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One of the best things to do in the summer is take a road trip with your friends. Driving down…

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The Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Car Mat Noico Solutions Sound Deadening Car Mat
Premium Pick Dynamat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadening Car Dynamat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadening Car
Best Value Noico Solutions Automotive Sound Deadening Materials Noico Solutions Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

One of the best things to do in the summer is take a road trip with your friends. Driving down an expressway singing along to the stereo with your buddies is one of those experiences that makes you feel carefree. Yet, if your ride has poor insulation the road trip of a lifetime can turn into silence while your tunes are drowned out by the interminable rattling of your car.

Do you want to enjoy your friend’s company rather than your car’s constant rattling and vibrating? Thankfully, we’ve compiled the best automotive sound deadening materials available, so you’ll be able to hear the bass the next time you drive down the highway. We also include handy installation and removal tips to help you obtain the best soundproofing possible.

The Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

Noico Solutions’ Sound Deadening Mat is the cost-effective product that will change your commutes for the better. These mats – with foil on the top, a self-adhesive butyl layer in the middle, and protective film underneath – has an optimal weight of 0.7 pounds. In particular, we absolutely love the foil indicators which help a user see first-hand which sections of foil they’ve installed properly, and the sections that need more pressing.

The thirty-six square foot of material is enough to treat all four doors in a larger vehicle and will work up to a whopping four-hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, if you’re worried about installing the nine sheets, the handy users guide will keep you on the right track. You’ll be saving a massive 20% in comparison to popular brand’s prices whilst reaping the same benefits.

Key Features
  • Contains dense improver butyl that completely deadens exterior sounds by restricting vibrations in sheet-metal
  • Total weight of 0.7 pounds to facilitate optimal sound insulation
  • Cost-effective foil saves more than 20% off of popular brands such as Gtmat, Boom Mat, and Extreme
  • Size sheets allow user to cut and install foil to alter sound dampening material
  • Elasticity and mass successfully dampen vibrations
  • Brand Noico Solutions
  • Model SNL1
  • Weight 26.8 pounds

Are you keen to make your car’s acoustic one-hundred times as powerful as it was before? The brand Dynamat’s clever play on the word dynamite isn’t just a clever pun. These incredible 18 x 32 sheets will allow friends and family to carry a conversation without any rattles or vibrations getting in their way.

Dynamat has coated their sheets in aluminum to provide resilient heat resistance for their user. What’s more, the odorless sheets can be cut to size to fit into tricky nooks and crannies in your kitchen or car. Want to know customers’ advice? Do it and don’t look back.

Key Features
  • Sheets are aluminum coated for optimal heat resistance
  • Set of nine sheets can be fitted on doors, floors, and trunk floors
  • Compatible for fitting quarter panels and under-hood installations
  • Bass volume is substantially more prominent with fitting
  • Cuts ratting sound significantly
  • Brand Dynamat
  • Model 10455
  • Weight 15 pounds

Why pay more for sound mats when you can invest in Kilmat? This affordable brand guarantees a total coverage area of fifty square feet whilst containing a whopping forty-seven sheet in the stack. That’s right, you heard correctly! And due to the optimal width of this material, it can be cut with scissors without a problem.

With a total weight of 0.35 lbs, the material is light enough to fit but soft enough to make a substantial impact. And if these features weren’t enough to tempt you, then the special foil embossing can be rolled out with a roller so you can see what parts you need to smooth over yourself to obtain professional results.

Key Features
  • Aluminum-coated mat resists harmful heat
  • Reduces road noise and vibrations
  • Includes nine pieces to cover doors, rear decks, and trunk floors
  • Can be used to cover under-hood installations and trunk lids
  • Lightweight material can be carried easily
  • Brand Kilmat
  • Model KLM5050
  • Weight 15.96 pounds

Noico Solutions are back again and this time, showing off their black painted insulation without a logo – the only difference to our number one product reviewed further up the list. Therefore, the only choice you’ve got to make is choosing between the two different shades… you’ll thankfully end up with all the same features!

Bear in mind that although thirty-six square feet of coverage is pretty fantastic, you don’t have to cover all surfaces to guarantee an improved sound difference. This stuff is so powerful that even fitting one mat will maximize the power of your car stereo!

Key Features
  • Black version of Noico Solutions' product reduces rattling and vibrations effectively
  • 80 mil material thickness makes Noico's product 1.5 times better than 50 mil thickness at just 25% more
  • Sound system quality substantially improved
  • Foil embossment designed for user to install effectively in seeing areas that are rolled / require more pressing
  • 100% coverage not required to obtain significant sound difference
  • Brand Noico Solutions
  • Model DMM1
  • Weight 24.8 pounds

FatMat’s Sound Deadener is a product guaranteed to make your car stop sounding like it’s about to take off. Not only will it assist in noise production, these mats will help boost audio quality in as much as a 3 dB gain – that’s double the sound!

Worried about the fitting process? Don’t be. To make everything easier for their customers, FatMat have fitted patented ‘super-stick’ pressure sensitive adhesive backing onto a heat-resistant aluminum surface. No wonder the company stick a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on their sound deadener: these 80 mil mats with their included installation kit sell themselves.

Key Features
  • Patented 'super-stick' adhesive is easy to cut
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Designed to eliminate vibrations and noises that reduce effectiveness of vehicle sound system
  • Heat-resistant aluminum surface protects vehicle from harm
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Brand FatMat
  • Model RT50
  • Weight RattleTrap

Dreading the upcoming chilly commutes in the winter? Car Insulation’s roll of closed cell polyethylene will keep you cozy as can be in the winter as well as cool as a cucumber in the summer thanks to the thermal barrier that reflects natural and exhaust heat dependent on the temperature – blocking 97% of radiant heat overall.

This roll is both lightweight and flexible: every twenty-five square foot roll of durable material only weighs one pound! This allows everyone to take a shot at the fitting process – no matter how much weight you think you can carry. And although it doesn’t have self-adhesive backing, allowing the user to choose their own glue makes the fitting process a little more fun.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and flexible material can be easily transported
  • Forms a thermal and vapor barrier for 97% radiant heat
  • 1/4" thick insulation weighing 0.04lbs per square feet
  • Made with closed cell polyethylene for optimal sound proofing
  • Material will increase heat in the winter
  • Brand Carinsulation
  • Model CI-RL10
  • Weight 1.6 pounds

We just can’t get enough of Noico Solutions and their commitment to making sure our cars are insulated and quiet. This product is exactly the same as their product reviewed first on the list; except it’s for savers who only intend on covering a total area of ten square feet with automotive sound deadeners.

This aluminum backed butyl rubber won’t only ensure that rattling is diminished; it will also drown out that low frequency engine noise that has constantly irritated you over the years. Able to function up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, this deadening mat is certainly the best value of its kind.

Key Features
  • Cost-effective solution to insulation and sound problems
  • Butyl construction can be placed many places from the interior side
  • Able to operate up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Optional sheet dimensions come with purchase
  • Item can easily be cut and installed
  • Brand Noico Solutions
  • Model ESN10
  • Weight 7.55 pounds

Were you slightly tempted by product number three on the list yet didn’t feel as though 50 mils was enough block out the alarming noises coming from your truck? Kilmat are back with their reputable sound deadening mat yet this time, are selling 36 square feet of 80 mil automotive butyl on at a scandalous price.

Does it all seem a little too good to be true? You’ll receive a material 1.5 times thicker for only 30% more – the thicker the material, the greater the performance. Best to buy it now: you wouldn’t want to miss out on this bargain.

Key Features
  • Lightweight product only weighs 0.47 square feet
  • Background noise will be quashed effectively
  • Cheapest foil on the market won't deteriorate in quality
  • Special embossment allows user to see first-hand if insulation has been installed successfully
  • Brand Kilmat
  • Model KLM8036
  • Weight 17 pounds

Although Thermo-Tec’s heat and sound suppressor isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of insulation, it never fails to impress when trustworthiness is concerned. The foil surface with polyethylene film is designed to provide optimal protection from all harmful radiant heat. This product isn’t just for cars; it can also be cut to fit areas such as firewalls or doors too.

Thermo-Tec Heat’s creation is easy to fit and cut thanks to the durable adhesive backing that will keep the mats secure. Likewise, the insulation won’t suffer any deterioration from heat exposure – not sagging or discoloring even after thousands of miles at the wheel. All in all, we can count on its 70-mil thickness to keep us at the right temperature.

Key Features
  • Polyethylene film and foil surface provide direct protection from radiant heat
  • 70 mil suppressor thickness contains adhesive backing to suppress high temperature
  • Product easy to cut and fit thanks to strong and sticky adhesive backing
  • No discoloration or sag after thousands of miles use
  • Heavy-duty package contains more than enough material to do the job
  • Brand Thermo-Tec
  • Model 14620
  • Weight 6.4 pounds

Uxcell’s Sound Deadening Mats are a brilliant DIY replacement when upgrading from old, deadbeat insulation. This waterproof and moisture proof product – including a top layer of aluminum foil, a middle layer of high-density foam cotton, and an under layer of strong back glue – is practically indestructible.

Not only are they durable, uxcell’s mats shiny silver lining looks top-of-the-range and will stay that way for years thanks to their scratch-resistant construction. What’s more, they’ll even slow down car paint from ageing due to its insulating properties. Just watch out when fitting – the adhesive tape is so good that it will stick instantly to the hood of a bonnet!

Key Features
  • Scratch-resistant fiberglass surface is heatproof and extends life of vehicle
  • Saves fuel consumption and slows down ageing car paint
  • Material can be fitted in all central interior places on vehicle
  • Made with aluminum and self-adhesive
  • Strong shock resistance and self-viscous performance
  • Brand uxcell
  • Weight 1.76 pounds

There’s no doubt about it: SOOMJ’s Car Sound Deadener is the crème de la crème of deadeners. The insulating alumina fiber has a fire proofing grade of B2 with a distortion temperature of 200-degrees to give drivers peace of mind that their exhaust won’t set alight. We particularly love its tri-layer construction with a stellar 10mm thickness.

The adhesion itself is unbelievably sticky and certainly won’t come off without a fight. And satisfied customers confirm that the insulation does indeed reduce noise substantially on firewalls, boots, engine compartments… wherever you feel the insulation would work best!

Key Features
  • Made with high-quality tri-layer, twin density lightweight foam laminate
  • Material is fire-retardant and non-flammable
  • Contains a high-distortion temperature of 200-degrees
  • Self-stick adhesive is easier to work with
  • 10mm thickness facilitates high thermal and acoustic properties
  • Brand SOOMJ
  • Model SOOMJ-AT005-1002
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

Since 1989, HushMat has been revolutionizing the automotive game by transferring unwanted vibration into heat. The fiberglass and plastic panels that energy is normally transferred through – consequently causing unwanted vibrations – is eliminated by HushMat’s magical properties. And did we mention it reduces heat up to 40% too?

This product couldn’t be easier to install: you’ll only need scissors to cut it into the size you need. And although it sticks like crazy, the black foil can be moved around without much hassle when need be. With the wide array of features on offer, it’s no wonder that HushMat has been voted number one in the USA.

Key Features
  • Ensures a 40% heat reduction
  • Devised to fit OEM specifications
  • Operates within a wide temperature range from minus 30-degrees up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Creates a cool and comfortable environment with greater stereo sound
  • Only need scissors to easily cut product to size
  • Brand Hushmat
  • Model 10200
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

170 mils of closed-cell polyethylene foam? We’ll take it. Noico’s insulation is versatile with thermal barrier properties that decrease noise and don’t absorb water. Plus, it won’t stink out your vehicle with odors like polyurethane foam does.

This product will operate successfully up to 190-degrees Fahrenheit – so avoid fitting it onto catalytic converters and mufflers in your vehicle. Otherwise, the self-adhesive foam sheets can be effortlessly stuck wherever you see fit. After fitting, we promise you’ll be shocked at just how well this works – you’ll be having conversations while zooming down the highway in no time!

Key Features
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam deadens sound successfully
  • Regulates both cold and hot temperatures effectively
  • Can operate up to 190-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Product won't absorb water and contains no odor
  • Foam is light and pliable to facilitate easy installation
  • Brand Noico Solutions
  • Model 8542133559
  • Weight 4.65 pounds

We’re a big fan of FatMat’s products, so it’s not a shock that their Sound Deadening Hood Liner works just as well as the others. The reinforced aluminum foil face is fantastic for blocking heat in the summer months as well as retaining heat come winter. And combined with the acoustical foam with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, the two are a lethal combination.

Made right here in the USA, all products are insured for delivery and backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Yet we doubt you’ll ever use it – every part of the product such as the resilient outer foil backing, for example, won’t deteriorate over time. Compatible in any engine housing and generator box compartments, it will change your driving experience for the better.

Key Features
  • Reinforced aluminum protects paint deterioration
  • Compatible with any engine housing or generator box compartment
  • Sticky adhesive tape available to maintain durability
  • Resilient outer foil backing won't deteriorate over time
  • Successfully reduces engine and road noise in vehicles
  • Brand FatMat
  • Model HLAF

Last but certainly not least, SoundQubed’s sixteen square foot of sound deadener is half as much as competitors high-end deadeners, yet just as good. It’s 100% butyl – with an aluminum backing and a strong self-adhesive layer will keep everything snug and secure.

The free shipping to a certain number of states will arrive in only a few days. And after fitting, you’ll be aware of a noticeable increase your SQ and SPL whilst ensuring that it remains intact on your vehicle for years to come. Plus, it looks pretty damn sweet too!

Key Features
  • 100% butyl rubber with aluminum backing significantly minimizes rattles and vibrations
  • Allows driver to listen to own music with greater sound quality
  • Free shipping to certain states included
  • Facilitates massive improvement in SQ/SPL
  • Aesthetically pleasing product looks good in the interior of vehicle
  • Brand SoundQubed
  • Model Q-MATTK
  • Weight 13.23 pounds

Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials Buying Guide

What to Look for Out When Buying a Sound Deadening Material

  • Is your chosen material odor free?

If you purchase sound deadening material that doesn’t stand up to high temperatures, prepare yourself for a smelly ride to work! Some material such as average polyurethane foam – no matter if it can tolerate substantial heat – still stinks to high heaven. We recommend purchasing closed-cell polyurethane foam to keep your car stench-free.

  • How thick is the material?

The thicker the material, the better the sound-proofing. The best kind of automotive sound deadning is 50 mils at least. If you really want to obtain professional results, there exists materials that are over 100 mils thick – Noico Solutions Car Waterproof Sound Insulation being such an example.

  • Does this product include rollers?

As you should know by now, an important part of the fitting process is rolling out sound deadening sheets before installation. It’s best to opt for a product that already includes rollers. If not, you’ll be undoubtedly disappointed having carved out a chunk of your time to fit only to find you’ll be making a trip down to the hardware store beforehand.

Benefits of Automotive Sound Deadening Materials

  • Play That Funky Music – By reducing the racket your car makes, you can turn your stereo up and only focus on good tunes and the road in front of you.
  • Good Vibrations – Spoiler alert: although the Beach Boys may dispute this following claim, there’s no such thing as good vibrations in a vehicle. Installing automotive sound deadening materials will reduce rattling significantly!

Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials FAQ:

Q: How do I install sound deadening material?

Although the rumors that the right sound deadening materials will switch your driving experience up a notch, every success story includes a hard graft. Below lies a helpful guide on how to install sound deadening material the right way. Important Hints and Tips
WEAR GLOVES – Remember, your safety should always come first! Foil liner runs the risk of cutting your hands into pieces.
Measurement- Scope out the size of whatever part of the car you want to insulate first and then cut your material exactly to the measurements required. Don’t rush this process: the entire installation should take you around five hours to complete. All surfaces should be greased and degreaser before fitting these sheets.
Application – Sticky adhesion should be applied to the spot which you wish to place your mats. Afterwards, press your pre-cut material firmly over the stick to ensure it holds perfectly. Some of the best sound deadening mats – such as Noico Solutions’ Sound Deadening Mat – features handy foil dimples that clearly show what spots need more pressing. You should also use a roller to roll down the foil to ensure that its flat.
Protection – Once you’re rolled down the foil until its plain and smooth and the convex texture cannot be seen, it’s now time to spray within the cracks to make your mats have a firm hold. Now, all that’s left for you to do is bask in the glory of the near silence of your sound deadened vehicle.

Q: How do I remove sound deadeners?

Firstly, don’t let yourself be tricked into thinking that removal will be over and done with in five short minutes. This process – if you do it the right way – should take around an hour. There are two main ways to remove sound deadeners, yet we believe that heating and scraping the material is time-consuming and messy. Working with dry ice allows us to produce optimal results. What You’ll Need:
You’ll require around 20 pounds of dry ice that you should sprinkle to cover the tar. Do not let this ice touch your skin – we recommend wearing gloves for each and every stage of the process.
Remove all junk from your car floor – Do you have any wires, carpets, or random takeaway boxes littering your car floor? Clear it all away. Whatever the ice touches, it will freeze.
Place the dry ice down – The layer of ice placed over the sound deadening should be around one chunk thick to obtain optimal results. Now, all you’ve got to do is be patient and wait for the popping and creaking noises to start from the chassis – otherwise known as the sound deadening breaking free from the body of your car.<
Smash the ice away – After scooping all the dry ice away to store for freezing the next section of your car, strike a small hammer down into the frozen tar. With some effort, it will start to crack neatly to the point where it can simply be lifted out. After removing ice from the accessible spots, carefully strike the delicate vertical locations in your car.
Repeat the Process – Unless you’re a sound deadening removal expert, there will undoubtedly be spots that you’ve missed. Use the same process to do away with the small bits of tar that remain. However, this should be far less time consuming. Afterwards, all that’s left is clean your surface and sit back to admire your work!

Our Top Pick

So, out of the fifteen automotive sound deadening materials reviewed for you today, which mats would we fit into our own vehicle? It would just have to be Noico Solutions’ Sound Deadening Mat. With an optimal eight of 0.7 pounds, a respectable thickness of 80 mils, and special foil embossing, the sheets are worth their weight in gold. Plus, the coverage it provides is extensive – Noico Solutions promises that all nine sheets will provide a total coverage area of thirty-six square feet. All in all, it’s both inexpensive and effective – what more could you possibly want?


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