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Batteries often lose capacity over time as they gradually form deposit sulfate crystals on the lead plates. When unchecked, this…

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The Best Battery Desulfators (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Battery Desulfators (Review) in 2023 | Autance
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Batteries often lose capacity over time as they gradually form deposit sulfate crystals on the lead plates. When unchecked, this sulfation process will have a negative effect on the performance of the battery and most likely, it will not charge at its usual capacity. Unfortunately, it could get quite complicated to maintain a good battery lifespan for your vehicle, and most often it is a little mistake or oversight that leads to a declining and defective battery; hence why the use of a battery desulfator becomes necessary.

Desulfators are also known as regenerators; a good one will be able to transfer throbs of electric current into the battery that should work to take off the sulphate from the lead plates and eventually improve your battery’s performance and extend its lifespan. Below are some of the best battery desulfators to choose from whenever your battery needs rejuvenating.

The Best Battery Desulfator

If your car, van or motorcycle battery has stopped performing at its full capacity, it is time to take charge and get yourself a desulfator. However, not every desulfator will be able to fix your battery problems; you need a reliable, easy to use regenerator like the BatteryMINDer Amp Battery and Maintenance Charger that can safely and surely resolve and restore your under-performing battery. The BatteryMINDer takes on the task of using a high range of frequencies to dissolve hardened sulphate build up over time, ensuring that your battery returns to its usual optimum state of operating. Even new batteries can start malfunctioning when their charge is constantly interrupted or left uncharged for periods of time, hence why this desulfator helps to safely soften sulphated batteries and get them working well again.

This regenerator is able to work on various ranges of battery types using high-frequency pulses to properly recondition and prolong battery life; you will be able to regenerate up to four batteries in one go provided you have a 210AY Y-Connector.

Key Features
  • Extend battery life up to four times
  • Maintain four batteries at the same time
  • Installed automatic high-low temperature compensator
  • FCC Certified
  • Brand BatteryMINDer
  • Model 1500
  • Weight 15.2 ounces

The root cause of battery failure among others, as we have established, is the crystallization of the sulphur stemmed from an irregular and insufficient charge. As some batteries have not been used for long periods of time, this triggers underperformance even when charged for hours. The good news is that this next model of the BatteryMINDer uses solar power to dynamically monitor the voltage of your battery; with a 5-Watt amorphous silicon solar panel, the BatteryMINDer SCC-515-5 12V 5-Watt Panel Solar Battery Charger is able to use the readings to ascertain how to optimally and accurately charge and maintain the battery. With a controller that has the capacity to hold up to 30 Watts of power, it’s able to safely charge while constantly adjusting its output by the second to ensure it does not damage, overcharge or undercharge. Additionally, the long-term float feature ensures that this desulfator is able to maximise battery life and extend it for several more years while simultaneously improving its capacity to store charge regardless of whether it is an old or new battery.

This desulfator is able to charge up to two batteries at a time, precisely ascertaining the number of currents they need to be optimally charged and maintained. It works on most brands and types of 12V lead batteries, such as flooded, gel, AGM, starter, deep cycle and hybrid. Featuring a battery state indicator, it frequently checks how charged your battery is and adequately notifies you when fully charged in order to disconnect the desulfator from the batteries. And thanks to the smart technology it uses, it can supply comparatively high-frequency pulses of current to your underperforming batteries to safely and surely dissolve sulphates that have clustered up and can recondition the battery to perform at a peaked state.

Key Features
  • Solar Powered
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Charges up to Two batteries at a Time
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • Brand BatteryMINDer
  • Model SCC005
  • Weight 8.35 pounds

This is yet another excellent model from BatteryMINDer that has the capacity to regenerate up to four 12V standards at the same time; it can easily charge and maintain starter batteries of similar types simultaneously without the task of stressfully charging them one by one. The BatteryMINDer Model 12117 Charger has the capacity to appropriately divide its Amperage proportionally among all four of the batteries being maintained; its smart design enables an all round and full time and consistent battery monitoring that automatically and timely tests the batteries to ascertain their status. This allows the batteryMINDer to appropriately provide the current that every individual battery needs to reach and maintain a full charge. It then optimally and safely sends jolts of current into the battery to soften and dissolve sulphates that have merged together and crystalized caused by previous insufficient charging or by a battery that has not been in operation in a long time. These pulsed currents eventually and surely restore the battery life cycle.

During the desulfurization process, it is very easy for the batteries to dry out and the liquid to evaporate if it is not optimally done; it is better not to risk this stage with your batteries so you can avoid replacing them if they burn out. Luckily, the BatteryMINDer is able to maintain the water level during this process to prevent the currents from boiling out the water in the batteries thus preventing evaporation. Ultimately, this battery charger with desulfation mode will properly charge and maintain your battery and with the excellent smart design, regardless of the time it stays connected to your batteries, it will not overcharge it.

Key Features
  • Charges and maintains up to four 12V standard batteries
  • Full time battery monitoring
  • Does not overcharge batteries
  • Smartly prevents water evaporation from batteries
  • Brand BatteryMINDer
  • Model 12117
  • Weight 2.05 pounds

Why spend money on replacing multiple batteries when you can purchase the XTREME Charge XC100-P Desulfator at an affordable and budget-friendly price? The Xtreme Charge uses controlled microprocessing and proprietary algorithms to ensure the charging process goes as simply and smoothly as possible. The controlled pulses ensure that the desulfator is supplying the appropriate and safest current to the battery to prevent damaging the lead plates or burning out. It is the perfect maintenance charger for 12V lead battery types and is able to bulk charge batteries quickly and safely so they can be used thereafter.

It achieves maximum and required charge through concisely assessing and testing 12V lead-acid batteries once it is connected; whether they are VRLA, AGM or flooded. This way, it can accurately ascertain the rate at which it should be charged by evaluating the size and the condition of the battery. Using these tests, when the Xtreme desulfation battery charger is connected to the batteries, it is able to identify which batteries are actually unredeemable and cannot be regenerated. The included patented pulse technology guarantees that your new batteries stay in peak condition whilst the older ones are appropriately regenerated.

Key Features
  • Evaluates and tests 12V lead batteries
  • Makes bulk charging quick and simple
  • Variable float charge
  • Patented Pulse Technology
  • Weight 2.05 pounds

At first, it may seem easy to simply replace faulty batteries, but when you really sit down and think about the added costs and the uncertainty of the new battery’s longevity, it is quite smart to invest in a more long term and budget-friendly option instead. To make life easier, why not opt for the lead-acid Batteries Battery Regenerator 400Ah Auto Pulse Desulfator? This way, you can adequately charge and regenerate weak batteries and effectively restore them to their initial `charge-full’ state.

As the average battery rejuvenator operates on old technology, the likeliness of damaged lead plates are high, which would still lead to a replacement of batteries. However, the lead-acid Batteries desulfator is built with a new technology that safely pulses electronically controlled currents to dissolve the sulphates back into the electrolyte. This ultimately revives the potency of the battery, restoring its ability to maximally receive and discharge current without harming the lead plates.

Key Features
  • New Advanced Technology
  • LED light indicator
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Peak AMP of 4max and Auto-Setting of 12-72V
  • Brand cleanpower
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

The Infinitum 12V Battery Life Span Recovery Desulfator can effectively double or triple any battery’s life so you do not have to wait until your battery gets old and underperforms. What’s more, you can improve and maintain your new battery’s performance and lifespan with the Infinitum desulfator as it will effectively prevent sulphur crystallization occurring inside while optimally charging and extending your battery’s lifespan. A good performing battery will be able to store a charge for long periods without running down and will not require incessant charging because of constantly losing power.

This desulfator charger further has the capacity to optimize your battery’s performance by softening and dissolving concentrated sulphur using amplitude modulated pulses to break down concentrates and return your battery to its fully working and charged state. Once a battery is de-sulphated, it can then properly perform at its peak and last a lot longer than expected. Further good news is that the Infinitum is able to restore the performance of more than one battery, so you can use it as much as is required thanks to its strong and reliable build. It is designed with a rust-proof aluminium casing and epoxy resin-encapsulated circuitry making sure that it can perfectly withstand heat, water and dust. What’s more, it can be used on lead-acid SLA batteries, AGM, Gel, Calcium-calcium, Calcium-silver Lead-calcium, or Lead-antimony.

Key Features
  • Maximizes battery life span
  • Improves battery performance and storage capacity
  • Reusable and Reliable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Brand Infinitum
  • Model 12V
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

At times, the reality may be that your battery is beyond repair; so, instead of hoping and guessing, it is better to know if you should take a chance at restoring its charge or lay it to rest and replace it. To do this, you can make use of the BatteryMINDer Model 244CEC1 Battery Maintainer and Desulfator which has an in-built capacity to securely ascertain if a battery is redeemable or if its cells are beyond repair by diagnosing the batteries condition beforehand.

It features 4 Amp settings for various battery types as well as charging levels; being well regulated, it will not overcharge or undercharge your batteries, regardless of the AMP selection you make. The AMP level you select highly depends on how urgently you need to charge the battery; when the battery has already been charged and is still relatively new, you can use the 1 AMP setting. On the other hand, if you want to charge a deep cycle battery or multiple batteries at the same time, it is best to select the 2 AMP setting.

Key Features
  • 1, 2 and 4 AMP adjustable settings
  • Auto-Restart after power failure.
  • 18 LED indicators show state-of-charge and important status mode / battery condition.
  • ECO-mode with hi-efficiency / low power consumption
  • Brand BatteryMINDer
  • Model 5559183308
  • Weight 2 pounds

The Battery Saver Quick Charger and Auto Pulse Maintainer features one of the fastest charging technologies, along with being an integrated microprocessor, automatic pulse desulfator, modular cabling system and a digital battery tester. All these features bundled up in one device gives it a rightful place on this list along with the fact that it works powerfully to monitor the safe and efficient charging of batteries regardless of their sizes. Its dynamic modeling system works to ensure the chargers last longer than most desulfators.

If you have a vehicle with more than one battery, this desulfator is perfect! With its 50 Watt capacity, it can charge up to six 12 Volt batteries at the same time when placed together in a parallel form. What’s more, the battery tester feature is a great addition as it efficiently determines the condition of the battery so it delivers the right charge and ascertains if the battery can be regenerated. And when the battery is optimally charged, this 50W Quick Charger switches from charging mode to maintain and precisely monitor the performance levels. 

Key Features
  • Safe and Easy to Set Up and Operate
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Auto-pulse prolongs battery life
  • Modular Cabling System
  • Brand Save A Battery
  • Model 2365
  • Weight 1.6 pounds

The Pulsetech PowerPulse Battery Maintenance System has the capacity to work on 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid battery types such as the sealed maintenance-free, VRLA, AGM, hybrid, conventional flooded, antimony and calcium plate battery types. With its smart pulsating system, it readily provides throbs of high-frequency currents into the battery to charge and maintain it.

Regardless of whether your battery is new or damaged due to not charging it as often as needed, or not charging it long enough to reach its full charge, use this desulfator to charge new batteries to readily prevent the formation of sulphur crystals. What’s more, it will ensure optimal battery performance and a prolonged life span up to five times longer with unhinged and excellent services. It is suitable to use on a wide range of batteries, be it starter batteries in vehicles or boats and RV’s; the Pulsetech will offer a reliable supply, along with a good charge and maintenance to ensure that your motor is running soundly again.

Key Features
  • Peaked Battery Performance
  • Works on all 6V and 12V lead batteries
  • Extends battery life x5
  • Greater Charge acceptance
  • Brand PulseTech
  • Model PP-12-L

The key to maintaining a good battery is to ensure that you charge it regularly and optimally. Charging batteries for short periods of time can actually affect and shorten the lifespan. Maybe you have a battery(ies) that has not been performing well recently, it is time to efficiently restore and rejuvenate your batteries with the Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator.

As long as your battery is not damaged beyond repairs, this desulfator will resuscitate it via a five-stage charging process and will adequately maintain it using a maximum of 13.3 Volts to send regulated and high-frequency pulsated currents to clear out the clustered sulphur. This will ensure that the battery is working at its best again and its lifespan will be extended four times more than its current state.

Key Features
  • Automatic Overcharge Protection
  • Compact and durable design
  • Extends battery life up to 4 times longer
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Brand KeyLine Chargers
  • Model KC-N-125-MPXP
  • Weight 1 pounds

Best Battery Desulfator Buying Guide & FAQ

It is important to understand that a battery desulfator works to greatly improve the charge storage and lifespan of a weak battery while dealing with the number one cause of under-performing batteries, crystallization. This process takes place due to insufficient charging, irregular charges or batteries that have not been used in a while; thus the batteries will gradually become weaker and unreliable until you may not be able to use them anymore.

Desulfators work to fix these issues by sending pulsated high-frequency currents into the battery to dissolve the sulphate concentration and eventually rejuvenate your battery’s charge capacity and lifespan; however, they cannot restore totally damaged batteries. Hence when buying a good desulfator they are important points to consider.

Features to Look for in a Battery Desulfator

You cannot have a reliable desulfator without them possessing certain features;

  • High-frequency Currents

Every reliable desulfator should be able to produce and supply high-frequency currents in pulses to the battery. This is one of the safest and most dependable ways to safely dissolve concentrated sulphur.

  • Testing Kit

It is a big bonus when your desulfator has the capacity to test and diagnose your battery when connected. This will help establish early enough the precise condition of your battery and determine if it needs regenerating or not. In some cases, a dead battery with damaged cells will not be able to be desulfated so you know early enough if you should use the time to charge it or simply replace it.

  • Monitoring

Once you connect the desulfator, a smart and reliable one should be able to frequently monitor the status and progress of the battery. Most of such come with an LED indicator that notifies you on the current status of your battery.

  • Lead Battery Charger

A high quality and well-designed regenerator should adequately be able to charge all lead-acid batteries depending on the voltage the desulfator carries.

The Process of Sulfation – What is it Actually?

Sulfation is the leading cause of frequent battery failures and this happens when a battery is not being fully charged or has been left too long without charge. It is most common with starter batteries in vehicles frequently driven at low speed or not driven often leading to insufficient charging. That’s why lead-acid batteries have to be frequently and maximally charged to maintain their saturation; when this does not happen, the usually non-harmful small amounts of sulphur come together and form a hard crystalized concentrate that can either be reversible or permanently damaged. This is what causes batteries to become weak and underperforming.

How to test your Battery for Sulfation

  If you want to know if your battery is sulfated, take these easy steps to find out;

  • Take off the filler caps from your battery
  • Assess the water level; if the water level is below the top of the plates then a critical lead plate sulfation has occurred

Best Battery Desulfator FAQ:

Q: What is a desulfator and how does it work?

A: A desulfator is an appliance that uses high-frequency currents to charge and maintain new and old (weak) batteries. They can easily be connected to your batteries while they send in pulsated currents to prevent and dissolve hardened sulphate concentrates.

Q: How long does it take for a battery to sulfate?

A: A lead acid battery desulfator should be charged 14-16 hours per time to prevent sulfation. It could take a couple of days for sulfation to start forming; permanent sulfation takes place when batteries have not been charged for weeks or even months.

Q: How long does it take for a battery to be fully desulfated?

A: Depending on how sulphated your battery is, you should keep charging  it until you see significant progress. This can sometimes take up to one week depending on how fast the desulfator is.

Q: When a battery desulfator will not work?

A: If the desulfator does not rightly charge and maintain your battery, this may mean your battery has been overly sulphated and is permanently damaged.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the BatteryMINDer Model 1510 which features a smart technology 1.5 AMP battery charger and regenerator that sends dynamic high-frequency current into the battery to clear out concentrated sulphur from the lead plates. This ensures that your 12V batteries will start working excellently again and the battery life will be extended up to 4 times its regular time span.


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