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It’s never a good thing when your ATV starts breaking down. Failing to block out the creaking and groaning noises…

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The Best ATV Oil (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best ATV Oil (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice YamaLube All Purpose ATV Oil YamaLube All Purpose ATV Oil
Premium Pick Castrol POWER 1 Synthetic ATV Oil Castrol POWER 1 Synthetic ATV Oil
Best Value Lucas Oil Engine Oil for ATV Lucas Oil Engine Oil for ATV

It’s never a good thing when your ATV starts breaking down. Failing to block out the creaking and groaning noises coming from your ATV when on the trail signifies that your trusty motor could be on the way out. Watching it deteriorate after so many years of ownership can be a big disappointment.

Yet, there is a way to bring your trusty steed back from the dead. The right ATV oil can transform a worn-down ATV engine into a younger version of itself that’s ready to hit the trails again. If you’re reading this buying guide with the intent of saving your quad, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a selection of high-quality brands to help you find just the right oil.

The Best ATV Oil

Are you fed up of attempting to shift gears on a tricky slope to have your ATV bail at the last moment, leaving you in a sticky situation? YamaLube’s one gallon of All Purpose 4 Strike Oil is the magical liquid that seeks to degrease all your problems. Specially manufactured for motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters, filling up your ride with this thick oil will transform your ATV into another vehicle entirely.

By maintaining the correct film and friction between the clutch plates, shifting will be superior and your sticky clutch plate problems will disappear. Even this oil container’s construction is designed to maximize its user’s precious riding time by featuring a readable marker – so they know exactly how much oil remains instead of attempting to guess their ride’s oil specs. While YamaLube’s product doesn’t come cheap, we believe that you can’t really put a price on quality.

Key Features
  • Ideal for use in motorcycles, ATVS, and scooters
  • Quality of oil surpasses all JASO MA requirements
  • Ensures that your vehicle enjoys stable clutch performance and engine resistance
  • Improves overall gear shifting performance
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Authentic OEM Yamaha Product
  • Brand YamaLube All Purpose
  • Model LUB10W40AP04
  • Weight 7.5 pounds

With 120 years of experience under their belts, Castrol’s products are high-flyers in the automotive industry for quads, ATVers, and snowblowers alike. That’s why we’re unsurprised at the mass buyer response their Synthetic Motorcycle Oil has generated. Designed specifically for bikers who want to feel the wind in their hair after a mass acceleration, this liquid will revitalize your bike and improve your overall riding style as a result.

This product far surpasses all safety requirements: from JASO to API SL. Castrol’s thick oil been tried and tested time and time again by manufacturers who know their stuff. And this attention to detail shows through Castrol oil’s capabilities to minimize internal engine friction and facilitate gear alterations. If you’re a serious rider who refuses to be held back by minimal engine complications, then don’t look any further than Castrol’s creation.

Key Features
  • Oil designed to substantially reduce internal engine friction when accelerating
  • Ideal for application with all four-stroke bikes
  • Price of this 100% Synthetic engine oil better than other competitive synthetics on the market
  • Designed to allow your bike to shift gears in a smoother manner
  • Prolongs engine life substantially
  • Brand Castrol
  • Model 6112
  • Weight 2 pounds

Last but by no means least, Lucas Oil’s Engine Oil is a clear liquid which riders love pouring into their vehicles so they can continue riding rough on their favorite trails. Think of this engine oil as an energy drink for your bike! Created to be used in ATVs and UTVs, this product exceeds manufacturer specifications whilst meeting scrupulous JASO requirements.

This product is one of the most popular choices all around. What customers love the most is the thickness of the oil itself – as thick oil tends not to pass through bad seals and gaskets like most other solutions. Yet unlike other top-quality oils, Lucas’ product promises not to break the bank while providing first-rate oil.

Key Features
  • Exceeds rigorous JASO specifications
  • Oil designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Superior oil preserves engine to previous working condition by eliminating older engine ticks
  • Perfect motor oil for facilitating easy gear shifts
  • Brand Lucas Oil
  • Model 10720
  • Weight 2.03 pounds

Do you want to care for your ATV to the best treatments out there? We think they deserve it after all those hard, rocky trails you’ve subjected them to over the years. And Polaris does too; which is why they’ve created their Oil Filter Change Kit for the classic rider who likes their engine to be running smooth. This trustworthy kit includes two quarts of four-cycle synthetic PS-4 oil as well as one oil filter to help you load without leaks.

Gone are the days when you’re in the mood to hit the road running but it’s freezing out there. With the help of this oil change kit, your ATV will operate at its highest capacity between -40-degrees and 40-degrees. Plus, your engine is guaranteed to be protected throughout! This trustworthy oil is for the winter rider out there who needs a trusty product to see them through the upcoming frosty trails.

Key Features
  • Includes one oil filter for easy change
  • Provides optimal engine protection in all kinds of adverse weather conditions
  • 4-Cycle engine oil extends engine life
  • Operational temperature between -40 to 40 degrees
  • Highly compatible with Polaris ATVs
  • Brand Polaris
  • Model 5864243607
  • Weight 4 ounces

If you trust a brand to the ends of the earth, it’s only common sense to bulk buy. That’s why Valvoline have listened to customer demands and are now selling a generous case of six of their fantastic 4 Stroke ATV Motor Oil. This oil will provide iron-clad protection for your ATV engine under all kinds of adverse weather conditions. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about engine corrosion as long as you stick with Valvoline’ reliable oil.

This product will protect wet clutches and provide maximum power transfer when necessary. Subsequently, accelerating will never have been easier due to Valvoline’s potion-like power – it’s guaranteed to completely revive your run-down ATV! And if you have any problems, then the team down at Valvoline will be happy to help – the company pride themselves on delivering expectational customer service. With a proprietary blend of premium base oils and advanced additive technology, choosing Valvoline is also an investment in fantastic customer service.

Key Features
  • Facilitates optimal power transfer by protecting wet clutch and gears
  • Contains minimal corrosive properties and instead prolongs lifespan
  • Oil runs clean longer than the majority of average brands
  • Secure packaging stops oil wastage through leaking
  • Product made from a superior combination of premium base oils and advanced additive technology
  • Brand Valvoline
  • Model 817263-6PK
  • Weight 1.7 pounds

If RAVENOL’s ATV Quad Oil hasn’t caught your eye because of its shiny golden packaging, it will be sure to catch your attention due to the bundle of perks it warrants for your ATV. Expertly tested by professionals, this product is highly compatible with all wet clutch systems and catalytic converters – even in all kinds of crazy weather conditions.

If you’re fed up of filling up your fuel tank one minute to running out of fuel the next, prepare to be amazed by the low evaporation tendency of Ravenol’s oil. We reckon you could drive halfway across a state and only have to fill up the oil tank a handful of times (don’t actually try this, folks). Anyway, with extreme lubricant film providing optimal protection against inevitable knocks and bumps, RAVENOL’s formula is your engine’s saving grace.

Key Features
  • Ideal for use with wet clutch systems and catalytic convertors for employment all year round
  • Guaranteed engine protection thanks to extreme lubricant film providing cover
  • Low chances of evaporation thereby lead to optimal oil consumption
  • Protects your ATV in any hot or cold weather conditions
  • Rigorously tested with the majority of top Quad, ATV and UTV brands to ensure safety and durability
  • Brand Ravenol
  • Model 1152160-004-01-999
  • Weight 7.95 pounds

A 100% synthetic oil with a temperature range of -40-degrees to 100-degrees can’t have many shortcomings. And Polaris’ Factory ATV and Snowmobile 4-Cycle Synthetic Oil isn’t an exception to the rule. This first-class formula includes anti-wear additives: their mission being to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine by curtailing rust and corrosion once and for all.

One huge gallon of PS-4 will see all ATVs and snowblowers through the harsh winter months. Your vehicle of choice will thank you for it as they’ll be able to accelerate and switch gears just like they used to. It’s as if Polaris’ product is an anti-ageing medicine for your vehicle. If only this existed in the human world!

Key Features
  • Includes anti-wear additives in formula to resist rust and corrosion in engines
  • Operational between -40-degrees to 40-degrees
  • Provides start-up protection in extremely cold weather
  • 100% Synthetic Oil can be use with ATVs and even Snowmobiles
  • Extreme savings online in comparison to hardware stores
  • Brand Polaris
  • Model 2876245
  • Weight 5 pounds

If you’re seeking maximum engine lubrication for your ATV then Kawasaki has surpassed buyers’ expectations time and time again. Their OEM Performance UTV Oil – specially blended from superior base oils and additives – seeks to provide a durable layer for your bike and likewise improve the overall engine performance. This semi-synthetic formulation provides optimal coverage for 4-stroke ATV’s and utility vehicles’ engines.

The intimidating black and green packaging is home to one liter of high-quality performance oil, currently being sold for a scandalous bargain. And if you’re not completely satisfied with Kawasaki’s ATV oil, then the company place full confidence in their product and offer a thirty-day window in which you can return their product with minimal hassle. We can confidently say that by meeting Kawasaki’s standard of excellence, this innovative product sets the bar high and thus holds other manufacturers to account.

Key Features
  • Semi synthetic formulation ideal for 4-stroke ATVs and utility vehicles
  • Provides maximum protection across a wide range of temperatures
  • Recommended for diesel applications requiring certain engine oils
  • Comes in secure black/green packaging
  • Kawasaki offer a 30 day warranty on their oil
  • Brand Kawasaki
  • Model 5864268534
  • Weight 4 pounds

Modern-day drivers are unfortunately used to long commutes with very little reward. And as time passes, these long hours in the saddle will take their toll on your motor’s engine. That’s why Shell’s Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil has taken the lead in providing Triple Protection Plus Technology. Their formula is as follows: Synthetic Base Oil Technology + Adaptive Additive Technology grants riders with full engine coverage.

Let’s break the benefits down for you. Shell promise their customer that their exclusive formula will improve fuel economy performance by a whopping 1.5% in comparison to inferior SAE 15W-40 oils. This acclamation is thanks to the high-performance additives and the product being engineered with shear stability, which ultimately resists viscosity loss while providing exceptional oil pressure. Purchase this versatile product for your own diesel-powered engines before manufacturers become aware of their product’s irresistibility!

Key Features
  • Unique formulation fuses synthetic base oil and adaptive additive technology together to ensure your engine is preserved
  • Save long-term to decrease total ownership cost
  • Reduced viscosity engine oils results in less energy required to pump oil around the engine, thereby increasing fuel capabilities
  • Environmentally friendly oil reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Anti-wear chemistry reduces frictifeon in high-stress areas
  • Brand Shell Rotella T
  • Model 550045347
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

Honda have been blowing customer’s minds since 1975. Therefore, it’s not a wonder that their GN4 Motor Oil is flying off of shelves and into garages at lightning speed. This package has been vigorously tested to create a magic potion specially designed for motorcycle and ATV engines. With just a few drops of this magic elixir for your bike, its clutch, gear shifting, and mileage will transform for the better – revolutionizing your overall riding experience.

What’s more, using Honda’s motorcycle and ATV oil will preserve your Honda bike’s warranty! Although prospective buyers may look at the price and run for the hills, current customers believe that even though there’s certainly cheaper oil out there, Honda’s Pro oil has led to several long-lasting, high-mileage bikes and is certainly a product to trust. Therefore, although you won’t be buying this product at a bargain anytime soon, but loyal Honda customers keep on coming back as they know this oil can be trusted in their motor. 

Key Features
  • Renowned brand has been producing high-quality motorcycle oils since 1975
  • Product subjected to various safety tests to maintain top-of-the-range construction
  • Using this oil preserves Honda motorcyclist's warranty
  • World-class motor oil reduces amount of evaporated oil for mileage
  • Brand Honda
  • Model 08C35-A141L01
  • Weight 7.5 pounds

Best ATV Oil Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying an ATV Oil

The day is finally here – you’ve trawled through the countless reviews, resisted the opportunity to add a probably useless filter to your overall purchase, and have finally chosen an oil for your bike. Yet how can you be completely sure of its compatibility with your ATV? By asking yourself these three questions below, you’ll be filling up your motor with the right oil in no time.

  • How high is your chosen oil’s viscosity?

All this talk of viscosity may be confusing, so we’re going to break it down for you. The viscosity of an ATV oil is a measure of its resistance to flow at a given rate. In simpler terms, this means how well the oil allows the different moving parts of the motor to move – essential parts such as the clutch. ATV and UTV engine oils need to flow in freezing cold temperatures, so we recommend opting for a highly viscous oil rating of 10W40. However, it’s best to be aware that many ATVs require less viscous oils such as the 5W50 to work properly. The only way to know for sure is by checking your manual!

  • Have you selected your oil from a reputable brand?

Don’t let yourself be swayed by those good-for-nothing brands who overflow the web with their lies; the most common slogans being ‘SPECIAL OFFER FOR TODAY ONLY’ and ‘WORLD’S NUMBER ONE OIL BRAND’. Be smart and do your research to find what brand works for you. In our humble opinion, brands such as Honda, Polaris, and Valvoline are doing great things right now in and among the oil industry.

  • Is this oil compatible with your vehicle?

Read your vehicle’s manual. More often than not, many of them will recommend a certain type of oil brand to put in their ATV. For example, although synthetic oil is widely recognized as superior to mineral oil, your ATV may need to be filled up with mineral oil depending on how much heat it exudes.

Different Types of ATV Oils

Motor oil falls into three distinct categories: conventional, fully synthetic, and semi-synthetic. This discrepancy is entirely due to each oils’ different kinds of base stock, which makes up three-quarters of a typical bottle of oil.

  • Mineral

Conventional oil – otherwise known as mineral oil – is one that ATV enthusiasts try to avoid, and skinflints opt for. Extracted directly from the ground, this oil is 100% organic. Yet although mineral oil is certainly affordable, this is for good reason – conventional oil has a much lower resistance to high temperatures. Consequently, if your ATV is warmer than most, it will use up mineral oil up far too quickly for your bank balance to keep up.

  • Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is the crème de la crème of all oils out there. Manufactured completely from chemically modified components, synthetics are easy to alter in a lab due to their consistent base stocks. Consequently, the base stock of this oil is developed, sorted, and refined so to ultimately consist of an even molecule base structure.

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil is a little like Synthetic Oil’s younger and more troublesome sibling: it can go rogue from time to time. As inferred by the name, it’s a direct blend of synthetic and mineral oil. It’s the perfect oil blend for those who are strapped for cash but still want to purchase a quality oil they can trust.

Best ATV Oil FAQ:

Q: How Often Should I Replace the Oil on my ATV?

There’s no easy response to this question. The amount of times you should change your oil depends entirely on your ATV! Yet for those who want a solid figure to go by, our recommendation is to change your oil every 100 hours of riding time. If you sadly don’t have enough time to reach this benchmark, change your oil every year to resist any potential rusting and corrosion that runs the risk of damaging your ATV.

Q: Can I Use Car Oils for my ATV?

Technically, yes – you can use car oils in your ATV. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should! ATVs and UTVs are machines which heavily rely on heat generation to make them as powerful as possible. Likewise, these motors tend to hold a lower oil volume in comparison to cars – letting much of their waste fall into the sump for the clutch, engine, and transmission. Plus, the additives that cars and ATVs need differ substantially. ATVs and UTVs absolutely require additives that prevent rust and corrosion from occurring. Such vehicles often sit around for drawn-out periods of time – consequently inviting the opportunity for mold and rust to spread – whereas cars always run for extended periods of time. To sum up, filling your ATV or UTV up with car oils would be like feeding humans dog food… although dog food is certainly nutritious, its additives and nutritional benefits won’t do much for us and will most likely result in several trips to the bathroom!

Our Top Pick

So, if we had to top up our own ATVs with oil, which brand would we trust to see us through our riding days? It would just have to be YamaLube’s All Purpose 4-Strike Oil. This fantastic oil, suitable for all motorcycles, ATVS, side-by-side vehicles and scooters, has been created to provide serious bikers with the riding experience they crave. The guaranteed stable clutch performance is thanks to the oil maintaining the optimal film and friction between the clutch plates. This logic persists when speaking of the gears too – after filling up your tank with this sweet, sweet oil you’ll no longer dread driving up tricky slopes on a rocky trail! If you’ve got a Waverunner bike, this fantastic oil is the perfect viscosity level to keep things running smoothly. And if you know this is the oil for you, planning ahead by buying online could save you up to 75% compared to buying this product down at the hardware store.


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