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While it’s nice to get your car professionally cleaned, it’s sometimes more of a hassle than it’s worth. And often…

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The Best Aluminum Polish (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Aluminum Polish (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Mothers Aluminum Polish Mothers Aluminum Polish
Premium Pick Adam's Polishes Aluminum Cleaner Adam's Polishes Aluminum Cleaner
Best Value Turtle Wax Premium Metal Polish Turtle Wax Premium Metal Polish

While it’s nice to get your car professionally cleaned, it’s sometimes more of a hassle than it’s worth. And often it’s challenging for those who work nine to five and are unable to get to the detailing shop when it is open. However, your car may still require some attention. So, what should you do?

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the dirty work and compiled a list of the best aluminum polishers on the market that will restore your ride to its former glory. Before you know it, your vehicle will look like those that come straight out of a showroom.

The Best Aluminum Polish

Mother’s Mag and Aluminum Polish is 10 ounces of liquid that will bring your car back to life. You can apply it with a clean cloth or with an electric buffer, and this liquid is ideal for declouding all metals.

What’s more, the formula is gentle enough to treat all areas of your car, including aluminum wheels, trims, and small accessories. Satisfied users claim that this formula is great for clearing headlight haze, making it a whole lot easier to see at night. If you want to put your safety first, Mothers is a good way to start.

Key Features
  • Creates a stunning shine with regular use
  • Able to polish stainless steel, brass and other alloys
  • Can be applied with a clean cloth
  • 10 ounces of polish for an affordable price
  • Brand Mothers
  • Model 05101
  • Weight 9.9 ounces

Adam’s baby blue and pink Metal Polishes are both fun and functional. By creating a unique concoction of polishing agents, micro-scale abrasives tackle your aluminum without causing any long-term or short-term damage to your metal surface. Rather, it brings back the depth and clarity lost long ago.

What’s more, if you’re not completely satisfied with Adam’s Metal Polishes, the company backs both polishes with a 110-percent satisfaction guarantee. Likewise, it even asks for advice on ways to improve. There’s no greater feeling than placing your trust in a company, and Adam’s attention to detail guarantees that this is the case.  

Key Features
  • Both blue and pink formulas remove stains and oxidation from vehicles
  • Backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Utilizes micro-scale abrasives to buff up stainless steel harmlessly
  • Job can be tacked by hand or by machine
  • Brand Adam's Polishes
  • Model AMP12-4
  • Weight 1.36 pounds

Do you need to polish headlight covers or other areas or your vehicle? Turtle Wax’s Premium Grade Chrome and Metal Polish doesn’t discriminate and is as effective as expensive products marketed just to polish headlight covers. For a few dollars, you’ll be rewarded with a car that looks like it’s straight out of a showroom.

What we love about this versatile liquid is its all-in-one construction – gone are the days where you spend hours rummaging through cupboards looking for multiple bottles of gloss.  It just goes to show that price doesn’t matter as much as the brand!

Key Features
  • Innovative green polish effective regardless of pressure
  • Smaller size squeeze container keeps product application controlled
  • Only need a few minutes and microfiber towels to get the job done
  • Restoring showroom shine to chrome pieces increases vehicle's longevity
  • Brand Turtle Wax
  • Model T-284
  • Weight 12 ounces

Think of Chemical Guys’ Wheel Guard Rim and Wheel Sealant as medicine for your car, curing it from disrepair. As well as providing a supreme shine to your vehicle, this 100-percent non-abrasive sealant spreads like wax in your brake system and removes harmful brake dust, road grime, and dirt.

Due to the slick coating, abrasive particles like break dust that dare try and stick your rims will be reduced by up to 75 percent. Chemical Guys affirms that its neon-green formula provides eight months of wheel and rim protection. Don’t believe it? Purchase it, and find out for yourself.

Key Features
  • 100% non-abrasive sealant delivers unmatched gloss
  • Guarantees up to eight months of protection for wheels and rims
  • Compatible with aluminum, stainless steel, or gold wheels and rims
  • Accurate micro size synthetic beads lift and polish away oxidation
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model WAC_303
  • Weight 8 ounces

California Custom Products’ green Aluminum Deoxidizer and purple Metal Polish is another excellent option. Whatever aluminum you need deoxidized, these products will deliver the results you long for by treating scratches and bringing a bit of color back to beaten-up metal.

These two formulas can be applied to aluminum headers, diamond plates, and even your toolbox. Manufacturers and customers alike recommend using nitrile gloves to deal with the acids in the deoxidizer as it can absorb into your skin. Other than that, all you’ve got to do is apply, sit back, and watch these magical formulas do all the dirty work.

Key Features
  • Combo will deoxidize and bring a bit of shine to your aluminum
  • Needs no real pressure to apply
  • Able to polish aluminum headers, diamond plate, or wheels
  • Product comes with detailed instructions on back
  • Brand California Custom Products
  • Model 8542149405
  • Weight 1.6 pounds

Do you believe in miracles? You certainly will after using Blue Magic’s Metal Polish Cream. This formula is created to equip your vehicle with long-lasting protection against bumps and scratches acquired over time. Simply apply on any brass, copper, and aluminum that tickles your fancy, and then rub, remove, and buff to complete the process.

This cream is non-abrasive, so it won’t damage or wear your vehicle down over time. Plus, the cream focuses on removing bacteria as well as tarnish and oxidation, leading to a greater vehicle lifespan. In sum, it’s blue and definitely magic!

Key Features
  • Non-abrasive metal polish cream removes tarnish and oxidation
  • Compatible with buffers and polishers
  • Can be used on copper, brass, aluminum and more
  • Simple procedure of apply, rub, remove, and buff to obtain results
  • Brand Blue Magic
  • Model 400
  • Weight 6.9 ounces

Can’t be bothered to use several different formulas to clean and polish your metal surfaces? White Diamond’s one-step metal polish contains the ingredients to give your ride the shine it deserves. Or, if you don’t have a vehicle to treat, this lifesaving formula can be used around the house on brass door knobs and metal railings.

A top tip for using this formula is to have lots of towels and rags at your disposal – you’ll need a lot more than expected. This product may be pricey, but there aren’t many polishes that go such a long way while making your motor shine bright like a diamond.

Key Features
  • One-step metal polish removes oxidation and discoloration
  • Used for car derailing as well as around the house
  • Only a small amount is needed to deliver guaranteed results
  • Multi-purpose polisher cleans, polishes, and protects variety of vehicles
  • Brand White Diamond
  • Model 8542149453
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

We love showcasing products that help our planet as well as millions of customers. And Bio-Kleen’s Aluma-Kleen is doing just that. The company has created a non-aerosol liquid that’s biodegradable and ozone safe. What’s more, it’s non-aerosol. This product couldn’t get any more sustainable if it tried.

Designed for cleaning aluminum boats and pontoons, Bio-Kleen’s formula removes oxidation, stains, and discoloration from metals and aluminum. A few pointers: remember wear rubber gloves and any other safety gear you can get your hands on. And if you witness any foaming action then don’t worry, that’s just the liquid’s response to tackling serious grime!

Key Features
  • Ideal for cleaning aluminum boats and pontoons
  • Sustainable product is biodegradable, non-aerosol, and ozone-safe
  • Buffs up rims and running boards on vehicles
  • Spray, brush, wait, REPEAT
  • Brand Biokleen
  • Model M00109
  • Weight 8.44 pounds

Chemical Guys’ Light Metal Polish is the crème de la crème of formulas. This formula is as innovative as they come and contains natural carnauba and synthetic polymers, so your metal surfaces will be returned to showroom shine after application. Say goodbye to the dirt and debris that has taken over your car and hello to a sweet, sweet shine!

A gleaming car is only the beginning of this polish’s powers. Your car will be protected from harmful UV rays thanks to the polymer shield, which acts as a barrier between your aluminum and the sun. Likewise, salt and road tar are powerless against such a high level of polish. Applying this formula is the perfect way to finish off your deep clean.

Key Features
  • Natural carnauba and synthetic polymers blended into top-of-the-range polish
  • Creates polymer shield with UV protection to protect your vehicle's shine
  • Restores shine and protects a variety of metals
  • Removes all dirt and debris away from vehicle to produce ultimate shine
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model SPI_404_16
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Surf City Garage’s Killer Chrome All Metal Polish is an affordable way to transform your tarnished metal from dull to dazzling. Made in the USA, this Enthusiast Grade polish can be used time and time again to remove surface rust and oxidation thanks to its non-abrasive construction.

All you have to do is wipe the polish on (with minimal effort) and wipe it off to obtain stunning results. If the majority of your car’s body is made from stainless steel or rust, try this formula to make it look spotless. We guarantee that nosy neighbors will be asking where you got your new ride because they won’t even recognize your beaten-down car after a ‘Surf City’ polish!

Key Features
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Polish can be used on all metals
  • Removes surface rust and oxidation to produce perfect chrome shine
  • Application process is quick and simple
  • Brand Surf City Garage
  • Model 139
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

We have to admit, Blue Magic’s Metal Polish Cream looks like a questionably moldy container you may find tucked away in the back of a kitchen cupboard. Yet this cream has a lot to offer. Designed to work on all metal surfaces, Blue Magic’s invention removes signs of oxidation in a heartbeat.

The non-abrasiveness of Blue Magic’s cream means that it can be applied to your vehicle’s exterior without fear of damaging its paint. At the same time, this cream works to protect your car’s overall condition by providing a protective coating all around it. If you’re struggling to remove a tough oxidized layer from unandonized aluminum, this generous 4.5 pounds of cream will do the job right.

Key Features
  • Removes oxidation and tarnish on chrome and aluminum
  • Can be used on sterling silver, gold, brass, and more
  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Magic blue cream restores showroom shine to your vehicle
  • Brand Blue Magic
  • Model 550
  • Weight 4.8 pounds

3D claims that its heavy-duty polish has the top choice for 20 years.  Containing no ammonia or harsh chemicals, the brand prides itself on creating an eco-friendly polish in a climate truly in need of sustainable products.

The company is so confident in its polish’s non-abrasive nature that it deems it worthy enough to bring back the shine in intricate items, such as jewelry. Applying the polish isn’t a chore requiring hard scrubbing. Just shake it well, apply a small amount on a cloth, and apply using a circular motion to achieve the desired results.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty polish works wonders on metal, brass, chrome, and more
  • Zero harsh chemicals or ammonia contained
  • Can even be used to restore shine in jewelry
  • Eco-friendly product blended with high-quality materials
  • Brand 3D Auto Detailing Products
  • Model 8542149349
  • Weight 1.3 pounds

Feeling lazy after a hard day of work? Aero Cosmetics Polish is compatible with hand polishers to minimize the amount of scrubbing. This aircraft grade polish works on cars, RVs, and motorcycle aluminum wheels as well as paint and windows. And if you’ve got a plane handy, feel free to polish up your aircraft as well!

Users love the nature of the fluid as it freely absorbs the nasty rust that comes off of paint or plastic. Plus, RVers recommend coating RV headlights with this magic formula as it will turn from yellow to crystal-clear. All of Aero Cosmetics’ products do exactly as it claims, and its polish doesn’t challenge this logic.

Key Features
  • Able to be applied by hand or with power polisher
  • Aircraft Spinner polish able to clean headlamps and tail lamps
  • Removes oxidation and scratches
  • Innovative product available at a steal
  • Brand Aero Cosmetics
  • Model 797P
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

Busch’s Aluminum Cleaner and Polish is 16 ounces of excellence. Thanks to its simple application and removal, prepare to see your car, RV, truck, or motorcycle’s icky black residue obliterated with just one wipe. And all you need is just a few drops because this stuff really goes a long way!

Busch is committed to keeping your car’s paint pristine and resists dulling by removing oxidation, so the shine will return. One thing’s for certain, purchasing this super-shine solution is the most cost-effective way to transform dull aluminum into what looks like a chromed finish.

Key Features
  • Brings shine to dull, uncoated aluminum surfaces
  • Resistance to dulling due to product quality
  • Simple application takes a matter of minutes
  • Designed for RVs, trucks, motorcycles etc.
  • Brand Busch
  • Model 44016
  • Weight 1.23 pounds

Last but not least, Aircraft Tool Supply’s Aluminum Polish works on everything from kitchen utensils to aircrafts and elevators. In particular, it’s recommended for those who own classic cars, and their vehicles will be nicely buffed up with the help of this magic product. The generous 16-ounce formula removes and prevents oxidation easily thanks to the special protective agents inside the can.

We respect brands that help the environment as well as their customers, and Aircraft Tool Supply does so by constructing its polish to be non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-flammable. By protecting your vehicles as well as the world around you, Aircraft Tools Supply has established a respectable name for itself in the automotive community.

Key Features
  • Sixteen-ounce can is extremely cost-effective
  • Environmentally-safe formula is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and non-flammable
  • Removes and prevents oxidation on metal thanks to special protective agents
  • Fantastic results on classic car trims
  • Brand Aircraft Tool Supply
  • Weight 15.8 ounces

Best Aluminum Polish Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying an Aluminum Polish

  • Is my chosen product environmentally friendly?

Choosing a product that’s sustainable is so important in the turmoil of our world’s climate emergency. Opting for a product that’s biodegradable, non-aerosol, and ozone-safe is the right choice and sets an example for the younger generation.

  • How large is my polish?

Let’s face it, paying double the price for the same product than you would online down the hardware store is daylight robbery. Buying a large container of polish isn’t only cost-effective, it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

  • Is my polish non-abrasive?

Abrasive polish runs the risk of damaging the paint work of your vehicle. Either select a formula that’s non-abrasive or contains micro-scale abrasives to protect your ride.

Why You Should Use an Aluminum Polish

  • It reduces oxidation

It will start off with your paint looking slightly duller and end in the clear coat dissolving permanently accompanied with the formation of rust. Oxidation is no laughing matter and must be dealt with swiftly with effective aluminum polish before it gets out of control!

  • It beautifies the appearance of your vehicle

There’s nothing that says ‘I take pride in my work’ than a freshly-polished car. If you want to turn heads while cruising down the street, investing in an aluminum polish is the most cost-effective and quickest solution.

Aluminum Polish Types: Paste vs Liquid vs Cream

  • Paste

We love paste-type polishers and its healing effects on aluminum. But be warned, this kind of metal treatment is for small areas only and certainly not for treating the entire body of a car! Likewise, paste-type formulas are made with stronger components than liquid and cream-based and aren’t for basking healthy aluminum in.

  • Liquid

This type of polish certainly goes a long way: all you need is a dab on a microfiber cloth to obtain stunning results. However, some self-cleaners struggle getting the balance between too much and too little, culminating in a car literally covered in polish or a vehicle that’s bone dry.

  • Cream

Just like liquid-type polishers, cream goes a long way and allows for easy application on larger surfaces. Although it’s generally more expensive than liquid-based polishers, you won’t regret purchasing a product you can rely on.

Best Way to Polish Aluminum

Many car enthusiasts are adamant that when it comes to polishing aluminum, it’s their way or the highway. We aren’t here to profess that our way is the best and the only method to polish aluminum, but simply to help you find your own footing.

  • Wash it down

Imagine all those nasty particles of grime which have made your vehicle their home. Now that you’re rightfully disgusted, it’s time to whip up some motivation and wet your aluminum with water using a sponge or rag to remove them. If you find crevices which need a bit more grind to keep clean, use a scrubber to eliminate the grime. Finally, hose it down to remove these nasty particles for good.

  • Apply your chosen product

Now, if you’ve been reading this handy buying guide cover to cover, then you’ll be very aware that owning a trusty polish to clean your vehicle is the most important step of the process. Only squirt a small amount of the product on to a soft cloth: a microfiber cloth is the superior way to clean an aluminum surface, given their lint-free construction that minimizes water spots. Then, apply this product all over using small, circular motions and rinse the item well after application

Warning: These instructions only apply if your polish is a cleaner, polisher, and protector all in one.

  • Patience is a virtue

This is where both amateurs and car enthusiasts alike tend to muck up. Don’t just wipe your cleaning product off straight after application: instead, leave it to sit for a few minutes until it is tacky to the touch. This will allow the polish to do its job correctly.

  • Once you’ve allowed the cleaner to sit, wipe it off with a clean cloth and bask in the glory of your brand-new ride!

Best Aluminum Polish FAQ:

Q: Are all aluminum wheel polishes suitable for all metal?

No, not all polishes are compatible with every metal out there. However, we believe that all aluminum wheel polishes for amateurs worth your hard-earned cash should work with all metals. Choose accordingly and, we can’t say emphasize this enough, always read the label.

Q: How often should I use an aluminum polish?

This all depends on how much care you take of your vehicle and how much you take it out after a good old shine. We recommend using a metal polish by hand for about one to two months to keep the shine up. Sooner is always better than later!

Q: How do I clean the polish after using it?

Cleaning polish off of a vehicle is far easier than it looks: simply wipe the residue away in small circular motions with a clean, soft cloth. Make sure you remember to clean the intricate handles and crevices your vehicle’s body, as an uneven polishing job is hard to miss. After all polish is removed, all you’ve got to do now is buff your vehicle up to bring back that forgotten shine!

Q: How should I store the aluminum wheel polish?

Aluminum wheel polish should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from the outside world. You wouldn’t want your product to evaporate in the sun! Likewise, if your polish is a liquid, store it on the top shelf so that its fumes don’t interfere with the composition of dry products.

Our Top Pick

So, out of all the fantastic aluminum polishes reviewed in this buying guide, which one would we trust to bring luster back to our own vehicle? It would just have to be Mothers’ 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish. It’s easy to apply and remove from your vehicle and doesn’t have to be scrubbed in order to make a difference. Plus, the formula is gentle enough to be applied on a regular basis without creating long-term damage. A whopping ten-ounces of this polish will see you through many glorious days of polishing. So, if you want to turn heads on the street by restoring your vehicle to showroom shine, you know which brand to turn to.


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