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It’s a sunny warm day, perfect for lowering the top and cruising in your convertible. Just imagine the warm wind…

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The Best 4 Seat Convertibles | Autance © The Best 4 Seat Convertibles | Autance

It’s a sunny warm day, perfect for lowering the top and cruising in your convertible. Just imagine the warm wind in your hair and the sun kissing your face. Convertibles are perfect for these pleasure drives, but what about the rest of the year? 

You can have it all with a four-seat convertible. These drop-top cars offer you the sportiness of a convertible with the functionality of a four-seat vehicle. This article has the best four-seat convertibles on the market, both new and old. Browse this list and find the perfect one for your budget and driving style.

Ford Mustang 

The convertible version of the Mustang tends to get overlooked, but it has been a staple of the Mustang lineup for several generations. While there are technically four seats, the back ones can barely be called a seat. The highlight of this car isn’t the back seat; it’s what’s under the hood. 

Powering the newest convertibles is the EcoBoost engine. But you can find older models that have powerful V6 and V8 engines. Controlling all of that power is an impressive handling system that has you gripping the road through the tightest turns. You may be on your local roads, but you’ll feel like you’re on the track. The Mustang is an OG all-American muscle car, and the convertible doesn’t let this legacy down.

Chevrolet Camaro  

The Camaro is another American muscle car that offers a convertible option. If you want an impressive modern car, look for a model that’s 2016 or later. This was when Chevy did a complete redesign of the car. 

Chevy offers a performance package for everyone. There’s the four-cylinder engine for those looking for decent power, but their priority is fuel efficiency. Then there’s the SS package for the driver looking for all-out throw-you-into-the-seat power. It comes with a 455 horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine. Then there’s the brand new 2020 model that’s a beast of a car with a maximum horsepower of 650 and can achieve 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. 

Audi A3 

The A3 is a standout because of its all-wheel-drive ability. Convertibles are typically front-wheel-drive vehicles. This unique capability improves Audi’s handling and gives you better control in inclement weather. 

Pair this agile and smooth handling with the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch, and you have a convertible that is fun to drive. You’ll find that this A3 is on the lower end of the cost scale for Audi. But thankfully, it still falls in line with the brand’s image and performance expectations. 

If you love features, then this is the convertible for you. There is a head-spinning number of features that come standard on the A3. Creature comfort includes leather seating, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth, USB port, and a 10-speaker sound system. 

  • Stability and traction control
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Several airbags
  • Rearview camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Forward collision mitigation system

BMW 4 Series 

The convertible 4 Series from BMW has been on the market since 2014 and has seen plenty of development and innovation in the last six years. Most notably, the hardtop roof separates into three pieces as it retracts neatly into the trunk. There’s also a feature that raises the trunk and roof slightly to assist you in loading or unloading the trunk. 

BMW addressed a common problem with convertibles: leaking. The roof on the 4 Series is fully lined and insulated so that it’s soundproof and weatherproof. Look for the M4 trim; it’s the top of the line with the most powerful high-performance engine. 

Volvo C70 

Volvo is probably not one of the first manufacturers you’d think of when you talk about convertibles, but you should. The C70 is a front-wheel-drive car that has a bit of a luxury vibe and comes with a ton of standard features. These include things like LED daytime running lights, blind-spot monitoring, heated leather seats, Bluetooth, and a 6.5 navigation screen. 

The hardtop can fold down in less than 30 seconds. It does this by folding into three pieces into the trunk. However, the large top does take up half of the trunk when folded away. 

Under the hood, you can expect some serious performance with a five-cylinder turbocharged engine that can produce 230 horsepower. If this isn’t enough, opt for the Polestar package and get an additional 20 horsepower. 

While the C70’s interior isn’t quite as luxurious as the Audi, and the performance isn’t quite as impressive as the BMW, Volvo offers you a thoughtful mix of luxury and practicality at an affordable price. 

Infiniti Q60

If you’re looking for an elegant look to your convertible, then the Infiniti Q60 will be a pleasant surprise. It comes with a hardtop that folds down, which reduces the storage space. However, the car more than makes up for it with its performance capabilities. 

Under the hood, you’ll find a 3.7 liter V-6 engine that can pump out an impressive 325 horsepower and is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission. That’ll put some serious wind in your hair. Another unique performance feature of the Q60 is that it’s rear-wheel-drive. All of this performance is paired with high-end features like adaptive cruise control, a navigation system, and an air purifier. 

Keep in mind that the Q30 was discontinued after 2015, so you’ll need to look for a used one. 

Buick Cascada 

Buick has worked hard to prove that it’s not your grandma’s car manufacturer. You can see this effort in their Cascada convertible. Since its introduction in 2016, it has dominated convertible sales. Buick has managed to build a convertible that is sporty and classy. Plus, it’s an affordable price, which makes it more attractive than the BMW, Audi, or other luxury car options

The lower price tag doesn’t put it in the same category as the Mustang and Camaro, though. You get a sense of class and sophistication with the Cascada. Plus, you’ll have noticeably more cabin space in both the front and back seats. It’s the perfect mix of luxury, sport, and function. 

Mini Cooper Convertible 

The Mini is a seriously cute and fun little car to drive. It may lack cool and sex appeal, but not everyone wants that in a car. This little convertible gives the classic Mini a thoroughly modern feel. The base model comes with a 3-cylinder engine, but there are turbocharged 4-cylinder options for those wanting a bit more punch. 

Handling of this convertible is similar to a standard Mini Cooper; it feels a bit like driving a go-kart. It isn’t the fastest off the line, but it does have a decent performing engine thanks to the small size of the car. Turns feel like a breeze thanks to its snappy response. 

Inside the cabin, you’ll have that classic Mini Cooper styling with circular elements throughout the dash. There’s also a touch of luxury thanks to its parent company (BMW) having some influence. Features like heated leather seating and a Harmon Kardon premium sound system are common. If you look at used models, you’re also likely to find some interesting and unique feature combinations as Mini Cooper offers an unprecedented amount of customization. 

Toyota Solara 

This convertible may be the oldest on our list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth looking at. The Solara was in production from 1998 through 2008. Toyota is known for producing cars that are some of the longest-running on the roads, so don’t worry about buying a used one. 

The Solara is the convertible version of a Toyota Camry. If you find a later model version, you’ll have one of the roomiest convertibles in the segment. It’s also a step up from your standard Camry. 

It comes with either a four-cylinder or V-6 engine. The interior is accented by satin and metallic finishes. While it isn’t the sportiest or flashiest convertible on the market, it offers safety, reliability, value, and comfort. 

Controversial Pick: Jeep Wrangler 

Before you veto this pick, hear me out. It seats four people, and you have the option of a soft or hard removable top. So while it isn’t a sporty little car, it’s technically a convertible. You won’t get the same handling and road performance that’d you get from the cars on this list. But what you do get is some serious off-road rugged ability and iconic style.

There are two-door and four-door options to choose from. Either way, you get the same number of seats. Then choose either the hard or soft top. Plus, there is an endless amount of aftermarket parts and accessories to fully customize your ride. 

Drop the Top and Go Cruising 

There are several two-seater convertibles on the market, but they lack the space required to be a functional daily driver. These four-seater options give you the freedom of driving a sporty convertible with the functionality that you need in your everyday life. This list has something for everyone, from the top of the line luxury model to the budget-friendly car. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to soak up the sun on your commute.

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