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Many of us grow up riding ATVs. They are our companions during our formative years. If you’ve been longing to…

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The Best ATV Grips (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best ATV Grips (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip
Best Value Scott Sports Black Radial ATV Grips Scott Sports Black Radial ATV Grips
Premium Pick Heat Demon ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Heat Demon ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip

Many of us grow up riding ATVs. They are our companions during our formative years. If you’ve been longing to go on an exhilarating ride on your ATV, indulge yourself. But before you do that, make sure you have the best ATV grips.

ATV grips, also called hand grips, are installed on the handlebars of an ATV. They make for a better riding experience and help you to stay comfortable. They also cushion your hands against vibrations as you ride. There are numerous ATV grips on the market to cater towards different preferences. Our in-depth guide will help you choose the best ATV grips for your machine.

The Best ATV Grip

Whatever powersports machine you ride, Pro Taper probably makes grips for it. Its high-quality grips are widely used on professional motocross motorcycles. The Pro Taper Pillow Top grip offers great value for the money. It offers comfort, a good grip, and is designed to be thicker, softer, and gentler on your hands. It effectively absorbs shock and reduces vibration and hand fatigue.

Built using Kraton rubber, this grip offers great glove traction and a super-tacky feel. It is uniquely designed for better hand control. It fits both standard and oversized handlebars. One downside is the grip has a bigger diameter than regular full-waffle grips. It is also not very durable.

Key Features
  • Made from custom Kraton rubber for great glove traction
  • Low-profile design for better hand control
  • Easy to install
  • Brand Pro Taper
  • Model 024891
  • Weight 4 ounces

Absorbs shocks and vibrations

Soft and kind to the hands

Small squares on the exterior offer extra comfort and support


Not very durable

Not ideal for long-distance gripping 

Bigger diameter than full-waffle grips

Scott Sports grips are a cut above the rest. They are super comfortable, highly durable, and specially designed to reduce the vibration and fatigue that come with a long ride. They are easy to install and have a built-in safety wire channel. The hand grips have deep grooves for enhanced grip. 

Their radial full waffle grip is based on the hurricane full waffle grip—the ultimate grip measurement standard. The grip design has been tried and tested and has been used for decades. These grips are exclusively designed for ⅞-inch handlebars. They are ideal for motorcycles and ATVs.

Key Features
  • Radial full waffle grip
  • Specially designed for ⅞-inch handlebars
  • Integrated safety wire channel
  • Ideal for motorcycles and ATVs
  • Brand Scott Sports
  • Model 233925-0001
  • Weight 3.52 ounces

Easy to install

Deep grooves offer a great grip

Comfortable and fit most ATVs


Rough on hands

Not the same size (one is loose)

Not durable

If you like to ride your ATV in all seasons, your fingers have probably frozen at one point. Say goodbye to frozen fingers with the Heat Demon ATV Heated grips. They have one silicone thumb warmer and two heated clamp-on grips to keep you warm when it’s cold. Their Quad-Zone controller makes it easy for you to regulate the heat. 

These high-quality handlebar grips are designed to fit all ATVs with ⅞-inch handlebars. They are easy to install. Their maximum wattage is 45 watts at 14 volts. However, they are not perfect. They are slim and may not be good for larger hands. They are also slightly heavier than standard ATV grips.

Key Features
  • Designed for ATVs with ⅞-inch handlebars
  • Quad-Zone Controller regulates the heat
  • Maximum wattage: 45 watts at 14 volts
  • Brand Heat Demon
  • Model 215048
  • Weight 14.4 ounces

Fitted with two heated clamp-on grips and one silicone thumb warmer

High-quality and can withstand pressure washing

Keeps your hands and thumbs warm as you ride


Quad-Zone controller is not durable

Not ideal for large hands

No wire taps included

Odi has been producing motorcycle parts for the last 25 years. Its products are extensively tested to ensure comfort and longevity. Its innovative lock-on grip system ensures 100-percent slip-free performance. For enhanced traction, the grips feature a rugged, elevated, tread pattern. 

These ATV grips are fairly-priced, comfortable, and easy to install. Their raised pads make for a better grip and improved shock absorption. If you love to ride your all-terrain vehicle on rocky terrain, they are worth checking out. Their rubber grooves are just deep enough to prevent debris from building up.

Key Features
  • Raised pads for improved grip
  • Tread pattern enhances shock absorption
  • Best for rocky terrain
  • Ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, and bikes
  • Brand Odi
  • Model 206-1239
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Comfortable and easy to install

Reasonably priced

Rubber grooves prevent debris and dirt from building up


Rubber peels easily

Grips are stiff

Thick lock rings may not clamp to outer bars completely

Scott Sports manufactures handlebar grips that are extensively tested and designed for beauty and comfort. The company’s top craftsmanship is evident in these grips, which feature a full waffle grip. They fit any two-wheeler or four-wheeler with ⅞-inch handlebars and can be installed on motorcycles and dirt bikes.

The handlebar grips offer easy installation, and you won’t require any tools when installing them. You can mount them using rubbing alcohol, adhesive, or your bare hands and they will remain firmly in place. They cushion your hands against shocks and vibrations that are caused by riding over difficult terrain.

Key Features
  • Full waffle grip
  • Fit two-wheelers and four-wheelers with ⅞-inch handlebars
  • Ideal for ATVs, bikes, and motorcycles
  • Brand Scott Sports
  • Model y-233926-0001
  • Weight 3.2 ounces

Easy to install

Cushion hands against shocks and vibrations 

Designed to withstand harsh treatment


Lack a heating system

Too big for some Yamaha blasters

Rubber is a little thin

These heated grips are designed to be used for a long period. They are made from high-quality rubber and are resistant to low temperatures and cracking. They come with sealed controls that are easy to use and enhance your riding experience. You won’t have a hard time installing them, and once installed, they need minimum maintenance. 

Western Sports Heated Grips warm up steadily as the engine runs, so your ATV’s power consumption is significantly decreased. They fit easily and are specially designed for long rides. When you no longer need heated grips, you can remove them effortlessly and replace them with other ATV grips. 

Key Features
  • Easy-to-use sealed controls
  • Resistant to cracking
  • Made of quality rubber to withstand low temperatures
  • Brand Western Power Sports
  • Model 404130
  • Weight 1.08 pounds

Warm up gradually when the engine is running

Easy to install and remove

Keep hands warm throughou


Heavier than most grips

Cost more than other grips

Best ATV Grips Buying Guide & FAQ

Your riding experience is determined by how comfortable you are. The excitement of riding an ATV can be quickly destroyed if you don’t have comfortable hand grips installed.

The grip type may not matter much when you are riding a short distance. But it’s very important if you ride often or for long periods. The grips you get will make the difference between you staying on the ATV and falling on the ground. 

The best ATV grips can make your ride more comfortable and increase your balance. Heated grips can transform your riding experience in the winter for the better. In the following sections, we discuss the dos and don’ts of buying ATV grips and also answer a few questions.

Why You Need ATV Grips

If you are an avid ATV rider, you know just how important it is to have a firm grip on the handlebarsno matter the terrain. You retain full control of the vehicle and don’t move as you ride. The best ATV grips have adhesive or slip-resistant material to help you steer better. 

ATV grips serve three main purposes: They cushion your hands against vibrations, provide a non-slip holding location, and wick away sweat and water that might get on the handlebars. Vibrations can easily cause your hands to go numb, making you lose control of your ATV.

ATV grips are manufactured with different scenarios in mind and are made with different rubber compounds and in different colors. You can get more than one type to fit your preferences. If you are a racer, the right grips can make the difference between losing and winning. Choose ATV grips made from a tough material that is also easy to maintain. 


  • Heated ATV grips offer extra comfort and warmth as you ride in cold weather. 
  • Grips with closed ends keep dirt and debris away and last longer.
  • Many ATV grips are easy to install and remove. 
  • ATV grips cushion your hands against vibrations and wick away sweat and water.

Types of ATV Grips

One difficult thing about getting new ATV grips is finding ones that will work best for your riding style. While most handlebar grips can be easily installed on ATVs, each grip design has its own advantages that makes it good or bad for your quad. Here are the different types.

  • Pillow-Top Pattern

This is the most popular type of grip and is loved by many ATV riders. It gets its name from the small pillow-like pads found on its exterior. These “pillows” increase the surface area available for your hand and offer more cushioning. 

Pillow-top pattern grips are made from soft rubber compounds. This means you can easily squeeze the grips, especially during jumps or when you’re racing. The pattern and vibration-reducing surface work together to maximize grip and comfort. These grips tend to be more expensive than other grips because they are made using higher-quality materials.

  • Lock-On

These grips have one outstanding feature: They are easier to install. For effortless installation, their locking mechanism is comprised of two Allen screws, one in each metal band on the grip’s end. These are tightly secured to the handlebar, holding it firmly in place. 

Lock-on grips are ideal for short-distance riding, not long ATV rides. Most have large raised pads for better shock-absorption and deep grooves that channel away dirt and debris. They are a good choice for those who want more control of their ATVs with less arm pump.

  • Heated

These grips are specially designed with electric heating pads. The pads are integrated into the outer rubber layer. They are ideal for people living in areas with cold, harsh weather because they keep a rider’s hands warm. They are also ideal for those who love riding their ATVs in the winter.

The warmth the grips provide is generated by energy from the ATV. In extreme riding conditions, heated grips can offer pain relief as low temperatures can sometimes cause extra discomfort to the fingers. The ATV grips usually come with a selector or rocker switch to help you adjust the temperature as needed. 

What to Look for When Buying ATV Grips

The factors to consider when buying ATV grips differ from person to person. It all comes down to personal preferences, how often you use the ATV, where you use it, your location, and your budget. However, some ATV features are more important than others. They include:

  • Stability

The best ATV grips are those that stay in place the whole time. The stability is usually determined by the material. Grips made from tough, hard-wearing rubber are more durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are also easier to maintain.

It is best to buy ATV grips made by reputable brands that are renowned for creating high-quality products. The stability of grips is noticeable when an ATV hits hard objects and they don’t come off. 

Heated ATV grips can be unstable because the selector and wires can malfunction when used inappropriately. However, they are usually protected from dampness, and their material makes them easy to care for and maintain.

  • Material

This is the most important thing you should consider when buying ATV grips. It goes without saying that you’ll be riding your ATV for a considerable amount of time. The grips you choose will determine how comfortable you are.

Choose a material that is gentle on your hands—one that allows you to operate your ATV for many hours without getting tired easily. ATV grip manufacturers normally use neoprene or rubber, and each has its own benefits. Rubber is known for its durability, while neoprene is a lot more flexible and fits more handlebar sizes.

  • Shape

If you’re buying ATV grips for the very first time, their shape may not be one of the things you immediately think of. And you’re not alone. Many ATV owners do not think the shape of their ATV grips is of any significance. They usually consider the comfort provided by the grip instead.

However, the comfort of handlebar grips is usually determined by their shape. If your hands are big, get grips that are a little bigger in the middle for a firm grip. If they are small, slim ATV grips are the best option.

Tips for Buying and Using ATV Grips

Selecting the best ATV grips can be an uphill task. To avoid buyer’s remorse, begin by identifying your specific needs and the features you want. After you settle on a pair of grips, read reviews by other customers to see if the grips live up to your expectations. 

It is worth mentioning that even the best ATV grips can trap dust, water, and dirt. Clean yours regularly, and wipe them when they are not very dirty. After cleaning your hand grips thoroughly, spend time drying all the crevices to eradicate moisture because it can lead to damage. 

  • To prevent your ATV grips from melting or wearing out because of extreme heat, always park your ATV in the shade. 
  • Keep your hands safeand enhance your gripby wearing gloves every time you ride your ATV.  
  • Buy end caps for grips with open sides to prevent them from gathering dirt and dust. 

Best ATV Grips FAQ:

When buying anything new, it’s normal to have questions. You probably have questions running through your mind related to choosing, buying, and using your ATV grips. This FAQ section covers some of the most frequently asked questions about ATV grips. 

Q: How hot are heated ATV grips?

Heated ATV grips are designed to heat your hands, even if you’re wearing gloves, and can get very warm. Depending on the design, they can draw 2.5-3 amps at 12 volts. 

Q: Which ATV grips are best for races?

The best ATV grips for races are those with a larger grip and moderate cushioning. A large grip reduces finger and arm fatigue as you navigate through rough terrain.

Q: How do I remove ATV grips?

To remove an ATV grip, place an air gun with a small nozzle at the grip’s end and pump pressurized air into the hole. It will inflate, the adhesive will detach, and then you can remove it. To remove lock-on grips, unscrew the locks and pull them out. 

Our Top Pick

We highly recommend the Pro Taper Pillow Top Grip. They are made of soft, dense rubber and offer a firm grip. Their radial full waffle grip decreases hand vibration and arm fatigue. These ATV grips are super comfortable and perfect for ⅞-inch handlebars.

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