re done (be warned… this process could take a while!) hand the bag out on the sun to dry.

Q: How much does an ATV bag cost?

An ATV bag can cost anything between 60 dollars (when purchasing a simplistic rack bag) to up to a couple of hundred dollars (for large, high-quality ATV rear bags able to be transformed into an extra seat).

Our Top Pick

So, if we were picking out our new ATV bag for the upcoming summer rides out of the ten appealing models displayed in the buying guide, what one would we go for? It would just have to be Black Widow’s Locking ATV Cargo Box. Not only does this trust model lock securely when you’re away, it can be mounted with ease thanks to the four included U-bolts holding it in place. When visibility is concerned, the fantastic rear reflectors are ideal for seeing clearly on night drives. Likewise, how can any serious ATVer say no to the weatherproof tongue and groove seal which will keep your items safe even in the most treacherous of conditions. And being manufactured from high-density polyethylene, it’s safe to say this product may last as long as your ATV itself!

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