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They may not replace the large scale functions of tractors, but ATV’s undeniably make a lot of tough jobs easier….

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The Best ATV Baskets (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best ATV Baskets (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Kolpin Front Gear ATV Basket Kolpin Front Gear ATV Basket
Premium Pick Generic ATV FRONT & REAR Cargo Basket Rack Generic ATV FRONT & REAR Cargo Basket Rack
Best Value Hitch Haul Elite 4 Wheeler Basket Rack Hitch Haul Elite 4 Wheeler Basket Rack

They may not replace the large scale functions of tractors, but ATV’s undeniably make a lot of tough jobs easier. From farm applications to lawn mowing, ATV’s have become the common vehicle used to convey materials by a good number of farmers and homeowners. In remote areas where there are more bush tracks to get through before reaching the main roads, an ATV is quite important. ATV’s are also used to convey groceries and other useful supplies. This can only be adequately achieved with a sturdy and durable attachable basket. This article explores the best ATV baskets proven to deliver a sturdy, durable and reliable hauling ability.

The Best ATV Basket

With a wide range of applications to cover at home and at work, most times, we need a reliable helper to make things easier. Using the Kolpin Front Gear Basket- 53360 at the front or rear end of an ATV, provides additional space where supplies and work-tools can be placed. Made with a welded and expanded metal design and powder coated for extra shine and durability, this basket is definitely a tough container.  Built to carry the weight equivalent of up to three 5 gallon buckets, this ATV basket rack is sure to accommodate a good number of items.

It may not be the largest basket in the market but it is quite versatile. Place this either in the front or rear part of the ATV and even enjoy the liberty of tilting it upward giving you easy access to the contents while on the quad. With suitable dimensions of 38” length, 13” width and 7½” height, this ATV rack would fit all ATV’s and off-road bikes with a tubular front and rear rack. This makes it a great basket for a variety of applications on the farm and practically anywhere.

Key Features
  • Front and rear ATV basket
  • Welded expanded metal design
  • Powder coated
  • Universal fit for all ATV’s with front and rear tubular racks
  • Brand Kolpin
  • Model 53360
  • Weight 20 pounds

Holds items in securely

Durable and sturdy

Has the tenacity to hold up heavy things


Poor installation hardware

Bolts protrude out which may puncture certain items

Installation instructions not helpful

The Guide Gear ATV Front Basket allows users to mount it up at the front end of their quad. Of course, this provides better vision on the provisions, tools and other materials placed in the basket. It is made to adequately handle the extra weight and has no problem taking on heavy loads. Whether you’re journeying long distance routes and doing tasks around the house this ATV front basket will adequately go the extra mile with you.

Thanks to its sturdy 3/4 inch square 16-gauge steel tubing reinforced with a steel mesh, its ‘all-round ready’ to bear the weight of the load stacked in it. The steel is appropriately coated with powder to ensure it can go on the road in any weather without fear of rust or corrosion. Users however have mentioned that the paint starts coming off after some time of usage but still didn’t mind purchasing another one. Be assured that this ATV basket will fit a large range of tubular and composite racks while being incredibly easy to install.

Key Features
  • Universal fit for most tubular and composite racks
  • 16 gauge steel tubing with steel mesh
  • Powder coated
  • All installation hardware included
  • Brand Guide Gear
  • Model 02-ATVBKK-F01GG
  • Weight 30 pounds


Installation is quite easy

Sturdy and functional


Installation parts are not useful

The paint on it rusts easily

If you’re are looking for an extra versatile way to haul load from one place to another, you’d want to stick around for this one. ATV baskets are meant to carry on more needful materials so one with extra space is definitely an added advantage. The Guide Gear ATV Rear Drop Basket was designed to accommodate a good range of heavy-weighted items and the basket is spacey enough to hold in a 5-gallon bucket and still have flat space left over for additional items. It features a rear gate that can be opened and lowered for easier loading of items into the basket. This makes hauling a lot easier as the open space lets users appropriately place objects in the provided space and then close the gate for security.

For heavier loads, the drop gate is equally advantageous as items can easily slide out of the platform with minimal lifting. The basket itself is made with heavy duty 16” gauge steel tubing and reinforced with a powder-coated finish in the bid to establish durability. It’s fairly easy to install and remove with all the installation hardware required adequately included.

Key Features
  • ATV basket with rear gate
  • Sturdy steel tubing with steel mesh
  • 45lbs weight
  • Universal fit for a wide range of tubular and composite racks
  • Brand Guide Gear
  • Model 02-ATVRDB-001GG
  • Weight 45 pounds

Functional ATV basket

Drop gate for easy loading and unloading

Great for hauling


Poor installation instructions

Inadequate installation hardware

Paint is not rust free

If you live in a large space with lots of land and hectares to cover, an ATV will help with a good number of things. It will help cover ground a lot faster and assist with transporting items from one place to another. However, this heavy duty car cannot transport items without a suitable basket rack. Owning a reliable one such as the Goplus ATV UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack will put you ahead of the chores by functionally containing useful items. Sporting a strong steel construction that’s finely finished with a black powder coating, it is sure to stand up to rust and corrosion. This ensures the basket can follow you practically anywhere, both on rough, dry, wet and bumpy terrains. Although it has been made with tough steel, the basket appears to be lighter than it looks thanks to the mesh design.

Lining all four corners is a fine mesh that makes the basket light but reliable with the capacity to carry small cargo even when riding on rough terrain. The interior is well dipped to ensure the basket can carry more items especially tools or materials that are lengthier in height.

Key Features
  • Designed for optimal functionality and utility
  • Easy to install
  • Great mesh design
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Brand Goplus
  • Model AT4314

Affordable option

Won’t keep in dirt or water

Great design


Un-useful instruction manual

Cheap installation hardware

Unlike cars, and other larger vehicles, ATV’s don’t come with large trunks to pack or store heavy materials. They depend on reliable front or rear baskets to haul a good number of goods, tools and other items to and fro. The Rage Powersports Apex 48” Long Steel Cargo Carrier Basket doesn’t just carry the load along, it does so much more! Let’s start with the additional length this ATV rack comes with to deliver more cargo carrying capacity to the Individual who values more space.

A good number of activities whether work related or recreational, require more items to be loaded on the basket, this one takes on the extra load. With an expanded metal design made with powder coated steel, no dirt, debris or liquid will settle in the carrier. This makes it a great ATV rear companion even on the roughest terrains, it will sturdily hold up. Another great advantage to this ATV rack is its ability to fold up when not in use; the carrier can be collapsed into a more compact form when it’s not hauling cargo.

Key Features
  • Foldable Cargo Carrier
  • Made with powder-coated steel
  • 500lb weight capacity
  • Expanded metal design
  • Brand Rage Powersports
  • Model CCB-F4820-DLX
  • Weight 43.5 pounds

Dirt and debris easily washes out of the carrier

Easy Assembly

No rattling sounds or annoying vibrations


Some users reported rusting

Instead of making rounds to simply transport heavy duty materials around, an ATV basket makes things quite simple. With enough space to carry small cargo around when running errands around the farmhouse, this phenomenally designed basket is a keeper. The Kolpin Collapsible Flat Basket- 53400 features a flat design meant to increase platform space. This smartly engineered design allows users to haul more items on its flat base ensuring that all required items are carried along. Cargo items can extend beyond the basket rack allowing longer items to sit securely on the rack platform. To hold them down securely, built-in tie downs are included ensuring all materials or tools stay safely and conveniently in place throughout the journey.

The rack itself is very versatile allowing users to mount it in front, for a better view or at the back depending on their preference. There’s also a 1 ¼ space provided before the drop, this allows the rack to fit into ATV’s with vertical rear rack loops. Installation should generally go quite smoothly as all the hardware required to mount this basket up is provided in the purchase.

Key Features
  • Metal mesh design
  • Built-in tie downs
  • Universal fit rack
  • All hardware for assembly included
  • Brand Kolpin
  • Model 53400
  • Weight 32.5 pounds

Extends significantly when open

Easy assembly

Suitable to haul larger loads


Not a universal rack

If you’re up for a little weekend fun or require a reliable container to carry coolers, buckets and the likes this rear rack is a sure bet. Heavy racks can contribute to fast drainage of an ATV’s battery power. This is why the Toolsempire Rear Rack ATV UTV Cargo Carriers Basket has been designed to adequately weigh less and in essence, consume less power. Despite its lightweight construction, it’s built to be quite sturdy and durable and has been engineered with powder coated steel that can ride on practically all terrains.

The basket rack can easily be installed at the rear of the ATV with all the mounting gear and bolts provided. This is more specifically designed to fit into most tubular racks on ATV’s. With the capacity to carry heavy loads it holds in a lot without requiring back up space from the front basket. With valuable mesh sides and bottom, dirt and water can easily seep through this carrier without clogging up in the corners. It’s safe to say with the Toolempire, you can make the best of a convenient load hauling experience.

Key Features
  • Rear Rack Dimension:41"x14"x12.6"
  • Easy installation with all required hardware included
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Metal mesh sides and bottom
  • Brand Toolsempire
  • Model B07KGPDXZT

High quality rack

Easy to install

Makes the perfect fit


May need extra brackets to attach to some ATV brands

ATV baskets, undoubtedly, have an advantageous design due to their mesh or expanded construction. This greatly allows air to flow through the well-engineered edges while freely letting out water and dust particles from the open spaces. Another contributing factor is how amazing the design looks in front or at the rear end of a vehicle. Rocking a wire mesh design, the Hitch Haul Elite ATV 4 Wheeler Carrier Basket is the ultimate cargo loader. Made for larger cargo materials, the steel design is well spaced out with the capacity to sturdily hold up to 150 pounds of heavy duty load.

It achieves this through the well-engineered heavy duty steel construction that has the tenacity to hold up a good amount of load for your camping, farming or hunting pleasure. Set to fit a wide range of ATV’s this basket would definitely make a great Honda ATV rack with bonus features that prevent the carrier from bottoming out on rough terrain. Enjoy a time-friendly and hassle free installation with this easily mountable ATV rack featuring a 2-inch elevated receiver bar that delivers extra clearance.

Key Features
  • 150 pounds weight capacity
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy and hassle free installation
  • Designed for ATV’s
  • Brand Hitch Haul
  • Model 30111414
  • Weight 27.8 pounds

Elevated receiver prevents carrier from bottoming out

Affordable price

Quick installation


May be a bit heavy and therefore consume more battery power

Centre bar is not a solid welded piece

The ATV Front & Rear Cargo Carrier Basket Rack comes as a set of two for both ends of the vehicle. For a relatively affordable combo price. This provides lucky users with the option of purchasing both the front and rear baskets at the same time and from the same manufacturer. When you are assured of the utility and amazing functions of a product, there’s no need mix-matching; get quality from the same brand. Getting both a front and rear basket balances out the ATV, when all the load is on one end the weight isn’t distributed equally. This could lead to poor steering, drooping, bottoming out and annoying clangy noises.

For larger work or leisure requirements, having both an ATV front rack storage and a rear rack will deliver more space to haul even more items. With a strong and tenacious ¾” powder coated steel tubing this carrier is sure to hold up heavy duty items regardless of the distance. The 14 gauge expanded metal mesh ensures debris, water and dust won’t store in the corners of the carrier making it easier to clean and store. Not only is the design phenomenal, installation is practically a breeze with sides that easily lower and lock into position. Get double storage capacity for just a little more and your back, ATV and the items carried will probably all thank you for it.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty steel tubing
  • Powder coated finishing to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Expanded metal mesh
  • Easy installation
  • Brand Generic
  • Model atvb02

Up to 200lbs capacity

Well-built, sturdy basket

Easy installation


Inferior installation hardware

Rear basket reportedly a bit bigger than expected

Coating doesn’t prevent rust

If you’re a proud owner of a 2007-2013 ATV, then this reliable and outstanding flat rack will be a great addition to the front of your ATV. The never been used New 2007-2013 Honda TRX 420 Rancher ATV Front Basket can be used for a wide range of hauling applications with the capacity to carry just about anything. Appropriately-sized items can be placed on the flat base and secured during farm operations, camping, hauling, hunting and the likes. Flat and unrestricted bases make it easier to haul cargo side by side especially lengthy items.

Weighing about 22lbs, it may be a bit heavy on your ATV which eventually consumes more battery power in the long run. The heavy duty metal construction contributes to this; however, the heavy build is a great bargain for carrying weighty loads. The well-engineered steel mesh is beautifully welded in place ensuring great ventilation and drainage. Mount up this heavyweight champ easily with all the hardware materials provided and enjoy a good time anywhere with all you need securely packed in this Honda ATV rack.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy installation
  • All mounting hardware including
  • Steel mesh
  • Brand Honda
  • Model HR-BASKET-11

Removable plate provides easy access to coolant

Easy to install and remove

Sturdy and durable


Carrier is a bit heavy

Best ATV Baskets Buying Guide & FAQ

An ATV is quite the vehicle to own, they run on low pressure tires that are great for driving through rocky, muddy and bushy tracks. Living or working around such areas could be a pain, especially when it comes to transporting items to and fro. As discussed above, ATV baskets help to haul loads during camping, farming, fishing and other applications that require heavy loads including regular chores around the house. This guide will provide basic and useful tips you should know before purchasing one of the best ATV baskets in the market.

Things to Consider When Buying an ATV Basket

  • Capacity

It is important to take into consideration the hauling capacity of the ATV rack to ensure it suits the applications you’d like to use it for. The space available in the rack, how many items it would accommodate as well as its weight capacity are some important pointers to observe before purchasing the basket.

  • Mounting System

The mounting hardware provided as well as the instructions aid a faster and more convenient installation process. Most ATV baskets come with their own mounting hardware inclusive in the package. However as you may find, they may not always be the most reliable nuts and bolts to use. New mounting gear may have to be purchased in order to fit the basket to the ATV’s rack.

  • Compatibility

Some ATV baskets can fit into practically any low terrain vehicle, including most off-road vehicle brands. It is important to ensure the carrier will fit your vehicle type via a universal fit installation kit. Most users have found that their hardware runs too short or long and make use of binders instead.

  • Design

Designs vary for different basket carrier types; the materials used and the mesh type. Expanded metal formats are better for larger cargo materials that wouldn’t fall through the large spaces. Some metal mesh designs run a bit smaller which works better for relatively small sized items.

Why You Should Invest in a Good ATV Rack

A good ATV rack would serve as the best companion on long or short rides, conveniently transporting the necessary cargo materials. They can be used for a wide range of activities and applications such as camping, farming, hunting, fishing and the likes.

A good rack will also securely transport these loads to the desired destination without bottoming out or losing the loaded contents.

Types of ATV Baskets

  • Front ATV Basket

As the name implies, this carrier is installed at the front of the ATV for convenient and more visible hauling. They are mostly traditionally shaped like the basket you’d see on a kids’ bike.

  • Rear ATV Basket

These baskets are simply installed at the rear end of the ATV, with a flat base or and enclosed rectangular shape. Cargo items would have to be secured with necessary strappings to firmly hold them in.

  • Rear Drop Baskets

Unlike the regular rear baskets, this design features a lowered rack after the flat base installed to the ATV’s rear end. These baskets are great for carrying load without much strapping required. This is because a good part of the item sits deep in the hollowed part of the carrier.

  • ATV Hitch Cargo Baskets

These carriers are more universally compatible with a wide range of vehicle types. They are installed using a hitch receiver with good space capacity to load large cargo materials. They mostly feature an expanded metal design because of their capacity to take on relatively bigger loads than their counterparts.

Our Top Pick

We recommend the Kolpin 53360 Rear Rack which has the capacity to haul up to 3- Five gallon buckets at the same time. The versatile rack can be used both at the rear and front of the ATV which allows you to use it for a wide range of applications.


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