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Not many things feel as good as having a clean car. In fact, it can even elevate your mood. But…

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The Best All-Weather Floor Mats (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best All-Weather Floor Mats (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice MotorTrend Rubber Floor Mats MotorTrend Rubber Floor Mats
Best Value OxGord Rubber Floor Mats OxGord Rubber Floor Mats
Premium Pick WeatherTech AllWeather Floor Mats WeatherTech AllWeather Floor Mats

Not many things feel as good as having a clean car. In fact, it can even elevate your mood. But truth be told, keeping your car’s interior clean is no small feat. That’s why you need an all-weather floor mat. It can trap mud, sand, water, and road salt, and make it easy to keep your car clean. This in-depth guide examines the best all-weather floor mats.

The Best All-Weather Floor Mats

These three mats are well-built and made to last. They feature deep channels and deep lips on the edges, something that makes them effective against dirt and accidental spills. They are also designed to fit in different types of vehicles. The odorless EVA rubber is flexible enough and is free of toxins. 

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you’ll appreciate these all-weather floor mats. They adhere to the SGS European Standard and are environmentally friendly. The mats are easy to clean and can be used around the year. Their non-skid backing ensures they stay in place and reduces the spread of dirt. 

Key Features
  • Trimmable
  • Approved by SGS European Standard
  • Made with odorless EVA rubber
  • Ideal for cars, SUVs, pickups, and trucks
  • Brand Motor Trend
  • Model MT773GRAMw1
  • Weight 11 pounds

Odorless and toxin-free

They easily trap dirt and spills

Made with EVA rubber for enhanced functionality


Do not fit some cars

Trimming is permanent 

Not very durable

The OxGord floor mats get our nod as they offer great value for money. They fit in most cars and are lightweight. They have defined lines along the edges you can use as a guide to trim them if they are too big for your car. Their heavy-duty ridges and divots get rid of snow, mud, and sand from your shoes and contain it in the mats. 

The mats are made from high-grade rubber that lasts and lasts. They are non-slip and can be easily washed with water and soap. If you want to change the look and feel of your car, you can get them in brown.

Key Features
  • Front mats measurements: 17.7” W and 28.35” L
  • Rear mats measurements: 17.7” W and 17.5” L
  • Debris-trapping design
  • Made from heavy-duty rubber 
  • Customizable
  • Brand OxGord
  • Model FMPV08A-BK
  • Weight 7.9 pounds

Brick pattern and ridges trap fine debris

Stain-resistant material

Easy to clean


Have a rubbery smell at first

May be too small for some cars

These driver and passenger mats tick all the boxes for the best all-weather floor mats. They are designed to fit most Toyota Camry models. The mats are built to withstand the constant movement of both the driver and passenger and are made using a heavy-duty, rubber-like compound. 

Unlike most new floor mats, these WeatherTech mats don’t have an odor. They have been tested and are free of PVC, lead, and cadmium. Their most outstanding features are their divots and deep ridges. They allow the mats to easily catch dirt, debris, and other undesirable elements you wouldn’t want on your car’s carpet. 

Key Features
  • 100 percent recyclable material
  • Directional ridge design to trap fine debris
  • Latex-free and devoid of PVC, lead, and cadmium
  • Brand WeatherTech
  • Model W255
  • Weight 5 pounds

Made from a hard rubber-like compound

Minimal odor

Resistant to curling and cracking


Set doesn’t include rear mats

If there’s too much movement, they may slide

If you own a Ford Escape or a Ford C-Max and are looking for floor mats that will keep your car’s interior clean, these won’t disappoint. A perfect fit, they stay in place—thanks to the StayPut cleats—and keep your car’s carpet free of water, dirt, and mud. There are virtually no uncovered sections as they cover the entire footwell. 

Made to be visually appealing and also comfortable, you can remove your shoes and enjoy the comfort they offer from time to time. The mats are designed to superbly match your car’s contours and can withstand abuse like no other floor mats. They use factory retention posts to stay in place.

Key Features
  • Full footwell coverage on the driver’s side
  • They feature a FormFit Edge for enhanced protection
  • StayPut Cleats prevent them from constantly shifting
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Brand Husky Liners
  • Model 99741
  • Weight 5 pounds

Made with a tough, flexible material

Can withstand a lot of abuse

Hold spills in place until you’re ready to clean


More expensive than similar car floor mats

Only compatible with some Ford car models

Cleaning them can be time-consuming

The fusion of crimson and black adds a stylish aspect to these car mats, allowing them to boost the appeal of any car. They are designed to prevent any spillage from spreading to your car’s carpet. The floor mats feature different patterns to quickly trap debris, dirt, and spills. 

The mats are semi-trimmable, so you can trim them for a custom fit. The front ones are long enough and cover the entire footwell while the back ones fit under the seats and protect the carpet. The anti-slip nib backing on the underside makes sure the mats stay in place. 

Key Features
  • Two colors
  • Rugged design
  • Made with heavy-duty rubber with a metallic finish
  • Semi-trimmable
  • Brand BDK
  • Model MT614RDAMw1
  • Weight 13.65 pounds

Nib backing secures the mats

Raised edges offer extra protection

Ridges are deep enough to trap fine dust and dirt


The mats might not fit in some cars, even after trimming

Some sections are more susceptible to wear and tear

These car mats will be sure to please Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango owners. With almost the same ridge patterns as the Husky Liner mats that are designed for Ford Escape and C-Max, they will perfectly fit your car. Their material is tough and holds all manner of dirt and spills in place for easy cleanup. 

The mats have FormFit edges that are raised to ensure your car’s carpet stays clean no matter the weather. StayPut cleats on the underside hold the mats in place, allowing them to withstand constant movement. They are easy to install and perfectly match the contours of your car. 

Key Features
  • No-hassle lifetime guarantee
  • StayPut cleats keep the mats in place
  • Made with a durable rubber-like material
  • Brand Husky Liners
  • Model 99051
  • Weight 8.5 pounds


Smooth ridges keep debris and muck in place

Offer adequate coverage of car footwells


The cleats may damage some surfaces 

High price 

Proposition 65 warning

Best All-Weather Floor Mats Buying Guide & FAQ

There are so many all-weather floor mats on the market, you may get confused when shopping. There are also many factors to consider, such as your preferences, your car model, your locality (which will determine the material you choose), and driving frequency.

Many people get floor mats for the same reasons—to protect their vehicles’ floors from dirt, wear, and salt corrosion—but quality should be a top priority.

When you get the best all-weather floor mats, it becomes easy to keep your car’s interior clean and maintain high standards of hygiene. However, you can’t make the best choices without the right information. In this section, we discuss all the features to look for when buying all-weather floor mats and also answer your most important questions.

The Advantages of Owning All-Weather Floor Mats

Every time you get inside your car, you are bound to track in dust, dirt, mud, or snow. Although the amounts may seem negligible, they may accumulate and eventually have adverse effects on you or your car.

An unprotected car carpet is a breeding ground for germs and possible allergens. These can pose a health risk to you and anyone you carry in your car. Getting the right car floor mats not only improves your car’s hygiene, but they could also save you money if you keep them clean, as you’ll make less trips to the car wash.

All-weather floor mats are the best, as they do not require replacement every season. They also require minimal maintenance.


  • All-weather floor mats protect your car’s floor from dust, dirt, mud, and snow. They also protect it from rips, snags, and any roughhousing it endures daily.
  • The mats come in handy if you have kids or pets who can easily track in dirt and debris on your vehicle’s floors.
  • They are affordable and come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. They can blend in with any car’s interior color scheme.

Popular Types of All-Weather Floor Mats

Floor mats have one key purpose: to protect a car’s floor from dirt and wear. All-weather floor mats go the extra mile and provide the same protection throughout all seasons. However, they are not made equal. There are different types of all-weather floor mats to choose from. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Rubber All-Weather Floor Mats

If you want to give your vehicle’s floor ultimate protection against all the weather elements, get rubber floor mats. They are designed to endure constant foot traffic for a long time. They are also built to withstand heat, extreme cold, and moisture.

Rubber floor mats are highly durable and have the highest level of water resistance. This means they will contain any spills, rainwater, snow, and even ice. They also don’t slip and get in the way of the pedals.

Most manufacturers make rubber floor mats trimmable. If you buy a set and they turn out to be too big, you can trim them during installation. Cleaning the mats is easy. You can use a water hose and air them out once done.

  • Fabric Floor Mats

These floor mats are made out of synthetic fiber and provide cushioning under your feet. They usually have rubber backing to prevent them from slipping. They offer great performance in windy or sunny weather. However, they can’t withstand snow and rain, as they have subpar water resistance.

These work well if you constantly have pets in your car. They trap dirt and fur better than rubber floor mats. They are also ideal if you want comfortable car mats. However, they stain easily and take a long time to clean.

One of the biggest downsides of fabric floor mats is you have to use special cleaning agents to get rid of tough stains such as oil and coffee. You may also have to add liners on top of them to boost their water resistance.

  • Vinyl Car Mats

Vinyl car mats are clear and allow the carpet to show through. They offer enhanced protection for your car’s carpet and easily trap debris, dirt, snow, and water. Their upturned edges ensure that no water, dust, or grime gets out. They also don’t need to be dusted regularly.

Commercial-grade vinyl car mats offer many years of protection to your car’s carpet. Most have a custom fit and feature different patterns for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Grippers on their undersides secure them in place and their textured surfaces are resistant to skids and slips. To clean these car floor mats, simply hose them off or shake them.

What to Look for When Buying All-Weather Floor Mats

If it’s your first time buying all-weather floor mats, you may get overwhelmed by the number of choices available. In fact, each set you look at might appear better than the last. But if you know the features to look for, you will be able to select the best ones for your car and your individual needs. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Edges and Ridges

Every set of all-weather floor mats has unique patterns. These intricate patterns are responsible for keeping dirt and water in one area for easy cleanup. Edges prevent water and other liquids spilled in the car from spreading to the car’s carpet.

The areas between the ridges break down muddy chunks and contain the fine dust, so you can have an easier time when cleaning. Some premium car floor mats even have channels that push liquids towards the back, where there is a lower possibility of them coming into contact with the feet or clothes of the driver or passengers.

  • Material

When selecting all-weather floor mats, prioritize rubber and vinyl over other materials. This is because the two require minimal maintenance. They also create an excellent barrier against water and other elements that can make the car floor damp.

Rubber mats tend to be easier to install. If you get a bigger size, you can easily trim them with a pair of scissors. They have demarcations that make the process easy. The best all-weather rubber and vinyl floor mats have undergone rigorous testing and adhere to high standards of safety and excellence. Some are even kind to the environment.

  • Comfort

Most floor mats have cleats and nibs on their undersides to secure them to the floor. While these features may be easy to overlook, they improve the overall comfort as they reduce movement under your feet. You won’t have to keep readjusting the floor mats every time they slide.

If you are sensitive to odor, make sure you get odorless floor mats. Some floor mats have strong odors that linger for a long time. This can make driving uncomfortable. Some car floor mats also enhance your comfort when it rains or snows by pushing water to the back.

Tips for Buying and Using All-Weather Floor Mats

All-weather floor mats offer a cost-effective way to keep your car clean. By keeping your car floor in tip-top shape, they help maintain your car’s value. When buying or using all-weather floor mats, there are some things you should keep in mind.

The first thing you need to check is the fit of the mats. This plays a key role in how the car floor looks. If you choose a small car floor mats, they won’t cover the footwells adequately. Some dirt and spills may land right on your car’s carpet, which is the last thing you want.

If you want the inexpensiveness of carpet and the toughness of rubber, get vinyl car mats. Just make sure you don’t expose them to extreme temperatures often. If you do, they won’t last.

  • If you want to buy mats that fit, get those that are specifically designed for your car model.
  • If the rubber mats are too stiff to fit in a certain spot, yet they have been designed for your car, you can try placing them near a heat source to improve their flexibility.
  • Air out all new floor mats to get rid of any unpleasant odors.
  • Clean car floor mats frequently by hosing them off with water and letting them dry.

Best All-Weather Floor Mats FAQ:

When you’re buying all-weather floor mats, it’s wise to have all your bases covered. If you have any questions, ensure you find the right answers before moving forward. That way, you won’t experience buyer’s remorse later on. This section covers the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Q: Do I need to worry about a Proposition 65 warning?

You do not need to worry about a Proposition 65 warning. Car floor mats are usually checked for odor and overall safety. Proposition 65 warnings don’t necessarily mean the mats are harmful. The chemical levels are typically so low that they should not be a hazard.

Q: How do I know if a floor mat will fit my vehicle?

The best way to check if a floor mat fits your car is to ask the retailer or the manufacturer. Most auto shops will guide you through the fitting process. You can also check compatibility by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Q: Can I use a washing machine to clean all-weather floor mats?

We do not recommend using a washing machine to clean floor mats, as this could damage them. You can quickly clean the mats with a hose. When you’re on the road, a firm shake will do.

Q: What’s the difference between floor liners and floor mats?

Floor liners usually cover entire sections of a car’s floor. Floor mats cover some or most of the floor, but not all of it.

Our Top Pick

We can’t help but love the MotorTrend Rubber Floor Mats. In a world filled with floor mats, they stand out. They meet the SGS European Standard, are eco-friendly, and can be trimmed for a custom fit.

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